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  • Inmotion V8S- Side Right Inmotion V8S- Oblique Right
    • In stock
    • Key Features: upgraded 728Wh battery pack, for up to 38 miles of range, 21.7MPH max speed, 1,000W motor, higher safety margin, same upgraded V8F pedals, & improved side padding
    • BONUS: free protective cover & wrist-guards

    In stock

  • Gotway MCM5 with Handle Extended Gotway MCM5 Feature Image Oblique Right
    • Temporarily out of stock, next ETA late-December
    • Now Shipping the MCM5v2, with 14x2.5" tire & integrated speaker
    • Considered to be the best performing hill climber of any Electric Unicycle being made today. Extraordinary torque, acceleration & raw power, with the highest cruising speed of any 14"

    ETA Late-December

    • Temporarily out of stock, next ETA late January
    • NEW: our 16S fitted with the XL pedals ($99 value), improved magnesium alloy handles & with lift-to-disengage function
    • Incorporates several under-the-hood up-rates making the eWheel more powerful, safer & enjoyable
    • Maximum cruising speed has been increased from 18.6MPH to 22MPH

    ETA Late Janurary

  • KS14S King Song 14S Black Matte Side KS14S King Song 14S Black Matte Oblique
    • Back in stock
    • BONUS: XL pedals fitted & receive a pair of FREE wrist-guards
    • The KS14S has nearly the same practicality & nimbleness of the KS14D, but with the added benefit of the larger battery that provides longer range & higher continuous cruising speed over its smaller 14D sibling

    In Stock

  • Inmotion V8F- Back Inmotion V8S- Oblique Right
    • Back in stock
    • Features: upgraded 21.7MPH max speed, more powerful motor, higher safety margin with new controller design, upgraded pedals, better pads, slightly more range
    • BONUS: free wrist-guards & protective cover

    In Stock

  • King Song 14D, White- Side Electric Unicycle King Song 14D, White- Oblique Electric Unicycle
    • Back in stock
    • BONUS: equipped with the upgraded XL pedals & wrist-guards
    • 14D is in a class of it's own, leaves similar entry/mid-range 14" quite far behind in performance capability
    • Perfect choice for someone starting out, or looking to upgrade from an Airwheel, Segway S1, or even an Inmotion V5F

    In Stock

  • Gotway MTen3 Black, Rear Begode MTen3 Front Oblique Right
    • Temporarily out of Stock. Next batch ETA, late November
    • Will be available in the 460Wh/84V or 512Wh/84V battery configuration   
    • Bonus: upgraded Tesla black pedals (fitted)  
    • MTen3 is completely unique, sprightly 10" Wheel, while still packing a power 800W motor 
    • MAX Cruising Speed: 23+ MPH (with the 84v battery pack)

    ETA Late November