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Begode EX30. Deposit


Available on backorder

  • $1,000 holding deposit page
  • Shipping from US expected in late December
  • Expected release price of $4,199
  • Tentative specifications:
    • 3,600Wh battery pack with the Samsung 50E cells, or 2,8800Wh consisting of the high-powered 40T pack 
    • Improved battery/BMS system with temperature sensors 
    • 4,000W high-torque motor, no-load max rotational speed of 75.8MPH (not riding speed!) 
    • New generation shock system, with rebound, providing up to 100mm of travel 
    • Choice of 20″ knobby or street tire 
    • Fitted with XL spiked pedals
  • Additional details will be posted as information becomes available

Available on backorder

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Begode EX30 Overview

Begode EX30, Oblique Front Right

Begode EX30, Oblique Top Rear Begode EX30, Top Rear

Suspension Electric Unicycle Weight, Dimensions, Travel Comparison. S18, V11, T4, Hero, S22, Master, EX20S, Sherman-S, V13, EX30, Master X, MasterPro Pro. Begode, Inmotion King Song Veteran Leaperkim

EX30 Tire, CST C6520