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What does the Motor Power Rating Really Mean?

All Electric Unicycles operate in the same basic way: hundreds of times a second, the gyroscope sensor is monitored to detect the amount of lean (or inclination) & applies counter force with the motor. These ‘power’ pulses of the motor are very brief, typically lasting less than a hundredth of a second!

Because of this brevity, it is not unusual for the power profile to look completely chaotic, without any kind of underlying meaning or pattern. There are some manufacturers who quote the ‘peak’ power output of the Electric Unicycle as THE motor power rating, but as can be seen in this graph, this practice is highly misleading: supposing you’re cruising along a wide open path,  you obviously want to know how hard you can push your Electric Unicycle/Wheel to prevent the power from cutting-out. Using the peak power measurement, it gives you no indication of this, since you can get a small gust of headwind & the power measurement goes through the roof. A much more useful guide/measurement is the sustained power (average) which is now gaining widespread acceptance. This better indicates how powerful the Wheel is over a sustained period of time, for situations like high-speed travel & hill-climbing.

Conclusion: when considering the purchase of your Electric Unicycle, make sure you verify whether the motor power measurement is the ‘Peak’ or the ‘Sustained’.