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Solowheel Glide 3, 480Wh Battery/800W Motor


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  • Product has been discontinued, replaced by the all new V8F
  • With it’s stunning looks, excellent performance, exceptional value, this Wheel has been one the most successful Electric Unicycle of 2017
  • Solowheel’s addition to this product are an improved App, firmware changes, better access to support/service & marketing outreach to increase awareness of the Electric Unicycles
  • BONUS: includes a FREE pair of wrist-guards, along with the Inmotion branded Protective Cover & free shipping within the Continental US 

Out of stock

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Most Frequently Asked Questions

  • What are the key features of the Solowheel Glide3? 
    1. In the Top Ranking for Value/Capability: although there are lighter & more powerful Electric Unicycles on the market, the Glide 3 has earned a solid reputation for striking the right balance of performance, range & style, at a price point that it is [now] not overly prohibitive. For the individual looking for a practical alternative way of commuting, the Glide 3 possesses just about all the capabilities that you’ll need.
    2. Good Cruising Speed & Power Margin: our experience has found that the Glide 3/V8, with a maximum cruising speed of 18.6mph, has a much higher Customer satisfaction rating than the smaller 14″ Glide 2/V5F, which tops out at around 14mph. A few mph advantage may not seem all that substantial on paper, but many novice Riders within a few weeks of riding come to the realization that they have outgrown their slower/weaker first-Wheel. A 16-18mph, for most causal Riders, is the sweet cruising speed spot.
    3. Integrated Handle: No carrying required, retractable luggage handle incorporated right into the Wheel’s body.
    4. Impressive array of lighting effects: with three programmable concentric LED rings on either side
    5. Reliability: the Inmotion V8 was first released a year-and-a-half; over this time, it’s proven to be reliable & dependable machine with a low rate of failure.
  • Are there any differences between the Inmotion V8 & the Solowheel Glide 3?
    Solowheel have made a few firmware tweaks to provide improved alerting when the maximum power levels is being approached, except for the change in logo, physically the Wheels are virtually identical.
  • Is there a Warranty?
    The Glide 3 has a full one-year warranty, including the battery pack. We maintain a large cache of spare parts to deal with just about any circumstance that may happen over its life.
  • What is the realistic ‘cruising’ speed?
    The cruising speed is what you can comfortably maintain over long distances without pedal tilt-back or audible alerts. On level ground, the Glide3 can maintain about 17-18mph throughout most of the battery life. When approaching inclines, it’s important to reduce one’s speed, as the power demands on the Wheel go up dramatically, trying to take on a steep incline at high speed can result in a cut-out.
  • What is recommended Rider weight of the Glide 3?
    Although the manufacturer has a maximum weight limit of 260lb, & it’s possible that someone of this weight can use the Wheel, if ridden conservatively, we cannot recommend the Glide 3/V8 for people who weigh in excess of 220lb. There are other model Wheels available with larger battery packs & more powerful motors which would be more suitable; please refer to the product comparison page for more information about alternatives.
  • Can the side LED panel be customized or disabled altogether? 
    Yes, the App let’s the Rider create a nearly infinite number of ‘mood’ lighting effects. These ‘atmospheric’ lighting effects can be enabled/disabled but pressing the power button in combination with the under-handle cut-off-switch, or from within the App.

The Protective Cover

The Inmotion V8 protective covers are made of a durable neoprene (for elasticity) & thick polyester reflective sides, which serves several benefits:

  1. Protects the Wheel from abrasion & scratches, especially during the learning phase;
  2. The padding provides additional comfort between your legs & the Wheel’s sides; 
  3. With protection afforded by the cover, you’ll be more prepared to allow your friends & family to have a try & share the fun.

Why Buy from US,

Why Buy from Top Ten Reasons why we are the best Electric Unicycle Distributor

Why buy a Solowheel Glide 3 over an Inmotion V8?

In mid-2017 Inmotion entered into a joint partnership with Solowheel for the exclusive sale & distribution for the Inmotion range of Electric Unicycles in the US—However, over the last six months there has continued to be a demand for the Inmotion branded V8, on account of the $600-$700 price difference between the Glide 3 & V8, which has been met by the grey market of overseas sellers offering the V8. Solowheel have now come to the recognition that in order to be competitive & win favour in the marketplace, pricing has to reflect the going market rate, & have dramatically reduced prices to be in line with similar products.

The advantage of buying a Glide 3 over a V8 is that there is a) an after-sales support system to support your Wheel after acquisition, b) a new & improved App developed solely for the Solowheel branded Wheels, c) assurance that you won’t be speed-restricted with any sort of geo-location limitations as were imposed for the V8.

Why Buy Your Glide3/V8 from

We’re confident that our value proposition for the Glide 3 will be compelling enough for you to be persuaded to make your eWheel investment through us.

When the V8 was first introduced in September of 2016, were the exclusive launch partner in North America, we have sold more of this model than any other party in the US. Other reasons why many people choose to buy their Wheels from us are:

  • An established reputation with many loyal & repeat Customer from the 2+ years presence in the US
  • We stock over 300 unique spare parts
  • Value additions we offer to our Customers are free wrist-guards, optional rapid chargers & many of other accessories 
  • Free Continental USA shipping, usually ships same day if ordered before 5pm EST
  • With your continued support, we promise to work tirelessly on your behalf to push for continued product enhancements & innovation

The Optional 3A Rapid Charger

The eWheels 3A optional rapid charger not only has the benefit of reducing the charge time by half, but it is generally recognized that by partially charging the battery pack to around 4.05v (or 80% nominal capacity), it has profound battery cell life-extending properties, preserving the useful lifespan of the pack by up to four times over the standard cycle rating. Current cells are typically rated to retain around 70% of the original capacity after around 500-700 discharge/recharge cycles, with a partial charging, this can exceed into 2000 cycles!

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