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Inmotion V11, 1,500Wh Battery, 2,200W Motor, Suspension


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  • Upgrades: all V11s now come with the more powerful 2,200W motor & upgraded 2.5A charger included as standard equipment
  • First [announced] Electric Unicycle with integrated pedal suspension
  • Key specs: integrated pedal suspension, 1,500Wh battery, 2,200W motor, 31MPH max speed, automotive grade lighting, new trolley handle design, integrated folding stand 
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Integrated Folding Kick-stand

Inmotion V11 Rear Folding Stand Animation

Improved Folding Handle

Inmotion V11 Folding Rear Stand in Action Animation

Introducing the all New Inmotion V11

Inmotion V11 Front & Rear Views

The V11 is a significant development in the evolution of the Electric Unicycle, with a number of innovations in the areas of design, functionality, & for Inmotion, performance too. A key attraction in the  V11, is the all new pedal suspension, providing a up to 85mm/3.3″ of vertical travel, that is expected to provide a smoother ride for rough roads & trail riding; in addition, the motor is fitted with a 18×3″ XL tire, providing greater contact surface with the road, & improving the ride stability.

Other improvements include the brightest head/tail lighting ever to be installed on a Wheel & integrated folding kickstand. On the performance front, the max speed has been increased from 25MPH (on the the v10/F) to 34MPH (with updated firmware), with a respectable 1,500Wh battery pack, for an anticipated range of 57 miles @ a 20MPH cruising speed.  Taken together, the V11 is expected to be among the most hotly anticipated new machines of 2020.

Pedal Suspension, 85mm of Travel

Inmotion V11 Folding Rear Stand in Action Animation

Brightest Head & Tail Lights

Inmotion V11 Rear Taillight

Comparison of the King Song S18 vs V11

Inmotion V11 vs King Song S18 Electric Unicycle Comparison & Specs

The Inmotion V11 was announced about a week before the King Song S18, so how do these two new suspension Wheels stack up against each other? In the graphic on the left is a side-by-side comparison of the different design philosophies the two Companies have taken in producing their first suspension Wheel. In short, King Song’s S18 is intended as a comparatively short range ‘sport’ vehicle, with emphasis on being nimble & agility, while the V11 offers a larger sized battery pack (the largest produced by Inmotion to date), which could be considered more of a Cruiser.   

  • Suspension: responding to the challenge of the S18 Wheel, Inmotion has since increased the suspension travel from 70mm to 85mm—the S18 is 100mm—following the lead from King Song in adopting a suspension module with a negative chamber too. Both the S18 & V11 have air suspension that can be adjusted according to the Rider’s weight and/or ride preference. On paper there is a slight advantage to the S18’s suspension design 
  • Battery & Range: the Inmotion V11 packs in an additional 20x LG M50T/18.75Wh 21700 type battery cells placed in a compact arrangement to keep the width of the Wheel relatively slender, this compares with the S18’s 60x cells of the same type. All other factors being equal, the V11 yields an additional 12 miles of range.  
  • Max Speed & Motor Power: there are several factors that determine a machine’s true power capability, including the number of parallel battery cells, voltage, controller’s rate-limiting, & the motor itself—a higher wattage motor does not necessary translate into a higher operating speed. Originally the V11 was to be shipped with a 2,000W motor, but has since been upgraded to match the nominal motor power of the S18; this has allowed the Inmotion Engineers to increase the max speed ceiling from 50kph/31mph to 55kph/34mph. An additional consideration is that the S18 is equipped with just 3x parallels of 20x cells each vs the 4x parallel on the V11, which ought to translate into an additional 25% of sustain battery power output for such situations as demanding hill climbs & hard acceleration. For max speed & performance, the V11 commands a respectable lead over the S18
  • Retractable/folding Handle: here the two models have adopted very different solutions for their trolley handle: the V11 has an external ‘scorpion’ style, which appears improved over the earlier V10/V5F type, while the S18 has the retractable telescopic rails extend through the Wheel’s body, similar to earlier models. From the standpoint of efficiency, the Inmotion V11 appears to use the internal body space more efficiently. 
  • Lighting: both designs have jettisoned the typical side LED atmospheric light-show of models, in favour of dramatically increased headlight luminosity—in the case of Inmotion, taillight too. The S18 has a unique high-beam/low-beam headlight, that dips when there’s an oncoming light source. Both the S18 & V11 offer substantially higher illumination than found on earlier models.  
  • Weight: the expected weight of the S18 was specd at 48.5lb, but has since increased to 55lb, eroding much of the weight saving advantage in this category. The King Song S18 has a marginal advantage in being 4.5lb lighter than the V11. 
  • Misc: there are unique features found on both models; for instance, the V11 has an integrated folding stand, to keep the Wheel upright; while the S18 will be shipping with a fanless 2.5A/84v charger as standard equipment. Each Wheel is fitted with XL >9″ grippy pedals & the lift for motor disengagement function.   

Key Features of the V11

Inmotion V11 New Product Features, Page 1
Inmotion V11 New Product Features, Page 2
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