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  • Begode Extreme Electric Unicycle

134V Begode Extreme Electric Unicycle will be available for the summer riding season

We’re excited about the newest wheel to come out of Begodes Lab; the Extreme aims to dominate all the features and specifications that our EUC industry seems to be favoring right now. Begode is enhancing its base Master style design language and adding stronger components to make it a potent mid-range wheel by taking design cues from competing manufacturers.

  • Motor: Begode C40 (40MM) Compared to narrower motors, high torque motors offer superior cooling, reduced cogging, smoother acceleration, and greater efficiency.
  • Suspension: Compared to the King Song S22’s 130mm and the EX30’s 100mm, the air-oil suspension system’s 130mm rebound makes it the finest dampening system on a Begode wheel. We expect our riders will appreciate this wheel for leaps and extreme riding conditions!
  • Battery Pack: 134V 2,400WH configuration is the highest in its category, and 18″ wheels are the most popular for dimension-to-power ratios.
  • Controller: 24 MOSFETs with high performance will improve the controller’s power management, efficiency, thermal performance, and control.
  • Early specs are outperforming current 134V and 126V models in the market
  • Shipping is slated for mid-summer; more info to come
Begode Extreme Electric Unicycle
Begode Extreme Electric Unicycle

With its 2,400WH battery pack, C40 high torque motor, and now 130MM suspension system, the Extreme looks to outperform rival models like the Patton, S22, and V13 and push the boundaries of what was previously thought to be possible with wheels weighing 70 to 80 pounds.

  • Price: $1,000 holding deposit, $3,490 (final price TBD)
  • Motor: 3,500W C40 High Torque Motor
  • Top Speed: 50+ MPH (TBD)
  • No-load Speed: 68 MPH
  • Suspension: 130MM Suspension Travel, Air-oil Adjustable Damping
  • Battery Pack: 134V 2400WH, GX20 4P
  • Controller: 24 High-Performance MOSFET
  • Chassis: CNC main body structure (weight TBD)
  • Tires: Off-Road Tire 18″
  • Features: 5,000 Lumen, Tail Light, Matrix + Music Speaker+ Handle, Special Waterproof Technology, Large Display, Adjustable Side Pads, Honeycomb Spiked Pedal, Trolley
Begode Extreme Electric Unicycle
Begode Extreme Electric Unicycle

2023 Riding Season is here!

The 2023 riding season promises to be exciting, with so many releases coinciding; which wheel are you considering? Please get in touch with us regarding the next wheel you would like! By placing your preorders now, we’ll make sure you’ll be first in line when these wheels arrive in the US.

Begode Extreme Electric Unicycle
Begode Extreme Electric Unicycle