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Begode MasterPro. Deposit


Available on backorder

  • $1,000 holding deposit page
  • Shipping from US expected sometime in December
  • Expected release price of $4,599
  • Tentative specifications:
    • Largest 4,800Wh battery pack with the Samsung 50E cells, or 3,840Wh consisting of the high-powered 40T pack 
    • Improved battery/BMS system with temperature sensors 
    • 4,500W high-torque motor, no-load max rotational speed of 75.8MPH (not riding speed!) 
    • Suspension shock system, with rebound, providing up to 80mm of travel 
    • Choice of 22″ knobby or street tire 
    • Fitted with XL spiked pedals  

Available on backorder

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Begode Master Pro, Overview

Master Pro, Technical Specifications

Suspension Electric Unicycle Weight, Dimensions, Travel Comparison. S18, V11, T4, Hero, S22, Master, EX20S, Sherman-S, V13, EX30, Master X, MasterPro Pro. Begode, Inmotion King Song Veteran Leaperkim

Frequently Asked Questions

  • I have a deposit on a different Wheel, can I transfer it over to the MasterPro?
    Absolutely, deposits can be changed/cancelled at any time.
  • Will these MasterPros be fitted using the LiTech or Begode packs?
    At this moment, it remains uncertain. The priority will be on providing a battery pack system that is safe, while being able to ship out these Wheels at a reasonable time. 
  • Is the MasterPro going to be shipping out with a choice of with street or knobby tire?
    Yes, there will be a choice of both, further details to follow with the brand/model. Tire preference can be made when the time comes to pay the balance payment.
  • What battery options are available?
    Both the Samsung 50Es for the highest available capacity/range, as well as the Samsung 40T. Generally, the high-powered cells have greater utility on the smaller capacity packs, like RS/Nikola+, since the load on the battery is distributed over the multiple parallels. For extreme Riders, the high-powered packs will still offer a comparative performance advantage, pack longevity & faster charging capability.  
  • What chager is packaged with the MasterPro? 
    The stock charger is a 134V/3A outputting 403W. The same optional Master 8A charger will also be available for the MasterPro, for a combined charge power level of 11A/1,474W.
  • What is the max weight limit of the MasterPro?
    This will be dictated by the shock. The earlier version of the Begode shock, used on the Hero & first generation Masters, had some issues with ‘bottoming out’ with loads of around ~200lb. On the newer machines, these are now fitted with an improved shock, with rebound, supporting higher weight loads for Riders in the ~300lb region. 
  • When will the MasterPros be shipping out? 
    Begode’s objetive is to beat the V13s launch, this places first arrivals into the US early to mid-December.