What is the Range of a Charge?

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As a general rule-of-thumb, for a 150lbs rider, the approximate continuous range, at 10MPH, on flat terrain is around 20Wh/mile. For example, the battery capacity of the King Song 840Wh should yield around 41 miles under ideal conditions.


Other factors that can dramatically influence the range include:

  1. Terrain: the amount of energy needed to power you up an incline is considerable & can have a large impact on the expected range of the battery.
  2. Weight of the rider: each additional 10lbs over 150lbs reduces the range by 2% than the reference.
  3. Speed: the faster you go, the more energy is required to overcome wind resistance.
  4. Tire pressure: there is an optimum tire pressure which depends on the weight of the rider.
  5. Head Wind: a person standing on a Wheel has a sail-effect, if riding against the wind this requires a great deal of energy to push through it.