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NEW: King Song 18S, 840Wh & 1500W Motor


Sorry, this product has been discontinued, replaced by the 18XL

  • BONUS: fitted with the latest XL pedals
  • KS18S is the latest generation of the King Song 18″ Electric Unicycle & represents a significant update over the previous AY+1200W motor class.
  • The massive 18″ Wheel is best for managing uneven or poor quality ground &  is especially smooth for long journeys or commutes. It includes the padded seat for when your feet get tired from standing…
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King Song Electric Unicycles Compared:

Comparison of the King Song Electric Unicycles

Benefits of the larger Wheel:
Customers who own a 18″ find the following advantages:
1) The 18″ gives the sense of greater stability; paradoxically many new riders find it easier to use for the first time
2) Power: in most cases the size of the motor/Wheel is proportional to how much power it can produce. When using a 18″ Wheel, you’ll immediate take to the predictability & certainty in power delivery that the Wheel provides
3) Larger Wheel have superior off-road capabilities, especially beneficial on poor quality roads, dirt trails or grass
4) Included in the box is a padded seat which mounts onto of the handle, this serves both as side padding for your legs & as a seat as well
5) An additional 1.5″ of ground clearance (over the KS16) makes it less susceptible to pedal clipping during sharp turns

Water Resistance:
The KS18S’s control-board is housed in a separated chamber that’s removed from the Wheel housing; in addition, the electronics have been coated in a protective film covering the surface to keep out moisture.

To dissipate heat generated by the control-board, a fan has been installed underneath the top cover. This cover has a mesh to keep out dust, debris & water; however, under extremely wet conditions, it’s possible for water to find it’s way down into this chamber with the sensitive electronics. It is not recommended to use this Wheel is a downpour. As with all Electric Unicycles, please store in a dry/indoor environment.

Standard King Song Features:
The King Song Wheels are packed full of features, these are some you’ll find on your KS18S:

  • 4x Bluetooth speakers: you can use your eWheel as a portable music player, the 4x speakers produce a total of 20W of pretty good quality music
  • Light sensitive head/tail lighting: as the light begins to fade, the 18S will automatically enable the front headlight, illuminating your way ahead
  • Pedal pitch angle: the owner can set the ride tilt-angle of pedals to their preference. Some riders might prefer a slight forward angle, while others level, or even a couple degrees backward
  • USB Charging Port: with the USB output, you can charge your phone, camera, or other electronics on the go
  • Omni-directional operation: on the 18S, there is no front or back, you can ride the Wheel in either direction
  • Bluetooth App: there are a couple after-market Apps available on either the Android & IOS, which gives you a complete insight into the telemetry of the Wheel

What’s in the Box: 

  1. King Song 18S Wheel with the either the 840Wh or 1680Wh battery pack
  2. 2A standard 67.2v GX16-3pin charger
  3. An owner’s manual
  4. Padded seat

Key Features of the KS18S:

The KS18S is the latest version in the evolutionary development of the KS18 line. Its continued enhancements & uprates have been built towards the principle goal of increasing the performance of a proven & durable design.

  1. Ruggedness & durability: the only other Wheel that rivals the KS18S for its size is the Gotway Monster, but there are several distinct advantages this Wheel has over it’s larger rival. Construction quality of the body shell is significantly superior to the Monster; if the Monster is dropped, the screw-holds that secure the Wheel together have a tendency for shearing off. In contrast, over the past two years since the KS18 line has been in production, the body has proven to be practically indestructible & is one of the most durable Wheel being made today.
  2. Performance: the marriage between the state-of-the-art high-performance hardware & firmware yields a ride experience that is quite unrivalled with other Electric Unicycles. There is minimal response lag, or ‘sogginess’, in pedals, which means that when you lean slightly forward, the Wheel’s control system instantly reacts, inspiring confidence that the Wheel won’t let you down.
  3. Ergonomics/comfort: at 28″, this Wheel is substantially taller than other Electric Unicycles. If you’re used to riding a different brand/model Wheel, then there’s a small readjustment period for adapting to the unique profile of the KS18. With most other Electric Unicycles, controlling/manoeuvring the Wheel is through the calve & shin areas. On the KS18, however, there’s greater contact surface area with the legs, extending up to knees; this makes the KS18S more comfortable to use on long journeys. The seat (which is an optional extra on the Gotway Monster & MSuper), is included as standard equipment here.

The 18S is the third Generation of the KS-18 line. At a quick glance, the KS18A & the KS18S do not appear all that different, but underneath the surface, the 18S has been completely transformed over the successive generations when the first KS18A was released back in mid-2015.

  • Power: Why is motor power important? To many Riders, the sensation of using a powerful 1200W+ motor class Wheel is completely enhanced from the earlier 500-800W motors. Besides the obvious advantages of acceleration & speed, these Wheels feel stable, secure, predictive & responsive, seeming to effortlessly react to your will & command.
  • Speed: while the KS18A was supposed to have a top speed of 18.6 mph (30kph), the true GPS speed was only 15.5mph. In less than a year, the maximum speed has been almost doubled to just over 30mph (50kph)—to unlock this highest speed, the owner must have accumulated over 620 miles (1000km). The rationale for this, is that using a Wheel at speed requires a considerable amount of experience, & even then, full safety protection ought to be worn.
  • Higher Margin of Safety: since the components are rated for several times ‘normal’ usage, there is a good margin of safety for the Rider, a big improvement over the original KS18A.
  • Higher Load Support: with more motor power, stronger pedals & support structures, the carrying capacity of the KS18 has increased from 240lb on the 18A, to 350lb now with the 18S.
eWheels Fast Rapid 5A Compared to the 4A Charger 67.2v Electric Unicycle

Bonus 4A Charger vs. 5A Upgraded Model:

If you order a King Song before the end of the Month, we will be sending you a bonus 4A rapid charger, which will reduce your charging time by 50% over the standard solid brick charger that’s included in the box.

Although this 4A JT charger is a certainly a step up from the stock model, but it is also not without some issues. If you intend to use the partial-charging feature to maximize the life-span of your battery pack, once it reaches the 80/90% charge state, the charger will momentarily stop, or spin down, & start back up again several seconds later. It will continue to do this behaviour until the charging chord is physically disconnected from the port. Also, in standby mode, it produces quite a bit of heat, so needs unplugged from the wall after you finished charging the Wheel.

The alternative upgrade option is to pay an additional $100 for the latest release of the eWheels branded 5A charger. As can be seen in the comparison chart of the two models, this charger has everything you’ll ever need. For a high-capacity Wheel such as the KS18S, the addition of a high-quality charger, which has the capability to extended the lifespan of the battery pack by 4-5x is well worth the small initial investment.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • I’d like to buy a 18″ Wheel but am torn between the KS18S & GW MSuper. What are the principle advantages/drawbacks to the KS18S over the Gotway MSuper V3s
    These two heavy-weights are similarly equipped for power & range, although the KS18S has a slight advantage with an additional 80Wh capacity. One of the main drawbacks to the MSuper v3s is that the quality of the shell (this applies to all the Gotway Wheels) is not nearly as robust & durable as the King Song polycarbonate injection molded shells. Because of it’s height, the KS18S has a seat which comes with it as standard equipment.
  • What type of battery cells are is the pack composed of? 
    These use the Sanyo/Panasonic 18650 3.5Ah GA cells, there are a total of 128 cells in the 1680Wh pack, configured as 16s8p. Because of the high energy density & relatively high power output, these cells are the preferred choice in most high capacity battery Wheel battery packs.
  • Do the ‘logoless’ side pads come with the Wheel
    Yes, for aesthetic reasons, many of our Customers have been asking for plain padding for quite some time. In the last couple shipments of the 18S, we have persuaded King Song to supply our Wheels with the plain black side padding.
  • Are there sacrifices to manoeuvrability when transitioning to a 18″?
    There is sometimes the perception that a 18″ Wheel will have difficulty coping in obstacle dense areas. While it is true that a 14-16″ Wheel is more nimble in these situations, with some practice, the KS18 is perfectly capable of a 3′ turning radius. There is the nevertheless a practical limit to usability that is correlated to Wheel size; because of its shear bulk, a Gotway Monster does face manoeuvrability problems in confined spaces.
  • Does the seat come with the 18S for free?
    Yes, the seat is fitted to the Wheel in the shipping box. Using the seat takes some practice to become comfortable with. It’s main benefit is to take some load off of the feat during a long ride.