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Similar to learning how to ride a bicycle, much depends upon the individual. There are people who can simply jump on & ride away, but this is not everyone. In most cases, basic riding proficiency requires 15-20 minute practice sessions over the course of a couple days. As you become more experienced, you’ll find that your movements will be more precise & controlled.

Our twin-Wheel Inmotion V3S is incredibly easy to use, because of its inherently stable design, the majority of new riders can just step-on-&-go.

It depends on the model you buy: currently the fastest Wheel we offer is the King Song 14C, electronically controlled to maximum speed of 19MPH, while our smallest model is the IPS a130 & is still quite quick at 10.5MPH.

When using your Wheel in public spaces, it’s important to keep to an appropriate speed that you have enough time to react to unexpected circumstances, especially around children or dogs!

As a general rule-of-thumb, for a 150lbs rider, the approximate continuous range, at 10MPH, on flat terrain is around 20Wh/mile. For example, the battery capacity of the King Song 840Wh should yield around 41 miles under ideal conditions.

Other factors that can dramatically influence the range include:

    1. Terrain: the amount of energy needed to power you up an incline is considerable & can have a large impact on the expected range of the battery.
    2. Weight of the rider: each additional 10lbs over 150lbs reduces the range by 2% than the reference.
    3. Speed: the faster you go, the more energy is required to overcome wind resistance.
    4. Tire pressure: there is an optimum tire pressure which depends on the weight of the rider.
    5. Head Wind: a person standing on a Wheel has a sail-effect, if riding against the wind this requires a great deal of energy to push through it.

A standard (2A/67v) Electric Unicycle/eWheel charger has a charging rate of 120W/hr. On a smaller Wheel like the IPS a130 with a battery capacity of 172Wh, this means the battery can recharged from dead in just under 1.5hrs.

On the King Song 14C series, the supplied charger is 5A, but the battery capacity is also five times larger, meaning that the charge time is about doubled. However, for each hour of charge time with this charger gives you about 1.5 hours cruising time!

Because of its incredible maneuverability & small footprint, an experienced rider can use it safely on most sidewalks, cycle-paths, & hard trails. Where there’s pedestrian congestion, it is advisable to exercise on the side of caution, & if necessary, pickup the Wheel, & carry to a clearing free of potential hazards. As a beginner, we strongly recommend that the learner give themselves lots of space in which to practice, like an empty parking lot wearing appropriate knee, elbow protection along with helmet.

At the time of this writing, there are a few cities which have banned the ‘Hoverboards’ from sidewalks, it is unclear whether this extends to the single Wheel. The eWheel is far less invasive, has a better safety record & probably has a future, while the boards do not. We are actively working with local authorities to come up with a framework of use.

The safety of an Electric Unicycle/eWheel is mainly dependent on the quality of its components, especially the choice of battery cells. At eWheels, we independently source our own high-power battery cells that are vastly superior to those offered by the manufacturers. This not only gives you increased acceleration and higher potential sustained speed, but also makes the Wheel more responsive. These batteries provide an increased safety margin, while many other Wheels might cut out under similar riding conditions.

Each eWheel model has its own distinct limitations and capabilities. Before starting, the rider should familiarize him/herself with the product specifications which can give a guidance on each model’s capabilities. The owner should exercise caution, especially in the beginning, to understand the Wheel’s limits and potential.

We have found that if accidents do happen, they typically take place with an inexperienced rider without adequate safety gear or understanding of the Wheel’s limits. We strongly recommend that, at a minimum, riders wear knee/elbow pads, wrist guards, and helmet.

Leaning gently forward on the pedals allows the rider to go forward, and leaning gently back toward the center will stop the wheel. The wheels can go backwards, so if you lean gently backward the wheel will move back, as well.

The safe limit for riding is 14km (approximately 8.5 miles) per hour. If the wheel reaches that speed, the pedals will automatically tilt up to remind the rider of the approaching speed limit. Slow down immediately and do not continue to accelerate as the pedal may be raised to an unsafe angle for riding.

There are many factors that influence the battery pack’s lifespan, such as excessive acceleration or braking will reduce the number of life
The battery pack has been rigorously tested & retains in excess of 90% of the original capacity after 500 discharge/recharge cycles. This works out to about 1,000 usable discharge/recharge cycles before the battery’s performance is degraded beyond use. The unit’s battery can be replaced at our service centre.

Yes, the electric unicycle/eWheel comes with a 1-year warranty that includes coverage for the battery pack. A detailed description of the warranty can be found on our Warranty and Returns page and precludes instances where there is evidence of abuse or signs of immersion in water. Please note that if you encounter an issue that is not covered by the warranty, you may still access our repair service station and pay to have your eWheel repaired.

Yes. The tire is removable and might need to be replaced at some point over your Wheel’s lifespan. There are instructions in the included User Manual that describe how to replace a tire. If you are uncomfortable replacing it yourself, you may always send in your Wheel to our service center for tire repair/replacement.

We stock a wide selection of other components, such as inner-tubes, control-boards, battery-packs & accessories in the U.S. & have a facility service center to carry out repairs if required.

Send us an email at [email protected] and one of our agents will respond to you promptly.

If you’re looking to purchase a Wheel within Europe, we have a website that offers a similar selection eWheels from the UK at
For other countries, such as Latin America, Fedex standard freight rates are VERY expensive, expect to pay between $200-$400. We may also be able to send insured by USPS, please contact us to find out the exact amount.