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Inmotion V13. Deposit


Available on backorder

  • $1,000 holding deposit page
  • Batch 1 sold out, batch 2 expected late January
  • Early-bird preorder price $3,999, $2,999 balance on arrival
  • Tentative specifications:
    • All new generation controller with 42 MOSFETS, continuous power output rating of 1,000A
    • 3,024Wh Battery Pack, with SmartBMS 
    • 4x suspension modules, 2x per-side
    • Fitted with XL spiked pedals  
    • Stock tire: knobby Yuanxin 22×3

Available on backorder

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Inmotion V13 Front Oblique Left

Inmotion V13 Top Rear Inmotion V13 Side Left Oblique Inmotion V13 Rear Top Oblique Left Inmotion V13 Rear Oblique Right Inmotion V13 Rear Inmotion V13 Front

Suspension Electric Unicycle Weight, Dimensions, Travel Comparison. S18, V11, T4, Hero, S22, Master, EX20S, Sherman-S, V13, EX30, Master X, MasterPro Pro. Begode, Inmotion King Song Veteran Leaperkim

Frequently Asked Questions

  • I have a deposit on a different Wheel, can I transfer it over to the V13?
    Absolutely, deposits can be changed/cancelled at any time.
  • When will the first evaluation Wheels be available for testing?
    Expecting the first preproduction sample by the end of August. 
  • Will there be a street tire option available when released?
    Yes, Inmotion is actively working on evaluating other street tire options.
  • How long will the ‘early-bird’ pricing be available?
    The initial production is going to be limited, it’s uncertain if this introductory pricing will be based on time, or until the allocation has been presold.
  • What battery cells are used?
    Details on this element have yet to be determined, however, the V13 will be using the 18650 format cells. 
  • What charger is packaged with the V13 & what is the max rate of charge? 
    The V13 is supplied with a stock 5A/630W charger. There will be an optional 7A charger available for $450. We will also be working on providing a 3rd party charger at an equal, or lower price with more capability. 
  • Is there as seat option as well?
    Yes, Inmotion will be offering a seat, similar to the V12, which will be price at $65.