NEW: MTen3 10”, ‘The Pocket Rocket’, 512Wh/800W Motor

//NEW: MTen3 10”, ‘The Pocket Rocket’, 512Wh/800W Motor

NEW: MTen3 10”, ‘The Pocket Rocket’, 512Wh/800W Motor

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  • MTen3: a sprightly 800W 10″ Wheel with a 512/325Wh battery pack
  • MAX Cruising Speed: 25+ MPH
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Technical Specification

Gotway MTen3 Demo Video

Features & Overview of the Gotway MTen3

What Makes the MTen3 Unique:

  1. Power to Weight ratio: at only 10″ & 22lb, this Wheel is tiny, but yet it still manages to pack a substantial 40x cell battery pack of a 512Wh or 325Wh capacity battery pack & a 800W motor; no other small sub-14″Wheel comes anywhere near these stats;
  2. Speed: the tiny motor supports speeds in excess of 25MPH. Because of the very small motor/Wheel size, the Rider should be exvigilant when operating at speed for any irregularity in the riding surface
  3. Convenience: in the folded position the Wheel is extremely compact, at only 11″ (length) x 5.6″ (width) x 17.7″ (height). It can be stowed out of the way, such under a car-seat, or in a small cupboard, where a normal sized Wheel would not.
  4. More Atmospheric LEDs:  there are more programmable LEDs on each side of the Wheel for a greater visual impact;

Frequently Asked Questions

  • The MTen3, a 10″ Wheel, is so small, is it really practical?
    Although it’s a relatively new addition to Gotway Wheel line, among the Wheel aficionados, it has a strong & rapidly growing fan base. A 10″ is not suitable for every terrain, especially dirt trials, or pot-hole ridden roads, as the small tire will struggle to surmount any but the smallest of obstacles.
  • The speed specification is listed as 25MPH, how is this possible? 
    This small but wide high-performance motor motor, with a nominal 800W output motor, similar to what is found in the larger 14″ Wheels. As the Wheel diameter decreases, there is a lot more instant torque, giving you the sensation of rapid acceleration.
    Are there different battery sizes available?
  • Yes, we will be supplying both the 325Wh & 512Wh battery packs as options, both of are 40x cell pack. The 325Wh is fitted with the Sony 18650 V3 2.25Ah cells, while the 512Wh pack has the high capacity Sanyo 3.5Ah cells, each has the same power out-put rating of 10A
  • I’m slightly over the 220lb weight limit, does this mean the MTen3 is not for me?
    Manufacturer weight limits are recommendations rather than hard-and-fast rules. If you respect the Wheel, not over-stressing it by jumping off high curbs then it should be acceptable up to about 250lb.
  • Is pedal ground clearance an issue?
    With the previous Luffy it was more problematic on sharp turns, in the MTen3, the pedal height has been raised by .75″ to 4.75″ which is about the same as you’ll find on the 14″ MCM4.

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Additional information

Weight 30 lbs
Dimensions 20 × 10 × 18 in
Battery Capacity (Wh)

325, 512


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