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NEW: King Song 18S, 1680Wh & 1500W Motor


  • Expected arrival first week of July
  • Available in both the 840Wh & 1680wh battery capacities
  • KS18S is the latest generation of the King Song 18″ Electric Unicycle & represents a significant update over the previous 1200W motor class.
  • The massive 18″ Wheel is best for managing uneven or poor quality ground &  is especially smooth for long journeys or commutes. It includes the padded seat for when your feet get tired for standing…
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Product Description

CAUTION:  The King Song range of eWheels are among the highest performing & most capable eWheels available today. Although exceptional safe (more below), because of the extreme top speeds, riders are strongly urged to wear knee/wrist guards & a helmet (at a minimum) for protection.

What’s new in the KS 18S?
Most of the improvements are to be found under-the-hood, which results in one of the best performing Electric Unicycles made today:

  • 1500W Improved Motor: the KS18S has been fitted with one of the most powerful motors available for any eWheel. This gives you unsurpassed hill climbing performance, high cruising speed, & excellent acceleration
  • 1680Wh Battery Capacity Option: this setup is composed of 16s8p, meaning it has 128x 18650 battery cells! This is compared to just 16 battery cells found in an entry level Wheel, or 30-32 cells in mid-range Wheel.  Not only does this provide more range, but because the load is balanced over each parallel pack, the individual battery cells are subjected to less ‘stress’ than the smaller packs, which has the benefit of increasing the pack’s lifespan.
  • Active control-board cooling: a temperature activated fan extracts unwanted heat from the electronics.  Control-board overheating has been especially problematic when the motor power exceeds 800W.
  • Pedals: larger pedals with better anti-slip surfaces
  • Other improvements: electrical switching (MOSFETs) have been up-rated with components that offer 30% higher power than the KS18AY+, larger gauge wiring, redundant fuses, firmware tweaks for a better ride experience

How does it Compare to the other King Song Wheels?
The new 18S has a higher top speed, more battery capacity, a more powerful motor & an improved control-board, for raw performance; within the King Song product line it’s in a league of its own.

What are the benefits of having a larger Wheel?
Customer who own a 18″ find the following advantages:
1) The 18″ gives the sense of greater stability; paradoxically many new riders find it easier to use for the first time
2) Power: in most cases the size of the motor/Wheel is proportional to how much power it can produce. When using a 18″ Wheel, you’ll immediate take to the predictability & certainty in power delivery that the motor provides
3) Larger Wheel has superior off-road capability, especially on poor quality roads & uneven surfaces
4) There’s an included padded seat which goes on top of the handle, this serves both as side padding for your legs & as a seat as well
5) An additional 1.5″ of ground clearance (over the KS16) makes it less susceptible to pedal clipping during sharp turns 

Is it difficult to manage such a tall Wheel & how durable is the shell?
If you’ve ridden another Electric Unicycle before, it takes an hour or so to become comfortable with the KS18’s height. There’s a difference of technique that’s developed to maneuver it; rather than using shins & ankles (as you would on a 14-16″ Electric Unicycle), the knees play a prominent role in the Wheel’s control.  

The KS18S body is made from a 3mm polycarbonate plastic, which is virtually indestructible. Newer designs like the KS16, have both an inner & outer shell structure, whose chief advantage is that the outer shell can be replaced with a shinny new one. The downside is that it is nowhere as durable as the KS18. 

If I purchase the 840Wh version, is it possible to add on a battery upgrade later?
Yes, while the base model is a 840Wh model (which is still comparatively large & should offer between 30-40 miles of range), there’s space within the Wheel’s body to contain another 840Wh pack, which may be purchased separately.

King Song 18" Insides

What do these new pedals look like?


Is the 18S Wheel water resistant?
Reasonably water resistant: The control-board is housed in a separated chamber that’s removed from the Wheel housing; in addition, the electronics have been coated in a protective film covering the surface to keep moisture out.

To dissipate heat generated by the control-board, a fan has been installed under the top cover. Under the cover is a mesh to keep out dust, debris & water. However, under heavy rain, it’s possible for water to find it’s way down. We will be providing Customers with both the non-perforated standard covers & the slotted ones—the idea is to use a standard covers in wet conditions & the slotted ones when the weather is fine & dry.

What are some of the safety features of a King Song eWheel? 
Some of the Electric Unicycles being sold today are under-powered, this poses the single greatest risk to riders. The King Song Electric Unicycles can provide an enormous amount of power for nearly all conditions, in short power = safety. The maximum top speed is electrically controlled so that the Wheel should not cut-out when cruising at the maximum speed.

Key Features:

  • High continuous power output potential & 30MPH maximum cruising speed
  • Bluetooth speakers: use your eWheel as a portable music player
  • Pedal pitch: the owner can set the ride tilt-angle of pedals to their preference, making the Wheel more comfortable to ride
  • Light sensitive LEDs: as it becomes dark, the King Song will automatically enable the front headlight, illuminating your way ahead
  • Batteries: top quality 3.5Ah Sanyo batteries, expected 3-5 year lifespan of daily use
  • Fast-charger: 2.5x faster charging than the standard King Song supplied one
  • One year US warranty: if there are problems with the Wheel, we’ll get it sorted out

Key Specifications:

  • Maximum speed: 30MPH
  • Range: between 60-80 miles with the 1680Wh battery
  • Weight: 46lbs
  • Maximum rider weight: 300lbs
  • Wheel dimensions: 26.7″ x 18.3″ x 7.5″
  • Charging time to 80%: 4hrs

What’s in the Box? 

  1. King Song 18S Wheel with the either the 840Wh or 1680Wh battery pack & the 1500W motor
  2. 5A dual-input-voltage fast-charger
  3. Learning  strap
  4. An owner’s manual
  5. Padded seat




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