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800W version wide black LED panels.King Song 14C- SideNew King Song with the 800W motor.KS 14C Red- Profile Right

King Song 14B” with Removable Battery Pack


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The King Song 14B is the only eWheel with a removable battery pack which can be swapped out in seconds with a fully charged replacement.

It’s the perfect choice for someone looking for durable but light travel Wheel (please check with your airline before doing so)  & is packed full of cool features like quad-speaker system, USB charging port & head/tail lights for riding at night.


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Product Description


What makes the 14B Special?

  • Power: the standard 148Wh battery pack that is included with each 14B Wheel contains some of the most powerful batteries available, the Samsung 25R. These are capable of delivering up to 2.5x more power than those found in a Ninebot One or Airwheel.
  • Travel compatible: two requirements that all Airlines have for travelling with Personal Electric Vehicles are: 1) that the battery capacity is below 160Wh & 2) that it can be removed & stowed separately from the Wheel. In both of these, our 14Bs are the only Wheels made today that satisfy these rules. We strongly advise that you check with your airline before attempting to fly with your Wheel, as each Airline has individual rules & policies.
  • Incredibly durable & reliable: some of our Customers use their 14Bs everyday for over a year. The body shell & other components are extremely robust, it’s made to take a beating.

Is the 14B for me?
The 14B is an ideal choice for someone who is seeking the speed, power & features of a high-end Electric Unicycle but without a large sticker price. It’s ideal in short commutes or demanding hill-climbs situations.

How much more capable is the KS14B over say an AirWheel X8 or the Ninebot?
Each brand/model eWheel has slightly different handling & performance characteristics. An experienced rider can distinctly feel the confidence inspiring performance of the 14B.

What is the actual range of the Wheel?
For the average Rider, it should be able to achieve between 5-8 miles.

What is the weight?
Carrying weight is about 26lbs, making it one of the lighter Wheels we offer.

Can I purchase spare battery packs ?
Yes, the 174Wh packs are available for purchase for $175. These packs are perfect for giving you that extended range on long cruises.

How water resistant is the 14B?
The manufacturer has made efforts to protect the critical components from rain & contamination: the electronics have a thin protective film covering the surface & the plastic shells is made to keep water out. That said, we recommend not using it in heavy rain & keeping away from standing water or deep puddles & making sure the USB port cover remains in place.

What are some of the safety features of this brand ?
Many of the Electric Unicycles being sold today are under-powered, this poses the single greatest risk to riders, especially in situations like going up a curb slowly. The King Song eWheels are exceptional in that they offer a considerably higher power margin advantage to handle most demanding situations, in short power= safety. There is probably no Electric Unicycle in this price range that can match the performance of the 14B.

What is the Warranty Coverage on the Wheel?
In contrast to some other brands, we offer a one-year warranty that also covers the battery pack. We also carry a large quantity of spare parts within the US.
If not using the Wheel on regular basis, please be sure to top the charge every 4-6 months.

Battery Power : a typical Electric Unicycle has 16 battery cells that are capable of providing between 7-10Amps of power. In our 14B Wheel, we had King Song use the Samsung 25R cells that are twice as powerful as the standard battery cells. This gives the rider more confidence that battery pack will keep them safe & upright over the course of the charge your journey.


KS 14B Cruising Speed


KS14B Features ComparedExtra Features of the King Song: not only is the King Song a King in performance, but also has a number of other innovations that set these Wheels apart.

Removeable battery Pack
The most innovative part of the 14B is the ability to swap out the battery pack within seconds, allowing the rider to continue their journey by swapping in a fully charged pack.

Bluetooth Data
The Bluetooth application (Android & iOS) allows the rider to view data about the voltage, speed, power, etc. You can also set the pedal riding angle & riding mode (hard, medium or soft), which is the sensitivity to your movement.

Music Streaming
There are two speakers on either side (a total of four) that can stream music directly from your smartphone. These produce a surprisingly rich & powerful sound.

Light Sensitive Head/tail-light
As it becomes dark, a light sensor automatically switches on the headlight, illuminating your way ahead without the need to manually turn on the light.

Photos of the King Song 14B in Cherry Red:

KS14B Red Left KS14B Red RightKS14B Red Facing Down KS14B Red Battery

KS14B Red Top


Photos of the King Song 14B in Black:

King Song 14B Right View King Song 14B Left View

King Song 14B Side View King Song 14B from Top

King Song 14B Battery FrontKing Song 14B Battery Rear

What our Customers Say:

Dan from Cleveland: “I’m really happy with my 14B. It’s very comfortable to ride, has everything I was looking for in an Electric Unicycle. I also bought the optional extra 174Wh battery pack and I’m able to go for long rides without the issue of the dreaded ‘range-anxiety’. When the battery starts to run low, I simply slot in another one from my backpack. There’s no other Wheel that has anywhere near the value-for-money as the 14B today! Highly recommended!!”





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