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Begode MasterPro V2, 4,800Wh Battery, 4,500W Motor, Suspension


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  • Battery: Largest 4,800Wh battery pack with the Samsung 50E cells; Improved battery/BMS system with temperature sensors
  • Motor: 4,500W high-torque motor, the no-load max rotational speed of 75.8MPH (not riding speed!)
  • Suspension: Suspension shock system, with the rebound providing up to 80mm of travel
  • Tires: Equipped with knobby tire
  • Pedals: Fitted with XL spiked pedals
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cruising speed cruising speed 50+ MPH
weight weight 105 lbs
charge time charge time 8+ hours
max load max load 260 lbs
max load battery capacity 4,800WH
max load Max-Range 130+ miles

Begode Master Pro, Overview

Photo Gallery

MasterPro V2- Front
MasterPro V2- Top Front
MasterPro V2- Rear
MasterPro V2- Side Left
MasterPro V2- Front Right Oblique
MasterPro V2- Production

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What are the material changes on the MasterPro V2 vs the original variant?

    – Updated suspension linkages: thicker suspension arms 
    – Updated headlight: consisting of a single large headlight, with 30% more luminosity
    – Updated tail-light: greater visibility & stronger mounting bracket
    – Metal battery cases: protecting the precious battery packs from impact  
    – Updated kickstand: more sturdy design 
    – Improved side-pads and seals: better ergonomics  
  • Does the MasterPro have the choice of a  street or knobby tire?
    Yes, it comes with a choice of either the CST-117 street tire, or the CST-7021 knobby.
  • What are the benefits of the knobby & street tire?
    The knobby tire is more versatile on a range of terrain, such as grass, packed dirt, gravel, & other surfaces, it also has superior tread life to most street tires. The CST-117 is also a deep tread tire that tends to do better on paved surfaces.
  • What battery options are available?
    Both the Samsung 50Es for the highest available capacity/range and the Samsung 40T. Generally, the high-powered cells have more excellent utility on the smaller capacity packs, like RS/Nikola+, since the load on the battery is distributed over the multiple parallels. For extreme Riders, the high-powered packs will still offer a comparative performance advantage, pack longevity & faster charging capability.  
  • What is the maximum rate of charge?
    On anything greater than a 32s4p/128 cell 21700 battery pack, the bottleneck tends to be less with the cells, but rather with the other components such as the charge-board, wiring & BMS. Charging at 14A is considered ‘acceptable limits’ but in excess of this, may cause damage to the other components. 
  • What charger is packaged with the MasterPro? 
    The stock charger is a 134V/3A outputting 403W. The same optional Master 8A charger will also be available for the MasterPro, for a combined charge power level of 11A/1,474W.
  • What is the max weight limit?
    This is limited by Begode’s shock. The earlier version of the shock, used on the Hero & first generation Masters, had some issues with ‘bottoming out’ with loads of around ~200lb. On the newer Begode Wheels, these are now fitted with an improved shock, with the rebound, supporting higher weight loads for Riders in the ~300lb region. 
  • How much range can I expect on level-ground at a constant cruising speed? 
    There’s many variables that affect the range of a Wheel, in order of importance, these  include: speed, terrain, Rider’s weight, temperature, tire pressure, frequency of acceleration & stopping. Assuming a constant average cruise speed of 20MPH, with a ~160lb Rider, one can expect about 120 miles.   
  • Is the MasterPro suitable to use off-roading? 
    Not really, due to its bulk/mass & large 24″ tire. Most trail Riders prefer the nimbler 16″ Wheels, such as the Patton, or Extreme, which provide more torque & responsiveness. The MasterPro comes into its own on open stretches of paved road, where the MasterPro is really in a class of its own.    

Master Pro, Technical Specifications