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Begode Master, 2,400Wh Litech Battery, 3,500W Motor, Suspension


  • In Stock
  • A landmark release in Wheel performance
  • Our custom battery Masters are offered in either a high-power, or high-range option
  • High-range Samsung 50E cells, 10A output, 2,400WH capacity
  • High-power Samsung 40T cells, 35A output, 1,920WH capacity
  • Max voltage of 134.4V/102.4V nominal, in a 32s4p configuration
  • The suspension system, with 80mm/3.15″ of travel, the shock has a reverse chamber for rebound
  • Die-cast XL pedals
  • Choice of off-road Kenda 262, or street K340A tire
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cruising speed cruising speed 50+ mph
weight weight 79 lbs
charge time charge time 6-8 hours
max load max load 265 lbs
max load battery capacity 1,920WH - 2,400WH
max load Range 70+ miles (under ideal conditions)

The Begode Master

Most Wheels were made for range, budget, or amenities; but with the Master, Begode engineered this thoroughbred for raw performance! With it’s minimalist aggresive styling, the 134V system was the first Wheel to break through the ~50 mph barrier, while still incorporating a decent suspension system that provides an adrenaline-inducing, high-torque ride experience for both a short hop & longer travel needs. It is ideal chocie for EUC enthusiasts, or new newcomers who are seeking performance in a minimal package. The Master’s 3,500-watt, high-torque C38 motor gives exceptional acceleration and speeds of up to 50MPH.

Suspension Wheels come in two essential flavours of shock: the vertical piston type of the V11/V13 & the articulated arm joints that was first introduced in the S18, later the S22, this has been the version which Begode has adopted for the Hero, EX20S, Master & EX30. Each of these has it’s advantages & disadvantages, but the prevailing opinion over the past few years is that the articulated variety is more popular of the two, as there’s more dynamic range/control, better reliability & the different shock components can be upgraded/replaced.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Which version of the Master is being sold?
    This is the V2/3, with the updated controller, independent/redundant battery packs, & newer V2.1 display.  
  • How has the reliability of the Wheel been since shipping in the fall of 2022? 
    Quite good, there’s the occasional controller failure, but the previous generation DC converter failures, intermittent battery faults, motor/bearing knocking problems are mostly a thing of the past. The new hardware improvements Begode has brought to Master are a generational improvement.   
  • Is there the choice of a knobby/street tire? 
    Yes, for high-power Samsung 40T selection, there’s the option for either the Kenda off-road K262, & street K340A. For the high-capacity 50E battery pack it’s available with just the knobby K262 tire.
  • What type of charger is packaged with the Wheel?
    It comes with a high-quality fan-assisted 134V/3A that can charge up to 80%, in about 4 hours, from a depleted state.
  • What is the maximum rate of charge? 
    While in theory the Samsung 40T cells can be charged at a higher rate than 10A, at a system level, there’s other elements in the chain that limit charging to this rate: e.g. charge-port, wiring, & the BMS. This recommended 10A charge limit applies to both the 40T & 50E configuraiton.
  • Are the pedals die-cast, or CNC type?  
    The stock pedals are die-cast, CNC pedals are available to order separately.
  • What is special about the Masters that are sold through eWheels?
    At the time Begode released the Master, they were going through a troubled period, where the earlier LG battery packs catching on fire. eWheels voluntarily carried out a recall for all Customers who had acquired an affected machine with the 21700 battery packs. Rather than continue selling Begode produced battery, we found a partner to construct them for our specifications, containing the additional safety measures of: 4x temperature probes, over-temperature buzzers, packs filled with water-protective resin to protect against moisture ingress & in-line physical fuses. These battery packs have undergone independent QC /validation & certification for the IEC 62133 safety certification & have been evaluated by the CPSC. These additional measures resulted in a couple hundred dollars in extra production costs, believing the extra safety was worth the it. 
  • Do you stock parts for the Master?
    Yes, all of the parts are now in stock & can be found on the /parts section of the website.
  • How weather-resistant is the Master?
    On the spectrum of available models, the Master is about ‘average’. While Begode does not have a particular IP rating, based on the sales of hundreds of Masters over the past year, the number of fault cases attributable to the occasional use in wet conditions is exceedingly low. The standard recommendation is to not leave your Wheel exposed to the elements; try to avoid using in a heavy downpour, when possible; & do not ride through bodies of water.
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