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MTEN4: A Tiny & Mighty Electric Unicycle

A Powerful wheel in a tiny package

As a rider of electric unicycles, I am always on the lookout for the latest and greatest in the world of EUCs. Recently, I came across a model that truly impressed me: the Mten4. This small and compact wheel is truly something from another planet, or at least the future of this planet lol. It’s hard to believe that such a tiny device could be as powerful as it is, but that’s exactly what makes the Mten4 so cool. It’s small size and approachability makes it so much fun for new and experienced riders alike. Check out this 3D Model (with Augmented Reality Support on Mobile) to get a better sense of the structure and scale of this little beast!

But let’s not forget about the portability of this wheel. It’s so small and lightweight (just 12kg, or 28 pounds) that you can easily take it with you wherever you go. And when it comes to speed, the Mten4 definitely doesn’t disappoint, reaching speeds of up to 40km/h (25mph) with ease. However, one should note that it cannot sustain speeds like that for very long due to obvious battery limitations. That said, if you’re in a quick pinch, you’ve got some speed if you need it. Plus, its 11-inch wheel is a welcome addition to the beastly wheels we’ve all gotten used to! I really appreciate actually being able to carry it with one hand thanks to it’s integrated handle.

But where the Mten4 truly shines is in its maneuverability. Thanks to its lightweight frame and small wheel, it’s incredibly easy to control and navigate. Whether you’re looking to have a handy commuter wheel or just want to look stylish heading down the road, this is the wheel for you. It’s flexibility and size allows you to navigate through tight spaces and crowded areas with ease.

So who should be riding the Mten4? If you spend most of your time in the city and aren’t looking to travel long distances, this wheel is a great option. It’s also perfect for beginners who want a high-performing EUC at a lower price point. It’s a perfect purchase for parents looking to provide their kids with an introductory wheel that can get them to school or to a friends house. Overall, the Mten4 is an amazing choice for anyone looking for a compact, lightweight, and powerful electric unicycle. With its impressive power, portability, and maneuverability, the Mten4 is sure to be a hit among EUC riders of all skill levels.

If you’re in the market for the MTEN4 – check it out in our shop.