Best Selling Inmotion V3S Now Supports 20kph!

The Inmotion V3S is probably the best designed & constructed Electric Unicycle to be made so far; everything about this amazing Wheel has an incredible amount of thought invested into it’s creation.

Since we’ve been involved in the distribution of Electric Unicycles, there have been many very good designs, but typically nearly all have minor things that could be improved, like the ergonomics of the pedals/padding, the way it feels while riding, or the aesthetics. Since selling the V3S at end of last year, all of the Customer feedback has been overwhelmingly positive from this model. The only one area of improvement is that some Customers have found that after getting comfortable learning how to ride it, that they wish the speed could be increased a bit.

Once again Inmotion have responded to Customer feedback! We are extremely pleased to announce that by mid-June, the top speed on the V3S can be increased from 18kph to 20kph by means of a simple firmware upgrade. Because of the larger battery pack on model ‘S’, this does not impact the safety of the Wheel, since there is still a large safety margin.

The below videos shows the new riding behaviour on reaching the 20kph maximum design speed: