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Begode Master V3/4, 2,400Wh Battery, 3,500W Motor, Suspension


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  • A landmark release in Wheel performance
  • Our custom battery Masters are offered in either a high-power, or high-range option
  • Max voltage of 134.4V/102.4V nominal, in a 32s4p configuration
  • The suspension system, with 80mm/3.15″ of travel, the shock has a reverse chamber for rebound
  • Die-cast XL pedals
  • Choice of off-road Kenda 262, or street K340A tire
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cruising speed cruising speed 50+ mph
weight weight 79 lbs
charge time charge time 6-8 hours
max load max load 265 lbs
max load battery capacity 1,920WH - 2,400WH
max load Range 70+ miles (under ideal conditions)

The Begode Master

Most Wheels were made for range, budget, or amenities; but with the Master, Begode engineered this thoroughbred for raw performance! With it’s minimalist aggresive styling, the 134V system was the first Wheel to break through the ~50 mph barrier, while still incorporating a decent suspension system that provides an adrenaline-inducing, high-torque ride experience for both a short hop & longer travel needs. It is ideal chocie for EUC enthusiasts, or new newcomers who are seeking performance in a minimal package. The Master’s 3,500-watt, high-torque C38 motor gives exceptional acceleration and speeds of up to 50MPH.

Suspension Wheels come in two essential flavours of shock: the vertical piston type of the V11/V13 & the articulated arm joints that was first introduced in the S18, later the S22, this has been the version which Begode has adopted for the Hero, EX20S, Master & EX30. Each of these has it’s advantages & disadvantages, but the prevailing opinion over the past few years is that the articulated variety is more popular of the two, as there’s more dynamic range/control, better reliability & the different shock components can be upgraded/replaced.