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NEW: MTen3 10”, ‘The Pocket Rocket’, 512Wh/420Wh Battery, 800W Motor

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NEW: MTen3 10”, ‘The Pocket Rocket’, 512Wh/420Wh Battery, 800W Motor


  • New Order ETA early/mid September
  • Bonus: upgraded ACM black pedals (fitted) & free wrist-guards included  
  • MTen3 is a sprightly 800W motor in a 10″ Wheel
  • MAX Cruising Speed: 23+ MPH (with the 84v battery pack)
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Technical Specification

Gotway MTen3 Demo Video

Features & Overview of the Gotway MTen3

What Makes the MTen3 Unique:

  1. Power to Weight ratio: at only 10″ & 22lb, this Wheel is tiny, but yet it still manages to pack a substantial 40x cell battery pack of a 512Wh or 420Wh capacity battery pack & a 800W motor; no other small sub-14″Wheel comes anywhere near these stats;
  2. Speed: the tiny motor supports speeds of around ~23MPH (with the 84v type). Because of the very small motor/Wheel size, the Rider should be extra vigilant when operating at speed for any irregularity in the riding surface
  3. Convenience: in the folded position the Wheel is extremely compact, at only 11″ (length) x 5.6″ (width) x 17.7″ (height). It can be stowed out of the way, such under a car-seat, or in a small cupboard, where a normal sized Wheel would not.
  4. More Atmospheric LEDs:  there are more programmable LEDs on each side of the Wheel for a greater visual impact;

Frequently Asked Questions

  • The MTen3 is only 10″ Wheel, is it really practical to use as a ‘Commuting’ Vehicle?
    Don’t be deceived by the diminutive size of the MTen3; this machine packs more of a punch than larger 14″ Wheels, like the King Song 14D & Inmotion V5F, with its extremely responsive & torquey 800W motor.  It may not be suitable for every terrain, especially dirt trails, or pot-hole ridden roads, the small tire diameter tire may struggles more on uneven surfaces.
  • Are there different battery sizes available?
    Yes, we are offering both the 67v/420Wh & 84v/512Wh battery packs. Each of these has the same tried-and-tested Panasonic GA 3.5Ah battery cells: the 420Wh is configured in a 16S2P 32x cell arrangement, while the 512Wh has an extra 8x cells 20S2P, @ 84v
  • What are the advantages of the 84v vs 67v types?
    The 67v offers the best value-for-money, if you do not anticipate exceeding speeds of ~20MPH. For an average 170lb Rider, cruising at 19MPH, the standard energy consumption is bout 25Wh/mile; with the 67v/420Wh variant, this has an expected range yield of up to 17 miles. The 84v/512Wh has an extra 4 miles of range potential & can cruise upwards of around ~23MPH.
  • What is the recommended max weight limit for this model?
    Manufacturer weight limits are recommendations, rather than hard-and-fast rules. The component that is subject to the highest point of stress on this machine is the axle. While axle metal fatigue fractures are uncommon, they are a risk for Riders over the 220lb limit.
  • Is the tire tubeless? What is the expected lifespan of the tire?
    Yes, the MTen3 is fitted with a 10×3″ NLK tubeless tire. Depending on the Rider weight, tire pressure, how it is used, etc, it should be functional for between 1000-2000 miles. When changing the tube, it’s important to use a tubeless sealant such as Slime, RideOn, or Armour-Dilloz to help keep a seal between the tire & rim, replacement tires can be found at the link below.
  • Can I use a rapid-charger with this model?
    Because of the limited number of battery cells in parallel circuits, it is not recommended regularly charging over 3A on either the 67v or 84v types.

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Additional information

Weight 30 lbs
Dimensions 20 × 10 × 18 in
Battery Capacity (Wh)

325Wh/84V, 512Wh/84V, 420Wh/67v


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