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MTen3 10”, 460/512Wh Battery/800W Motor

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MTen3 10”, 460/512Wh Battery/800W Motor


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  • Available in the 460Wh/84V or 512Wh/84V battery configuration   
  • Bonus: upgraded Tesla black pedals (fitted)  
  • MTen3 is completely unique, sprightly 10″ Wheel, while still packing a power 800W motor 
  • MAX Cruising Speed: 23+ MPH (with the 84v battery pack)
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Technical Specification

All new “Stealth Black” Edition

Gotway MTen3 Black Edition

New MTen3 offered in all ‘Stealth Black’ edition. Other product changes, include:
– Lift motor suppression button, for carrying up stairs or curbs
– Uniform set of black side pads to match the new shell design
– Fitted with larger set of pedals
– LED light scheme changed from rainbow pattern to default white (the panels give the effect of a deep purple). Lighting modes can be changed through the App.
– Back to using the more relaible tubeless tire.

Features of the MTen3 Black Edition