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Begode EX.N, 2700Wh Battery/2800W Motor


High Torque/C38, in Stock. High Speed/C30, ETA May

BONUS: fitted with die-cast 13.1″ pedals & knobby CST-186 tire
Latest version with the black controller, improved ‘small bearings’ & better water resistance
Shipped with our exclusive LiTech battery packs with Korean imported Samsung 50E cells
– Bonus: wrist-guards included as standard with all our Electric Unicycles

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Overview of the Begode EX.N

Gotway Begode EX.N vs RS 19

In mid-2020 Begode launched their first suspension Wheel, the EX. It was apparent to early reviewers that the suspension on this machine was somewhat crude, unrefined, lacking the handling qualities one would expected in a nearly $4k Wheel. Meanwhile, witnessing the rapid success of the Veteran Sherman, the Engineers had another look at the basic structure, realizing that by ditching the suspension would lighten the machine by nearly a dozen pounds, improve the handling, while also making the EX.N more price competitive than similar options.     

  • Range & Power Specs: the EX.N’s body is packaged with 3x 900Wh packs. From a capacity standpoint, slotting in between the RS, with 2x, & the Commander/Monster Pro with 4x. In addition to the 1/3 more range that this other pack provides, the number of parallel packs is directly proportional to the amount of continuous power the battery packs as a whole are able to feed to the controller, which is of particular importance operating at high cruising speed, ascents, or in a diminished voltage state.
  • Choice of Tire: unlike on some other 18×3″ Wheel, the EX.N has sufficient shell clearance for a choice of tires, including the Begode bespoke CST-186 knobby, or the Kenda 340A, depending on your primary riding needs.     
  • Improved Motor: learning from the earlier experiences of the RS release, the EX.N’s 2,800W motor is fitted with an improved ‘small bearings’ design for improved reliability & longevity. 
  • Other Features:
    – Pedals: fitted with the 13.1″ long die-cast pedals as standard—upgraded CNC type available to purchase separately as well
    – PowerPads: newer style Begode pads packaged with the Wheel
    – Internal Speakers: 2x 25W internal speaker box
    Lift Switch: under-handle, push-to-disengage button is useful when picking the Wheel without having to power off to disable the motor from spinning up.  

All New Battery Packs

Our EX.Ns are fitted with an all new battery architecture in an attempt to improve battery safety, reliability & longevity of the most expensive component found in a Wheel. These are produced exclusively for us by LiTech Power, according to a stringent set of requirements to provide the safest battery packs found today in an Electric Unicycle.

About LiTech Power:
– Founded in 2002, 18 years of operation
– Over 350 employees, with R&D offices in the China & Germany
– Production of over 540,000 >1kWh packs each year  

Here is an overview summary of the new improvements & capabilities found in these battery packs:

  • Imported Korean Samsung 50E cells—the Begode packs use the LG M50LT, which are comparable, but made in China… 
  • Short detection/protection, transient threshold at 300-450A 
  • Back up inline 30A physical fuses
  • Each pack fitted with 5x temperature probes & buzzers to alert at a 65°C level & shut-off when the temps exceed 75°C
  • Voltage differential management for packs of unequal voltage, no balance lead required
  • Improved cell-holders for better survivability in the event of crash
  • Upgraded pure nickel strips that are both thicker & wider to withstand higher currents with less resistance—Begode had used ‘inferior plated’ strips on at some of their packs   
  • Automated weld production methods for consistent quality
  • Capacity & stress-testing processe done at the pack level after assembly  
LiTech External Pack Improvements for Begode 900Wh Battery Pack
LiTech Nickel Strips & Cellholder Improvements for Begode 900Wh Battery Pack
LiTech BMS Improvements for Begode 900Wh Battery Pack
LiTech Nickel Strips & Cellholder Improvements for Begode 900Wh Battery Pack
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