ChargeDoctor Duo for V5F, King Song, Gotway, Inmotion V8


  • Note: existing Customers will receive free shipping on their ChargeDoctor purchase
  • Main features: displays current status the charge cycle, two charger input connectors for supported Wheels (see description below), set the cut-off point of the charge to extend the lifespan of the battery pack by up to 5 times!
  • Includes USB attachment: downloads the charge data directly to your computer.
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eWheels are pleased to announce that we have partnered with the creator of ChargeDoctor to offer this unique & handy accessory within North America.

The features that make the ChargeDoctor a compelling addition for any serious eWheelers include:

  1. Dual charger inputs: using two standard charger inputs can reduce the amount of time that it takes charge your Wheel.*
  2. Monitor the voltage/Wh during the charge: by monitoring the displayed voltage & Wh, you can check how far along the Wheel is into the charge without having to power on the Wheel.
  3. Set voltage cut-off point: by setting the cut-off voltage below 100% will dramatically increase the lifespan of your expensive battery pack. For instance, the standard recommendation is that at 80% will yield more than 4x increase in life-expectancy.
  4. Evaluate performance of the battery over time: by recording how many Watt-hours the battery receives from a particular voltage, you track the health of your battery over time.

* There are certain conditions that must apply to use this capability: 1) the Wheel must have over 32 battery cells (for instance, you must not try to use two chargers with the V3Pro!), 2) you must not mix a fast-charger & standard charger together, or two fast-chargers as the battery pack & wiring cannot support this rate of charge.

Charge Doctor V2 features

  • Voltage: 20.0V – 100.0 V
  • Current : 0.00 – 10.00 A
  • Charge : 0.000-1000 Ah with automatic decimation
  • Energy : 0.0-10000 Wh with automatic decimation
  • End-of-charge by current threashold (0.1-8.0 A) or voltage threshold (30.0-85.0V)
  • Datalogging serial output 9600 bauds TTL
  • Dimensions : 85x50x20 mm
  • Weight : 65 g

Most frequently found connectors

Most e-wheelsGX16-31: V+ ; 3: 0V67.2V16Sconnector for Solowheel, Airwheel, Gotway, Firewheel, King Song…
 Gotway MSuper3 84V/1600WhGX16-41: V+ ; 2: 0V 84V 20Sother MSuper3 with battery <1600Wh have GX16-3 connectors
IPS    (Holtz, Zero…)GX16-42: V+ ; 4: 0V67.2V 16Swarning, same connector as above but different wiring!
InMotion    V8 **GX12-31: V+ ; 2: 0V84V 20Ssame connector & wiring as  hoverboards
InMotion V3,V5LenovoInt:V+ ; Ext: 0V84V20SLenovo square socket, originally for Lenovo laptop power supply
Ninebot One***Lemo63V15S see photo for wiring***
Ninebot   Minipro, Xiaomi **GX12-41: V+ ; 4: 0V63V15S

*16S = 16 LiIon cells connected in series, total voltage calculated using battery full value =  4.2V/cell

** important, the numbering order on GX16-3 connectors is totally different from the GX12-3 : from left to right 3-2-1 for GX16-3 compared to 1-3-2 for GX12-3 !!!  Likewise for GX12-4 and GX16-4

GX12  and GX16 plugs, note the difference in pin numbering



At startup, displays “C-Dr” (blue) and firmware version “2.03” (red).


Top display shows alternatively voltage (“61.9U”) and current in amps (“1.99A”).


Bottom display has 3 display screens:

Short click => screen change
1. Wh
2. Ah : “Ah” alternates with value to differentiate from Wh mode
3. Auto-shutdown threshold ( flashing display)
Long click
1. & 2. reset Ah and Wh counters
3. Enable/disable auto-shutdown (“—A” = disabled).
N.B. auto-shutdown threshold can
only be changed in “adjustment” mode
screen 1: 148.2 Whscreen 2: 2.377 Ahscreen 3: auto-cut threshold
short click =>change to screen 2
long click => Wh, Ah = 0
short click =>change to screen 3
long click => Wh, Ah = 0
short click =>change to screen 1
(automatically back to screen 1 if no click for more than 6s)

Screen 3 has 3 modes, press long click to change mode :

screen 3 / mode 1 screen 3 / mode 2  screen 3 / mode 3
auto-cut when current is below threshold (1.20 A)auto-cut disabled (use this mode to  charge to 100%)charge has been auto-cut (“off”). To resume charge, press long click or restart the CD by disconnect/connect charger

Easter egg: press 3 short clicks (interval < 0.3 between clicks) to turn off LED display
In display-off mode, the CD continues to work normally. Another click restores display


Enter adjustment mode by holding the button when powering on.
1) mode auto-shutdown, threshold adjustment : button hold < 5s
2) mode voltage & current calibration : button hold > 5s

1) Adjustement of auto-shutdown threshold

Top led displays current parameter. With no button click, the screen is cycled through 3 avaibles parameters every 2s. Any click holds up the actual parameter 6s for adjustment before the cycling restarts. Adjustment mode is terminated and the CD gets back to normal mode if no click for more than 10s.

Image3 available parameters:

  • Auto : auto-cut
  • Pr1 : parameter 1, display off at auto-cut
  • Pr2 : parameter 2, auto-cut mode by current or voltage

“Auto” : auto-shutdown mode. Bottom led displays the shutdown threshold. When the threshold is reached, current is cut by the CD and the charge session is ended (I=0.00A). The threshold is incremented by 0.1A steps (auto-cut by current mode) or 0.1V steps (auto-cut by voltage mode). Hold the button for fast then ultra-fast increment. Voltage and current threshold are stored in separate non-volatile memories.
Important: disabling auto-cut can not be done in “parameter mode” only in normal mode (see above).

“Pr1” : parameter 1. Value = 1 => deep standby mode with Led display off at auto-cut. To power on, click button or disconnect/reconnect the CD.

“Pr2” : parameter 2. Available values, “dn A”, “up V”, “dn V”

dn A : down A, auo-cut when charge current is below threshold. Default mode at first use.UP V : auto-cut when charge voltage is above threshold. This mode generally allows more accurate auto-cut, to be used on big batteries (>560Wh)  when auto-cut by current doesn’t have enough resolution.dn V : down V, auto-cut when voltage drops below threshold. To be used only for discharge tests.


For the complete instructions & guide, please visit:

Additional information

Weight.3 lbs
Dimensions5 × 5 × 2 in

GX12 4-pin, GX12 3-pin, V5F USB, GX12 & USB, GX16 3-pin (KS/GW 67.2v), GX16 4-pin