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MTen4. Deposit


Available on backorder

  • $500 holding deposit page
  • Shipping from US expected sometime in December
  • Expected release price of $1,150, $650 balance on arrival to US
  • Tentative specifications:
    • 600Wh battery capacity, using the high-powered [safer] 40T pack 
    • Improved battery/BMS system with temperature sensors 
    • 1,000W motor
    • Shell color for production will likely be black  
    • Choice of knobby/street 11″ tire
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Begode MTen4 Rear Oblique Left Begode MTen4 Side, Left

Begode MTen4 Specifications

Begode MTen4 Battery Comparison between Samsung 40T & 50E Cells

The principles of battery selection on PEVs is complex, but can be distilled down to a general rule of ‘the smaller the battery pack, the more power is demanded from the cells’. The MTen4 battery pack is composed of 20 cells in series & 2 parallels (20s2p). Since this hardware is considerably more powerful than the earlier generation MTen3, upgraded 1,000W motor & a controller capable of peaking over twice as much power, it’s essential that the battery pack can service the demands of the other hardware elements. 


While the new BMS architecture possesses improved safety mechanisms—temperature probes & short-protection—the hard lessons of history have demonstrated that latent fire risks may only be manifested years later. For this comparatively small machine, we deem it essential to require this model be equipped with a high-powered cell, the Samsung 40T. Beyond the safety/performance benefits, other advantages include: faster charging potential (up to 8-10A), superior pack longevity, cooler operation, increased performance, more efficient utilization of energy from the battery pack. 

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Tire Preference

Off-road, Street Tire