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Inmotion V13, 3,024WH Battery, 4,500W Motor, Suspension


Available on backorder

  • Batch 2 sold out, batch 3 expected mid-May
  • Price $3,999. $1,000 deposit & $2,999 balance before shipping out
  • Motor: 4,500W (10,000W peak), 300 NM of torque
  • Controller: All new generation controller with 42 MOSFETs, continuous power output rating of 1,000A
  • Battery Pack: 3,024Wh Battery Pack, with Smart BMS
  • Suspension: 4x suspension modules, 2x per-side
  • Pedals: Fitted with XL spiked pedals
  • Tires: Knobby Yuanxin 22×3



Available on backorder

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cruising speed cruising speed 55 MPH
weight weight 110 lbs
charge time charge time 2 hours (2x 7A chargers)
max load max load 286 lbs
max load battery capacity 3,024wh
max load Max-Range 100 miles

Inmotion V13 Front Oblique Left

Inmotion V13 Top Rear Inmotion V13 Side Left Oblique Inmotion V13 Rear Top Oblique Left Inmotion V13 Rear Oblique Right Inmotion V13 Rear Inmotion V13 Front

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