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King Song 14S, 840Wh Battery/800W Motor


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  • BONUS: XL pedals fitted & receive a pair of FREE wrist-guards
  • The KS14S has nearly the same practicality & nimbleness of the KS14D, but with the added benefit of the larger battery that provides longer range & higher continuous cruising speed over its smaller 14D sibling



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cruising speed cruising speed 18.6 MPH
weight weight 34 lbs
charge time charge time 3-6 hours
max load max load 220 lbs
max load battery capacity 680-840wh
max load Max-Range 30-40 miles

Included, Improved Side Pads

The earlier 14S side padding was fitted with a 2″ raised rectangular band so that the weight of the Wheel was applied to small area of shin causing some discomfort. Furthermore, this poor design added .75″ to the width of the Wheel.

Exclusively for eWheels: based on our requirement for improved Rider comfort, King Song have redesigned the side padding so that they are now completely flush against the side of the legs. Not only has this modification greatly improved the comfort, but the width of the Wheel is slightly thinner as well. This new padding is also ‘unbranded’ (without the printed logo), resulting in an overall better aesthetic than the original low quality ‘King Song’ printed logo .

Key Improvements at Glance:

The King Song 14S replaces the Inmotion V5F+ in the upper-mid-range tier of Electric Unicycle. It is the perfect choice for Riders wanting to keep their budget under $1,200, but still have an eWheel which is convenient, practical, powerful, reasonably fast & has a 30-40 mile range:

  1. Speed: the cruising speed is 18.5MPH  to 31.25% battery life, thereafter the speed is gradually reduced to preserve the Rider’s safety;
  2. Power: the 14S is equipped with a 800W (sustained) motor & is fitted with a control-board that can output many times more than this in short bursts;
  3. New Control-board: MOSFETs ( electronic switches that power the motor) upgraded to 350A of MAX power!, uprated connectors, better power delivery, several other under-the-hood improvements;
  4. More Atmospheric LEDs:  there are more programmable LEDs on each side of the Wheel for a greater visual impact;
  5. Integrated Telescopic Handle: the handle itself is composed of a light-weight but incredible strong magnesium alloy metal. The telescopic retractable mechanism is the same as on the 14D/16S.

King Song 14D/14S Background:
Back in early 2015 King Song’s first breakthrough into the world of Electric Unicycles was their 14C. At that time, it was unique for a 14″ Wheel, in that it possessed what was then, a massive 64 cell battery pack & a 800W powerful motor, & quickly found popularity among the Electric Unicycle enthusiast community. While the Wheel had the raw performance, it also had several shortcoming that held it back from being quite as successful that it could have been:

  • Control-board Overheating: when using in high temperatures at near the top end cruising speed, the control-board temperature had tendency to overheat, forcing the Rider to dismount & take a couple minutes to let it cool down
  • Width: at over 7″ wide, being short & stubby, fitted with small pedals without much grip, it was not the most comfortable Wheel to learn on
  • Design: some referred to the Wheel as being somewhat of an ugly duckling
  • Durability & waterproofing: it’s main weaknesses, however, was that with >200lb riders, the motor axle could develop hairline fractures, until eventually the pedal would scrape against the motor cover. The water-protective measures were also not very good

The King Song Engineering team built on the lessons of the brilliant but flawed 14C to create the new 14D/14S line. It’s now equipped with a larger heat-sink & active (fan) cooling to dissipate unwanted heat build-up during high intensity operation; in the case of the 14S, with the new improved side-padding, this Wheel is .75″ thinner; is beautifully sculptured & now has the all important retractable handle alleviating the need to carry a dead-weight around. On the durability side, there are dozens of small improvements that are almost too numerous to mention, better screw holds, thicker shell; but importantly are the thicker axle & better pedals.


  • Value: for only $300 more than the 14D, the 14S gives you double the range & more continuous power for harder acceleration & hill climbing,
  • Design & Comfort: available in both Black & White, the 14S is quite an attractive Wheel. The sturdy integrated retractable handle makes it convenient for wheeling-around in places where one is not permitted to ride, like in stores, or crowded pedestrian areas. 
  • Comparatively Small, Compact & Lightweight: the 14S is 2lb lighter than the KS16S with the same battery configuration; the overall cubic volume is about 25% less than the larger 16″, making it easier to store 
  • Performance: combination of the 800W motor & 680/840Wh battery pack supports a cruising speed of 18.6mph for up to 25-30 miles, & an additional 10 miles in ‘reduced performance mode’ when the battery starts getting depleted.
  • Durability & Quality: this Wheel is extremely well made, constructed of an inner-shell (for structural support) & an outer-shell that can take some hard knocks. Many of the components are over-engineered to ensure it will continue to operating for many years of daily use. There are several other nice touches to the 14S, some of these are not even found on the larger Wheels; for instance, the handle on the 14D/14S is made from a magnesium alloy metal that has a feeling of solidity to it when Wheeling by the handle.


  • If you want to go Faster than 20MPH, you’ll need a KS16S or Gotway Tesla: although the 14S is technically capable of going faster than 18.6MPH, King Song have limited the top speed electronically. For those wanting to maintain a higher cruising speed, then the 16S, 18S, or one of the Gotways might be a better fit
  • Recommended weight limit to 250lb: on the earlier KS14C, a point of weakness was the load-bearing potential of the axle. On the 14D/14S, the new motor has a 2mm thicker axle, & is powered by 64x 18650 battery cells working together in unison to give the 14S a 30lb weight carrying load advantage over the 14D. If you weigh over 250lb (along with anything you might carry on you), then the larger Wheels are better able to cope with higher stresses.

Firmware v1.05 Cruising Speed Improvements

When the battery becomes depleted, it also has a proportional reduction in power output, which leaves less of a safety margin for the Rider, particularly at higher speeds. On an Electric Unicycles with 32 cells, or less, this can pose a risk of brown/cut-outs under extreme situations as acceleration or hill climbing. To try mitigate this risk, manufacturer’s firmware is programmed to impose speed restrictions when the battery reaches a set voltage level.

The problem was that on v1.04 & earlier, the King Song firmware did not differentiate between the lower capacity 14D & the 14S, with double the quantity of battery cells,  so that the speed was reduced from 18.6MPH to 12.5MPH prematurely at only 60v, or around 62.5% capacity.

In the latest firmware release, v1.05, there are a couple of improvements: 1) the voltage level/% at which the speed reductions are implemented has been substantially improved from 60v to 55v, 2) once this threshold is reached, instead of immediately hitting 12.5MPH, it is now an incremental reduction, allowing you to ride for how the machine was originally designed for.

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