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Begode Master, 2,400WH Litech Battery, 3,500W Motor, Suspension


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  • One of the fastest and leanest electric wheels on the planet
  • Now in stock with Knobby and Kend K262 tire options
  • Our custom Masters are offered in two options, high power or high range
  • High-range Samsung 50E cells, 10A output, 2,400WH capacity
  • High-power Samsung 40T cells, 35A output, 1,920WH capacity
  • Max voltage of 134.4V/102.4V nominal, in a 32s4p configuration
    18×3″ knobby tire
  • The suspension system, with 80mm/3.15″ of travel, the shock has a reverse chamber for rebound
  • Die-cast 13.1″ XL pedals
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cruising speed cruising speed 50+ mph
weight weight 79 lbs
charge time charge time 6-8 hours
max load max load 265 lbs
max load battery capacity 1,920WH - 2,400WH
max load Range 70+ miles (under ideal conditions)

The Begode Master

Fastest electric unicycles on the planet

Many wheels are made for range, budget, or amenities; Begode engineered this particular unit for raw speed! The 134V Begode Master is a 50+ mph full-suspension electric unicycle that provides the ultimate adrenaline-inducing, high-torque, high-speed ride experience for short to long distances. It is ideal for EUC enthusiasts who wish to avoid the trouble and expense of driving a car and need an alternative to public transit that is more fun and exciting. The Master’s 3,500-watt, high-torque C38 motor gives exceptional acceleration and speeds past 50+ miles per hour!

Special Edition Litech Battery Packs

eWheels special edition Begode Masters are back in stock and include 134V Litech Samsung battery packs that can deliver a range between 50 and 70 miles on a single charge. Our customers enjoy our custom Samsung battery packs are among the most potent on the market; they can propel riders to paradigm-shifting speeds! No other companies have used 134V packs on their wheels; this allows Begode EUC riders to travel more incredible speeds and distances without frequent recharging.

The Begode Master is one of the most potent electric unicycles on the planet and a terrific option for anyone seeking a quick, enjoyable, and environmentally friendly mode of urban transportation. With its strong motor, enormous battery capacity, air spring suspension, and superb stability, it is an ideal option for anyone desiring a high-performance vehicle without the hassle of bike locks, traffic, or parking spaces.

  • The Begode Master was the first 134V wheel on the market when it debuted.
  • At speeds exceeding 50 mph, the Master was also the world’s fastest electric wheel.
  • The Master uses Begodes open-face design, exposed battery packs, and air suspension system.
  • The drivetrain components are the pinnacle of engineering and design for unadulterated performance.
  • Begode Master owners have competed and won in numerous high-speed competitions and circuit racing.
  • Developed and released in response to the King Song S22 announcement.
  • Our custom-built Master unicycles have LiTech Samsung 40T for high speeds and 50E for longer distances.
  • This extreme-performance wheel is ideal for those who wish to experience the thrill of the latest lithium-powered personal electric vehicle technology!

Frequently Asked Questions

  • When will the Master be available to ship?
    Begode is well underway in the development cycle of the Master. In contrast to other manufacturers, they have a good track record for getting new products shipped out on time. Pending developments of the upgraded LiTech battery packs, we should see the first arrivals shipped from China in May, with volume shipments in June/July.
  • When will the first reviewer Masters be arriving? 
    The first samples are expected to ship from Begode in mid-April.
  • It looks like there are different color side panels available. Can I choose when ordering?
    The first shipment will be of the all-black scheme, with other color panels available shortly after. 
  • What tire options are available?
    The stock tire is the knobby CST-186; other tire options will be evaluated, such as the Kenda K262 & street Kenda 340A. 
  • Will you be offering an upgraded charger? 
    Yes, a 134.4V/32s rapid-charger variable is being developed/tested.
  • For the XL 13.1″ pedals, are these the die-cast or CNC type?  
    The stock pedals are die-cast, and CNC pedals are available to order separately.
  • What is being done to mitigate Begode’s previously troubled history in adherence to maintaining quality standards?
    This will be addressed at several levels: 1) battery pack outsourcing, 2) early preproduction evaluation & stressing testing, and 3) independent production inspections.
  • One of your competitors also offers the Master with LiTech battery packs. Is this true?
    Back in early 2021, we decided to hold selling Begode Wheels until we could partner with an independent battery pack supplier who could build a safer battery pack than the 900Wh Begode, LG M50LT 21700 battery packs, while our competition continued to sell this equipment over this period, despite the known risks. The relationship with this supplier is exclusive to eWheels in North America. LiTech will not be providing battery packs to other North American Sellers.    
  • Will the Molicel P42a cells be an option?
    There are two issues with the Molicel P42a in today’s market, availability & cost: the P42a is back-ordered from the factory until September. When compared to the Samsung 40T cells that have 95% of the capacity & similar performance specs —35A vs. 45A [sustained], well beyond any typical usage scenario—the cost of using a Molicel pack over a similar Samsung 40T is quite a bit more, with only a marginal advantage.