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Comparing the Segway-Ninebot S1 to the Inmotion V5F. Feature Review

Ninebot has recently released their successor to the Ninebot E+, the S1. The most obvious difference between S1 & the earlier E+ is the size of the eWheel (14″ vs 16″), it’s also about 10lbs lighter. Let’s examine how this Electric Unicycle compares to another  14″, the Inmotion V5F/V5F.  As can be seen in the […]

Inmotion V3Pro Now Available in Four Colors

We are now offering the popular Inmotion V3Pro in a choice of four colors: Blue, Red, White, & Yellow.

These Inmotion V3Pros are the latest generation V3 Electric Unicycles, arriving straight from the factory. Inmotion continually make improvement to their Electric Unicycles, so if you want the Latest & the Greatest version at the best price, […]

Comparing the Inmotion L6 vs. the Swagtron Scooter

This year has seen a profusion of new brands in electric scooters. However, for many products it’s difficult to see any real differences in these scooters apart from the name. The key question is, are they any good & what are the desired qualities found in a reliable/dependable scooter?

What are the dimensions of the scooter?
What is the Wheel diameter?
Does it have pneumatic tires?
Is […]

Electric Skateboard, Hoverboard, Segway vs the Electric Unicycle eWheel?

In the past couple years, the quiet revolution of Personal Transport products has been transforming the way people get around, with predictions of enormous growth in the years ahead.

In 2015, we witnessed the short-lived ‘Hoverboard’ craze grip the public imagination, with its demise following nearly as quickly, when it’s limitations & low-grade components gained an incendiary […]

What Components of an Electric Unicycle are the Heaviest?

One fairly common misconception about Electric Unicycles is that they weigh what they do because of the weight of the battery pack. In a top-of-the-line Electric Wheel, like a King Song with a 840Wh battery, it’s true that the batteries are not exactly light; however at most, they represent at around 20% of the Wheel’s weight.

With most […]

Best Selling Inmotion V3S Now Supports 20kph!

The Inmotion V3S is probably the best designed & constructed Electric Unicycle to be made so far; everything about this amazing Wheel has an incredible amount of thought invested into it’s creation.

Since we’ve been involved in the distribution of Electric Unicycles, there have been many very good designs, but typically nearly all have minor things that could be […]

What does the Motor Power Rating Really Mean?

All Electric Unicycles operate in the same basic way: hundreds of times a second, the gyroscope sensor is monitored to detect the amount of lean (or inclination) & applies counter force with the motor. These ‘power’ pulses of the motor are very brief, typically lasting less than a hundredth of a second!

Because of this brevity, it […]

King Song Electric Unicycles Compared

eWheels are proud to be a preferred partner of King Song from beginning, & as of the beginning of May, will be be offering the complete range of King Song Electric Unicycles.

With the debut of the 16″, this model completes the range of Wheel sizes from the ‘travel’ edition 14″ with the removable battery, all the way up […]

eWheels Now Accepts BitCoin Payment

With a valuation of $6.5 billion USD worldwide, Bitcoin is the most widely recognized & used crypto-currency in existence. eWheels are pleased to announce that we now accept this new payment method, in addition to all major credit cards through Paypal.

Why Our eWheels Fast-Chargers Rock

eWheels are pleased to announce that we that we will be releasing an optional charger that allows owners to change the charging voltage from 67v to 65v.
The purpose of this addition is because there is abundant data that suggests that if the battery pack is only topped-up to 65v they still yield 80% of the capacity (672Wh vs. 850Wh) but reduce […]

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