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Here are some tips for selecting an eWheel/Electric Unicycle, or Scooter, that is best for you:


A Wheel might support a higher rider weight, but in practice, if you weigh more than 160lbs, then it’s recommended getting an Electric Unicycle with a powerful 800W+ motor—the L6 Electric Scooter can cope better with a smaller motor, since remaining upright is not dependent on the power of the motor.

There is also generally a link between the price of a Wheel & the power/capacity of the battery pack. For under $600 you can acquire an excellent Wheel, such as the a130 or V3Pro. With a budget of between $600-$1,000, will get you a V5F (the V5F+ is the same Wheel but with a larger battery) or L6 scooter. Above $1,000 are the heavy weight Inmotion V8 & KS18″ Wheels.

Here are some other considerations when making a purchase:

  • Even with the best designed eWheel, chances are that at some point it will need a repair or service. If buying from abroad, the shipping costs & restrictions make after-sales servicing practically impossible. It’s best to buy your eWheel from a reseller who has local parts & services.
  • Many manufacturers greatly exaggerate the performance/range specifications of their products;  at eWheels, we put these claims to the test.
  • As a general rule, the range & power figures are directly connected. Look at either the Wh rating or type of batteries; if it’s above 240Wh, the available power/safety is typically at least double that of the low end eWheel. Our entry level IPS a130 has extremely powerful batteries that you will not find in any other entry level Wheel, custom made to our requirements.
  • More power = more safety.  There’s nothing worse than feeling the pedals give out while you’re riding!
  • The quality/type of batteries that are used are extremely important to the safety of your Wheel.  Simply having a battery from a large supplier like Sony, Panasonic, Samsung or LG is not enough to ensure a minimal level of performance from the Wheels; it’s the model of cell that matter most.  In most of our Wheels, we specifically source batteries which have up to three times the performance of many manufacturer preferred types.
  • Brand matters.  There are only a handful of established & mature manufacturers who have been making Electric Unicycles/eWheels for years. The brands we offer are widely considered to be the best available today.

Notes on the above diagram:

  1. Tested range figures represent a 165lb (75kg) rider around a smooth flat running track
  2. Speed is the attainable cruising speed of the eWheel, how fast you can go before the audible alarm is activated

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