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King Song S19 Samsung 40T Battery, 3,500W Motor, Suspension


Available on backorder

  • New: Holding deposit page for the latest suspension electric unicycle from King Song
  • Price: $500 holding deposit (estimated pricing is $2,875 TBD)
  • Tire: 18×3″
  • Motor: 3,500W (6,500W peak)
  • Top Speed: 37 MPH
  • Max Range: 60+ miles
  • Battery: 1,776WH LG (we’re using Samsung 40T cells, expect 20% less WH for eWheels battery packs)
  • Suspension: DNM RCP 2S 750 lbs 130mm
  • Weight: 70 lbs
  • Features: New design, drivetrain, speaker, charge ports, and more to be determined

Available on backorder

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cruising speed cruising speed 37 mph
weight weight 70 lbs
charge time charge time 8 hours
max load max load 260 lbs TBD
max load battery capacity (TBD) Samsung 40T
max load Max-Range 60+ miles
King Song S19 Electric Unicycle - specs

King Song S19 Electric Unicycle

With new releases from Leaperkim, Begode, and King Song, this year is only getting better! The complete marketing materials and features are still under wraps, but we decided to publish some of what we obtained, not to take away from the official launch. The King Song S19, like the S18, is an electric unicycle built for off-road and urban adventures and daily commuting.

It has a powerful 3500W motor, a 1776WH battery, and an 18-inch wheel with a massive tire for exceptional stability and control on smooth and rugged terrain. The S19’s innovative 130mm suspension system provides even more dampening than the S18, allowing for a smoother ride on rocky areas and absorbing shocks for ultimate rider comfort.

Sleek Design

The S19 boasted an extremely simple, sleek, and futuristic design, with orange-accented side cushions and integrated LED lights for greater visibility at night. The unicycle also has Bluetooth connectivity and an app that lets riders change settings, track speed and distance traveled, and even control the LED lights. The wheel has the appearance and feel of a smaller and simpler version of the S22, with many design aspects carried over from its bigger brother.


The S19’s capacity to climb steep inclines with its 3500W motor (6500W peak) is one of its superior qualities, making it a perfect choice for riders who wish to explore steep terrain. The unicycle may travel up to 90 miles on a single charge, depending on riding conditions, weather, battery charge, and other factors.

Sports Electric Unicycle

Overall, the King Song S19 is a high-end sports electric unicycle that provides exceptional performance, comfort, and versatility for riders eager to take on new challenges and explore the great outdoors. Could this be a strong contender against the recent Leaperkim and Begode models? Depending on usage, cost, and size, it could be the everyday suspension wheel many people want in their daily commute. Further details will be released upon the official launch! Preorder this elegant wheel today to be the first in line.

Technical Specs

  • Rated Power: 3,500W
  • Peak Power: 6,500W
  • Max. Speed: 37 MPH
  • Gradeability: 40°
  • Max. Mileage: 40-60 miles
  • Tyre Size 18″ x 3.0
  • Battery: 1776WH (eWheels will feature Samsung 40T cells)
  • Suspension: DNM RCP 2S 750lb
  • Suspension Travel: 130mm
  • Port: Charge Port*2, USB-A*1, Type-C*1
  • Speaker: 20W Tweeter Speaker*2 + 15W Bass Speaker*2
  • Adapter: Input AC 100-240 V, Output DC 100.8V * 5A
  • Charging Time: 7-8h
  • Weight: 70 lbs
  • Product Size: 540(L) * 320(W) * 790(H)mm
  • Pedal Size: 277*130mm
  • Pedal Height: 130-128mm
King Song S22 King Song S19 King Song S18
Power: 4,000W 3,500W 2,200W
Speed: 43.5 mph 37 mph 31 mph
Max Range: 60 miles 60 miles 44.5 miles
Battery: 1,776WH 1,776WH 903WH
Weight: 77 lbs 70 lbs 55 lbs
Price: $3,200 $2,875 $2,280


X-shaped Linkage Suspension
The racing-grade X-shaped linkage suspension structure is adopted to improve driving stability and achieve strong support and a smooth linear suspension absorption experience.
3500w High Power Motor
The powerful motor with a maximum torque of 160N.m provides fast acceleration.
1776Wh High Capacity Battery
The 1776Wh large-capacity lithium battery delivers steady power output and an ultra-long range of 60+ miles. (eWheels models will feature Samsung 40T cells, WH capacity TBD)
Better Audio Experience
Upgraded 4-unit acoustic configuration, exquisite acoustic structure, and improved sound quality.
Adjustable Headlights
5W*6 high-power headlights; freely adjust the light angle and long irradiation distance, safer riding.
Modular Motherboard
Modular motherboard design, integrated taillights, charging ports, switches, displays, and other accessories.
Dazzle Light Effect
Colorful LED lamp beads surround the fuselage to form a galaxy-lighting effect.
King Song S19 Electric UnicyleKing Song S19 Electric UnicycleKing Song S19 Electric UnicycleKing Song S19 Electric Unicycle
King Song S19 Electric UnicycleKing Song S19 Electric UnicycleKing Song S19 Electric UnicycleKing Song S19 Electric Unicycle