Are eWheels Safe to Ride?

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The safety of an Electric Unicycle/eWheel is mainly dependent on the quality of its components, especially the choice of battery cells. At eWheels, we independently source our own high-power battery cells that are vastly superior to those offered by the manufacturers. This not only gives you increased acceleration and higher potential sustained speed, but also makes the Wheel more responsive. These batteries provide an increased safety margin, while many other Wheels might cut out under similar riding conditions.


Each eWheel model has its own distinct limitations and capabilities. Before starting, the rider should familiarize him/herself with the product specifications which can give a guidance on each model’s capabilities. The owner should exercise caution, especially in the beginning, to understand the Wheel’s limits and potential.


We have found that if accidents do happen, they typically take place with an inexperienced rider without adequate safety gear or understanding of the Wheel’s limits. We strongly recommend that, at a minimum, riders wear knee/elbow pads, wrist guards, and helmet.

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