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King Song 16″ Electric Unicycle
King Song 16

King Song 16″, 840Wh 800W Motor

$1,475 $1,250

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The King Song 16″ has been of the most popular Electric Unicycle for experienced Riders who need the 30-35 miles range & high continuous power for just about any situation.

These latest KS16″s incorporate all the improvements of this popular Wheel over the past year, such as the new magnesium alloy pedals & more powerful control-boards.

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Additional Information

Weight 44 lbs
Dimensions 20 x 5 x 20 in
Battery Capacity (Wh)

840, 640


Black Gloss, Black Matte, White Gloss


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Technical Specification

Top Five Reasons to Buy Your King Song 16″ from eWheels:

  1. We were the first King Song partner outside of China;
  2. We continually push manufacturers to innovate & improve product quality. We were the first to offer the 800W motor Wheels, the first to offer the highest battery capacities, first to provide Fast Chargers (which come as standard), first to evaluate & test the new model Wheels;
  3. Are the most active in answering your questions on the public Electric Unicycle forums & going further than any other reseller in ensuring you get the best Wheels;
  4. We stock the spare parts for the Wheels locally in the countries in which we sell. If your Wheel has a service problem, we will turn it around with minimal delay & cost;
  5. We are the sole distributor of King Song Wheels in North America. If you want the latest Wheels, because of the volume we deal in, we can provide them at the most cost efficient price.

Product Highlights

All King Song eWheels come equipped with the Bluetooth speaker system, front & rear headlights & the Bluetooth App. The KS 16″ is no different here, bringing a brighter headlight & simplified controls that can be set from within the mobile phone App.

As if the magic of the self-balancing Electric Unicycle were not impressive enough, the high fidelity stereo speakers will blow your friends & family away with the quality & depth of sound.  

King Song 16

King Song 16″ Story

Passionate riders of Electric Unicycles are attracted to King Song Wheels because the products offer unrivaled performance over most other makes. Back in early 2015, King Song experimented with a 16″ Wheel design but this early prototype was too ungainly & was not quite ready as a commercial product.

Over a gestation period of nine months, the King Song engineers refined the concept, made it much more powerful, finding space in the shell to add the 64 battery cells, also upgrading the motor, incorporating a head/tail light, better pedals & the first to include an active cooling fan onto the control-board. Also unique to this Wheel, it is the first single-wheel to contain a retractable telescopic handle for transporting when not being ridden; combined, all of these features make in it one of the most compelling Wheels being made today.

Bluetooth App Connectivity

The King Song 16″ has two independent Bluetooth transmitters, one for streaming music & another for displaying real-time Wheel data & changing the handling characteristics of the Wheel with compatibility for either Android or iOS. Most users find it most valuable for unlocking the Wheel to the upper design speed of 30kph & setting the handling performance like the calibration & ride mode.
An area in the App that is unique to the King Song 16″ is that now the headlight is controlled through the App rather than the touch-panel.

Mobile App Features

  • From the main page view current speed, range, temperature, & volume
  • In the settings screen, the owner can change a number of parameters & setting like the calibration, speed limit, upgrade the firmware, turn the headlight on & off, & change the response mode
  • Level Calibration gives the rider the option to set the angle (or pitch) of the pedals. Out of the box, it’s set to a slight forward sloping angle, so the owner will probably want to set this back a couple degrees
  • Setting the pedal response sensitivity, adjusts how hard one has to lean for an action the Wheel’s motor
  • Electronic Speed limit: there are three audible alarm levels in addition to the tilt-back or ‘Rocker’ speed limit.
  • Ability to upgrade the firmware from King Song

Comparison of Speed/Torque Performance

There are many Electric Unicycle Manufacturers who inflate the power, speed & safety claims, which can be quite confusing to buyers. As a general rule, all high performing Electric Unicycles need at least 32 & preferably 64 battery cells into power the motor.

Batteries (both the type & quantity matter) are however only part of the equation, if the motor is not of the best type, the rider will run into what’s known as the ‘stall speed’; this is where the amount of available torque drops below the minimum level in order to keep the rider supported, possibly resulting in a nasty accident.

The illustration below shows the massive amount of reserve speed margin with the King Song motor: although set at an Electronic Max speed of around 18.6mph, the motor itself is really capable of exceeding 28mph! This in contrast to another maker who claims a very high top speed but which is in fact the cut-off stall speed.

Torque function of an Electric Unicycle


There are many nice details of this this Wheel, like the smooth contoured pedals & ergonomic handle.

Components of King Song

Ease of Maintenance


The King Song 16″ is one of the most attractive Wheels around, the elegant lines & rounded surfaces gives it the impression of being both futuristic & comfortable to ride. It also sports a ring of LEDs around the sides of the shell, making it really standout at night. Being designed from the ground up, a lot of thought has been put into comfort, keeping the rider first & foremost in mind.


It’s not just about looks either: everything on this remarkable Wheel is constructed to maximize the functionality. The covers of battery casing serve as side padding for the legs, the telescopic handle tucks neatly away into recess, & unlike previous models of King Song, the headlight is now embedded into the case.

Fast & Battery Extended Charging

Benefits of eWheels Dual-Mode Charger

  • Charges the Wheel up to 3.8x faster than the factory supplied one
  • With the extended battery lifespan mode, 64.8v charging, it can extend the usable life of the battery pack by 4x more than charging with a standard charger, while still giving you 80% of the battery’s capacity—this is what Electric Car makers do to maximize the useful life of their very expensive battery packs.
  • What to go an extended outing & get the full charge from your pack? No problem, simply switch the output voltage to 67.2v & you’ll get the full 840Wh available capacity
  • This charger is able to charge at a faster rate than cruising at the maximum speed on level ground. No more painful waiting around at a wall socket to top up your Wheel!
  • Supports input voltages of 110-240v (e.g. universal input)
Electric Unicycle Fast Charging vs Standard Charging