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    • In Stock, Ready to Ship
    • Key features/specifications:
      • 20" knobby CST-186 tire
      • 3,600Wh Samsung 21700 50E cells (our improved battery packs)
      • 2,800W motor, >50MPH max speed, available in either HS/HT motor types
      • Includes fitted CNC pedals 
      • 85 lb net weight

    In Stock

  • Gotway RS 19", Rear Oblique Left Gotway RS 19", Front Oblique Right
    • RS High-speed in Stock. High-torque ETA, late August
    • NEW: now shipped with the higher-power Molicel P42A battery packs
    • Fitted with CST-186 knobby tire & spiked pedal upgrade as standard equipment
    • New hollow 2,600W motor, new look, larger pedals, lighting scheme
    • 1,496Wh battery with up to 55 miles of range, 35/40MPH top speed.

    In Stock

  • Veteran Sherman 18" Electric Unicycle, Side Veteran Sherman 18" Electric Unicycle, Oblique Front Right
    • Current stock 'Sold Out', next ETA in Early September
    • Upgraded Sherman Max
    • Main highlights: 3,600Wh battery pack (a 400Wh upgrade over previous version), 2,800W motor with 20% more torque than original, low RPM over-current protection, thicker 10AWG motor phase wires, new pedal bracket design   
    • Price $3,799. $1,000 deposit, with $2,799 balance due on arrival to the US
    • Shipped with the knobby Kenda 262 tire 

    ETA Early September

  • Begode Gotway EX.N Side Begode Gotway EX.N Front Oblique Right
    High Torque/C38, in Stock. High Speed/C30, ETA May - BONUS: fitted with die-cast 13.1" pedals & knobby CST-186 tire - Latest version with the black controller, improved 'small bearings' & better water resistance - Shipped with our exclusive LiTech battery packs with Korean imported Samsung 50E cells - Bonus: wrist-guards included as standard with all our Electric Unicycles

    High Torque in Stock