Where can the Wheel be Used? Is it legal?

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Because of its incredible maneuverability & small footprint, an experienced rider can use it safely on most sidewalks, cycle-paths, & hard trails. Where there’s pedestrian congestion, it is advisable to exercise on the side of caution, & if necessary, pickup the Wheel, & carry to a clearing free of potential hazards. As a beginner, we strongly recommend that the learner give themselves lots of space in which to practice, like an empty parking lot wearing appropriate knee, elbow protection along with helmet.


At the time of this writing, there are a few cities which have banned the ‘Hoverboards’ from sidewalks, it is unclear whether this extends to the single Wheel. The eWheel is far less invasive, has a better safety record & probably has a future, while the boards do not. We are actively working with local authorities to come up with a framework of use.