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Begode Extreme, 2,400WH Battery, 3,500W Motor, Suspension, Deposit


Available on backorder

  • Price: $1,000 holding deposit, $3,490 (final price TBD)
  • Shipping: Late summer TBD
  • Weight: 80+ lbs TBD
  • Motor: 3,500W C40 High Torque Motor
  • Top Speed: 50+ MPH (TBD)
  • No-load Speed: 68 MPH
  • Suspension: 130MM Suspension Travel, Air-oil Adjustable Damping
  • Battery Pack: 134V 2,400WH, GX20 4P
  • Controller: 24 High-Performance MOSFET
  • Chassis: CNC main body structure (weight TBD)
  • Tires: Off-Road Tire 18″
  • Features: 5,000 Lumen, Tail Light, Matrix + Music Speaker+ Handle, Special Waterproof Technology, Large Display, Adjustable Side Pads, Honeycomb Spiked Pedal, Trolley

Available on backorder

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cruising speed cruising speed 50+ mph
weight weight TBD
charge time charge time TBD
max load max load 265 lbs (TBD)
max load battery capacity 2,400WH
max load Range 70 miles (TBD)
Begode Extreme Electric Unicycle - suspension

Begode Extreme Electric Unicycle

The Begode Extreme is the latest 134V electric wheel ready for summer adventures. It is built for speed, power, and trail riding. Begode’s latest mid-range wheel is outfitted with a 134V system, a high torque C40 motor, and a comprehensive suspension system allowing a 130MM rebound while climbing steep slopes and speeding down flat speedways quickly. We’re thrilled to watch Begode push the frontiers of performance, chassis durability, and water resistance for unexpected weather as they build their powerful powertrain IPs and fine-tune their suspension systems.

Begode Partners:

  • The 16″ motor will be the same size as the T4 but will have significantly higher battery voltage and capacity.
  • This wheel’s primary focus will be its lightweight chassis, which provides greater agility and flexibility than other wheels in its category.
  • The Extreme aims to be a beefed-up T4, but the T4 will still hold its price-to-power ratio.
  • Our current lineup has its positions, specifications, and pricing, and we try to meet all of the use cases that our customers may have for our electric wheels
Begode Extreme Electric Unicycle - features
Begode EX30 Begode EX30 Begode Extreme Begode Extreme Commander Pro Commander Pro
Power: 4,000W 3,500W 3,500W
Speed: 55+ mph 50+ mph 55+ mph
Max Range: 100+ miles 70+ miles 100+ miles
Battery: 3,600WH 2,400WH 3,600WH
Weight: 101 lbs TBD 94 lbs
Price: $3,999 $3,490 $3,999
King Song S22 King Song S19 King Song S18
Power: 4,000W 3,500W 2,200W
Speed: 43.5 mph 37 mph 31 mph
Range: 70 miles 90 miles 44.5 miles
Battery: 1,776WH 1,776WH 903WH
Weight: 77 lbs 70 lbs 55 lbs
Price: $3,200 $2,875 $2,280

Extreme 134V All-Terrain Electric Unicycle

The initial marketing materials for this wheel have been released; we will update our holding page as soon as we receive real-life prototypes, media, and footage of this potential blockbuster wheel in motion. In terms of performance, weight, capacity, and pricing, this wheel is priced lower than the EX30 and sits below it in the Begode 134V performance series. In the coming weeks, please get in touch with us for more information about shipping and price. The first deposits will be held to receive this wheel as soon as it arrives in our warehouses.

  • Motor: Begode C40 (40MM) Compared to narrower motors, high torque motors offer superior cooling, reduced cogging, smoother acceleration, and greater efficiency.
  • Suspension: Compared to the King Song S22’s 130mm and the EX30’s 100mm, the air-oil suspension system’s 130mm rebound makes it the finest dampening system on a Begode wheel. We expect our riders will appreciate this wheel for leaps and extreme riding conditions!
  • Battery Pack: 134V 2,400WH configuration is the highest in its category, and 16″ wheels are the most popular for dimension-to-power ratios.
  • Controller: 24 MOSFETs with high performance will improve the controller’s power management, efficiency, thermal performance, and control.
  • Early specs are outperforming current 134V and 126V models in the market
  • Shipping is slated for mid-summer; more info to come
  • Large display
  • Adjustable side pads
  • Honeycombs spiked pedals
  • Trolley
  • CNC main body structure
  • Off-road tire
Begode Extreme Electric Unicycle - specs