Dualtron Fingerprint Security Scanner


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  • Fingerprint Scanner for the Dualtron Scooters
  • Compatible with the ‘EYE’ Dashboards
  • Locks the Dashboard interface until passes a previously enrolled fingerprint across the scanner
  • Estimated installation time: 30 Min

Out of stock

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Fingerprint scanner use instructions:

To set:

1) In default fresh outof box the LED will cycle colors and you need to place the *same* finger four or five times on the sensor until the LED will turn green and the first finger is registered and should unlock the scooter.
2) To register additional fingers, unscrew the little screw on the side of the sensor (Phillips #0) and turn the scooter off.
3) Use a needle or pin and feel around in the hole so that you can reach the micro switch inside the hole. It can be a bit tricky as the hole may not align perfectly with the button, but you should be able to feel a definite click.
4Turn on the scooter and unlock it with your finger.
5) While the blue light is on, push the button with the pin *once*.
6) The scanner will cycle through red green and blue and be ready to register the second finger just like the first one. Keep putting the same new finger on the sensor until the scanner completes the new finger registration with a green LED confirmation.


  • LEDs flashing red, green and blue – no fingerprint enrolled
  • Green LED —— fingerprint enrolled
  • Red LED —— fingerprint denied

Resetting the fingerprint:

To erase all fingerprints from the scanner, once the scooter is unlocked and the blue LED is still on, push the button *three times*. It will reset the scanner into factory default ready to take the first finger reading.

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