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Inmotion V3Pro Edition

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  • NEW V3Pro: Save $280 over the V3S
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  • The easiest self-balancing eWheel, simply step-on & go within minutes!
  • Bluetooth music, lights, retractable handle, & so much more
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Product Description

The Inmotion V3Pro is the perfect eWheel for new riders; with the dual-Wheel drive, in most cases a new rider can often simply step-on-and-go within minutes. This design is even easier to use than the ‘hoverboard’ & unlike the boards, because of the larger Wheels & double battery capacity are also much more useful on real pavements & the outdoors.

The V3Pro has all of the same impressive features as the V3S but with a smaller battery pack that  provides between 7-10 miles range on a single charge.

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Technical Specification

How Does it Compare to the MiniPro?

Both the Segway MiniPro & the Inmotion V3Pro are extremely easy to use, typically in just five minutes of practice is enough to get started, since the controls are so intuitive. 

The V3Pro has the edge in offering a lot more additional features than the Segway MiniPro—like the ability to ride in the dark with its head/tail lighting; you can also play your favorite tunes through the high quality stereo speakers. It’s also more convenient for people want to commute thanks to its smaller footprint, collapsible pedals, & retractable handle. Finally, the larger 14″ Wheels allows it to handle grass or ‘off-roading’ better than the MiniPro.

Product Highlights

Inmotion’s V3Pro is unquestionably one of the most sophisticated self-balancing Wheel being made today. The sumptuous curves & sleek body make it a real head-turner wherever it goes. An integrated retractable handle allows the Wheel to be transported effortlessly when not ridden. 

Unique in this design are the slender twin Wheels, enhancing the stability while also giving the rider the freedom to perform tight turns. This feature makes it the easiest Wheel to use for the first time, even more so than the ‘hoverboard’. In most cases, new riders can simply jump on & start using within a couple minutes of practice.

Mobile App Interface

The Inmotion App provides Riders insight into their speed, battery condition, estimated range remaining, reserve power rating, they can also completely customize every aspect of their V3Pro to their preferences.

  • Change the maximum speed, up to 18kph
  • Pedal tilt angle: the pitch from 1-3° in either direction
  • Change speaker volume
  • Light: enable or disable the head/tail light
  • Set the pedal response sensitivity, adjusting the how hard one has to lean for the motor response
  • Change the Bluetooth connection password
  • Ability to upgrade the firmware from the manufacturer
  • You can also change/modify the sound scheme like the power-on/power-off sound effect & voices if the operators is exceeding the limits
  • Finally the App is equipped with a set of sophisticated diagnostic tools that can identify & alert if there is a problem with the Wheel before you’re even aware of it.


There are three versions of the Inmotion V3, two of which are shown here.
The V3Pro is equipped with the Bluetooth speakers & App while the V3C has neither.
Another distinction is that the V3Pro is made from higher quality materials, finishing, & rubber molding around & through the pedals providing greater grip.


No manufacturer has invested so much attention into every aspect of the Wheel, from the unique futuristic control-panel to the incredibly high quality of the surfaces, nothing in this Wheel has been overlooked.


This twin-Wheel design achieves a perfect harmony between the competing requirements of balance & control. Most first-time riders are able to use the Wheel with minimal practice, often in less than five minutes of pratice.

In contrast to the single-Wheel, with the V3 a rider can remain stationary without the sensation of loosing balance & is even remains upright without support as well, it is also much easier to reverse directions.


Control doesn’t get any easier than this: a simple slight lean forward will gently propel the Wheel in forward direction, while leaning back acts as a brake, until it starts to reverse direction. Turning too is a breeze, all the rider has to do is slightly place more weight in the direction of the turn he/she wishes to go. This Wheel can make some surprising sharp turns with a bit of practice.