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MTen3 10”, 460/512Wh Battery/800W Motor

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MTen3 10”, 460/512Wh Battery/800W Motor


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  • Available in the 460Wh/84V or 512Wh/84V battery configuration   
  • Bonus: upgraded Tesla black pedals (fitted)  
  • MTen3 is completely unique, sprightly 10″ Wheel, while still packing a power 800W motor 
  • MAX Cruising Speed: 23+ MPH (with the 84v battery pack)
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Technical Specification

All new “Stealth Black” Edition

Gotway MTen3 Black Edition

New MTen3 offered in all ‘Stealth Black’ edition. Other product changes, include:
– Lift motor suppression button, for carrying up stairs or curbs
– Uniform set of black side pads to match the new shell design
– Fitted with larger set of pedals
– LED light scheme changed from rainbow pattern to default white (the panels give the effect of a deep purple). Lighting modes can be changed through the App.
– Back to using the more relaible tubeless tire.

Features of the MTen3 Black Edition

What Makes the MTen3 Unique:

  1. Power to Weight ratio: at only 22lb, this Wheel is tiny, but don’t be fooled by the diminutive size; within this tiny body, there lies a lion’s heart! With 40x 18650 cells in the 460Wh configuration, or 32x cells in the 420Wh pack, & a 800W motor, no other small sub-14″Wheel comes anywhere near to these specs;
  2. Speed & torque: the motor supports a max speed of around ~23MPH (with the 84v type). On this smaller motor, this Wheel has a lively sense of zest about it, quick off the dime & handles inclines surprisingly well;
  3. Convenience: in the folded position the Wheel is extremely compact, at only 11″ (length) x 5.6″ (width) x 17.7″ (height). It is really the only Wheel that can convenient fit in a standard rucksack, or unobtrusively under a car seat;
  4. Atmospheric LEDs: a nice visual touch while riding in the dark, also improves awareness to those around you while riding in low light conditions.
Gotway MTen3 Black, Side

Frequently Asked Questions

  • I really like the new look but already own a White MTen3, can I purchase new shell/pad kit?
    Yes, we will have these available to purchase as a complete set for $110
  • The MTen3 is only 10″ Wheel, is it really practical to use as a ‘Commuting’ Vehicle?
    Don’t be deceived by the diminutive size of the MTen3; this machine packs more of a punch than many larger 14″ Wheels, such as the the Inmotion V5F.  It may not be suitable for every terrain, especially dirt trails, or pot-hole ridden roads, the small tire diameter tire may struggles on uneven surfaces.
  • What is the difference between the battery sizes available?
    Depending on the cell supply situation, Begode/Gotway tends to use those which are available. The two types that are being made today are the 84V/460Wh & 84v/512Wh battery packs. These packs use the same tried-and-tested Panasonic cells (3.5Ah GA & 2.9Ah BD) as found on other models, such as the Tesla V2 & MCM5.
  • How much range can one expect to get per charge?
    The standard energy consumption is about 25Wh/mile, for a 170lb Rider, on level ground, cruising at around 18MPH. In the 460Wh spec, this should yield up to 18.5 miles & just over 20 miles with the larger 512Wh pack.
  • What is the recommended max weight limit for this model?
    Manufacturer weight limits are recommendations, rather than hard-and-fast rules. The component that is subject to the highest point of stress on this machine is the axle. While axle metal fatigue fractures are uncommon, they are a risk for Riders over the 220lb limit.
  • What is the advantage of tubeless tire over tubes?
    There’s a variety of pros/cons to tubes vs tubeless: the main advantage of tubeless tires on the Mten3 is that they’re significantly more resilient to flats than tubes. Tubes tire have a tendency to suffer from abrasion against the inner surface of the tire, eventually leading to failure, tubeless tires are immune from this source of flats. The only minor drawback to tubeless tires is that you may occasionlly need to add tubeless sealant to help keep the seal between the rim & tire.
  • Can I use a rapid-charger with this model?
    Because of the limited number of battery cells in parallel circuits, it is not recommended regularly charging over 3A, on either the 67v or 84v battery packs.
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