Comparing the Segway-Ninebot S1 to the Inmotion V5F. Feature Review

Ninebot has recently released their successor to the Ninebot E+, the S1. The most obvious difference between S1 & the earlier E+ is the size of the eWheel (14″ vs 16″), it’s also about 10lbs lighter. Let’s examine how this Electric Unicycle compares to another  14″, the Inmotion V5F/V5F.  As can be seen in the comparison chart, in nearly every category, the Inmotion comes out ahead.

One of top specifications that many experienced riders want, is to be able to cruise around the 15MPH/25kph speed. Those extra couple mph above >12 really make a difference to the enjoyment of a using a Electric Unicycle—as a reference point, 15mph is about the speed of a typical cyclist.

The Inmotion has many design features that make it the superior choice for everyday practical convenience & performance.

  1. Foldable Handle: allows you to transport the V5F Wheel without having to pick up & carry, by simply unfolding the elegant crafted aluminum retractable handle, the motor can be used to assist transport itself with very little effort. At the time of this writing, the S1 does not have a handle accessory.
  2. Self Standing: the V5F can stand upright on it’s own, resting on it’s bumper, while the S1 must either rest on it’s side on the ground.
  3. Side Padding: there are two side pads on the V5F, giving you not only better comfort, but can also be used to grip the Wheel for jumping up curbs—two additional pads are included in the box. These can attached anywhere your legs come into contact with the Wheel, like the shin area. S1 provides no such leg hold or padding.
  4. Protective Cover: both Wheels have glossy shiny surface, wonderful when new, but they usually don’t stay this way for long. The V5F accessory pack includes a protective cover that goes over the outer shell, protecting your investment & keeping it looking fresh/new while you master your skills, or lend to a friend to try out.
  5. Front Rear Lighting: essential if planning to use your Wheel in the dark. Integrated into the V5Fs body, there are no front/rear lights on the Segway S1.
  6. LED Effects: the Ninebot has a ring of multi-color LED lights around the sides of the Wheel. Inmotion also has visual effect lighting, a pair of red/blue LEDs on the front & rear, these are more subdued & low-key than the S1.
  7. Pedal Ground Clearance: pedal clearance is the height of the pedals. If too low, they may clip by ground objects like rocks or potholes. The V5F pedals are over an inch higher than the S1.
  8. Contoured Pedal Edge: benefit of a contoured pedal is that when making sharp turns, the edges are less likely to come into contact with ground. The combination of high pedals & contoured edges gives the V5F a considerable edge—this  is surprisingly one of the most popular mentioned characteristics of the V5F.
  9. Motor Disengagement Switch: both of the Wheels have a feature that disengages the motor if it is picked-up, this prevents the Wheel from spinning up uncontrollably. With the S1 this disengagement action is on both sides of the handle, this might pose a risk if it is accidentally pulled while riding.
  10. UL Certified Charger: both Wheels have a UL certified charger. On the V5F we also offer an optional ‘fast-charger’, reducing the time it takes to charge to under 2hrs; this charger has a number of other safety certificates like CE, but not UL—because of the cost to obtain.
  11. UL2272: introduced at the beginning of the year, this certification was designed to test the safety of Hoverboards. It’s mainly concerned with the battery pack, Battery Management System, & Charger. The batteries in both Wheels are UL certified batteries & so to is the charger. There are plans to obtain this certification in 2017.
  12. Multiple Color Choices: the V5F is available in both Black & White, S1 available only in White

Specifications, performance charts & features may give an indication of how good

[or bad] an eWheel is, but the ultimate proof that both new & experienced Wheelers alike are looking for is ‘how does it ride’? The feedback from our Customers who have tried both has been overwhelmingly in favour of the V5F.

Comparison notes:

1. More battery cells = better. Although both Wheels have the same capacity, the Inmotion V5F uses more 10 more battery cells.
2. V5F has blue & red lighting effects for the front & rear of the Wheel, S1 has a ring of LEDs
3. Higher pedals provides better turning radius, less risk of scraping the edges of the pedals against the ground
4. Oval shaped pedals are optimized for tight turns
5. Standard 1.5A charger has UL certification, 2.5 'Fast Charger' does not
6. Possibly in 2017
7. Available in Black & White
8. S1 available on Amazon for $750, over Christmas discounted to $599