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Begode T4, 1,440WH Battery, 2,500W Motor


  • In Stock: ready to ship
  • Shipped with Upgrades: current stock are the latest version with the metal battery cases, improved suspensions linkages & larger spiked pedals
  • Battery Pack: 1,440WH Samsung 21700 40T high-powered cells
  • Suspension: Suspension system with a rebound of 100mm of travel
  • Tires: Choice of knobby [J802] or street tire [CST-1488]
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cruising speed cruising speed 35 MPH
weight weight 70.6 lbs
charge time charge time 3-6 hours
max load max load 300 lbs
max load battery capacity 1,440WH
max load Max-Range 60 miles
Begode T4 Features Overview

Begode T4 Electric Unicycle

Begode’s T4 is the first 16″ suspension Wheel, packed with a battery pack/motor combo that would normally found in a large 18″ machine like the S18, V11, & Hero. While the initial introduction has seen its share of troubles related to the same motor slipping condition found on the earlier S22s, Begode has since changed their motor supplier from ZX to QS, resulting in improved reliability. In addition, the controller has been redesigned incorporating an addition 6 MOSFETS, from 12x to 18x, for improved contoller load-sharing. 

  • Package size & weight: dimensionally the T4 is 26H x 10.6W x 17.7L, making it one of the most compact suspension Wheels produced today, & 10lb lighter than the comparable Hero. For those who commute, in buildings with flights of stairs, these incremental pounds can make all the difference in practicality of ownership.  
  • Battery Improvements: in addition to the upgraded high-powered Samsung 40T battery packs [for our production], Begode has added some much needed BMS safety improvements that include temperature probes on the BMS, line-protocol communication with the controller, & short-circuit protection.


  • Durable Construction: compact, yet rugged metal frame construction, using improved stainless screws/bolts. The motor has a beefed up 50mm wide rim for better stability/tire fitting & greater resiliance against deformation & damage.
  • 100mm of Suspension Travel: despite the smaller size,there is up 100mm of vertical travel, 20mm more than the Master, EX20, & MasterPro. This T4 uses the latest 4d generation Begode shock, with adjustable rebound settings, maximum chamber pressure of 300psi, supporting loads of up to 285lb.
  • Choice of Tires: depending on your needs, Begode is offering the choice of a knobby/off-road tire J802, or a CST-1488 street tire—the original CST-1773 hybrid tire will be available later.
  • Standard equipment: there are some decent value-adds that are included as standard here: like the mug-guard, set of Powerpad, die-cast spiked pedals [shipped separately for initial production] integrated seat & the charger has been upgraded from a 100V/3A to a 5A for faster <3hr charging.  
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Begode MTen4 Battery Comparison between Samsung 40T & 50E Cells

The principles of battery selection on PEVs are complex but can be distilled down to a general rule of ‘the smaller the battery pack, the more power is demanded from the cells’. The T4 battery pack comprises 24 cells in series & 4 parallels (24s4p), the same configuration as the RS, Nikola+, etc. Since the surges in peak power output are more significant than on the earlier generation hardware—more powerful controller & motor—it’s essential that the battery pack matches the capabilities of the rest of the machine, minimizing cell stresses & brown-out potential.  

While the new BMS architecture possesses improved safety mechanisms—temperature probes & short-protection—the hard lessons of history have demonstrated that latent fire risks may only be manifested years later. For this comparatively small machine, we deem it essential to require this model to be equipped with a high-powered cell, the Samsung 40T. Beyond the safety/performance benefits, other advantages include faster-charging potential (up to 8-10A), superior pack longevity, cooler operation, increased performance, and more efficient energy utilization from the battery pack.