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Begode MTen4, 600Wh Battery/1000W Motor


  • Available in the choice of the knobby or street tire
  • Bonus Bodyguard Protective Cover, a $109 value
  • Price: $750 – $1,150, depending on the battery option
  • Top Speed: 25 mph
  • No load speed: 34 mph
  • Motor: 1KW high torque motor
  • Battery Pack: 84V Samsung 40T (safer high discharge cells), 300-600WH options. Improved battery BMS and  temperature sensors, 84V 1.5A charger
  • Range: 15-30 miles of riding range, depending on the battery option
  • Control Board: Upgraded 84V controller
  • Tires: 11” Street and Knobby options
  • Chassis: Aluminum and strong Polymer
  • Weight: 28 lbs
  • Features: 5k lumen headlights, spiked pedals, top display, speed alarms, large multi-color tail lights, turning signals, rear kickstand




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cruising speed cruising speed 25+ MPH
weight weight 28 lbs
charge time charge time 5-6 hours
max load max load 220 lbs
max load battery capacity 300-600Wh
max load Max-Range 30 miles

Begode MTEN 4 Electric Unicycle

The affordable 11” mini electric unicycle
It’s easy to see why people adore the Begode MTEN4; its design is scrappy while remaining sleek and fun. From a pure performance standpoint, it’s a powerful, compact, 25 mph electric wheel with more battery and a higher voltage than most beginner electric scooters. It became popular among EUC enthusiasts who desired an electric wheel to take them on a fast, far, and easy trip without the hassle of handlebars or brake pads. The MTEN4 is a popular choice for anyone who wants a low-cost, high-torque, and lightweight electric unicycle to get them across town quickly.

Begode MTEN4 Electric Unicycle - spec chart
Begode MTEN4 Electric Unicycle - front view

Begode MTEN 4 Electric Unicycle

The affordable 11” mini electric unicycle

Fast, powerful, and small enough to fit in your lap. Forget your bulky electric bicycle or e-scooter. The Begode MTEN4 is a powerful 84V budget-level electric unicycle that looks and feels like a futuristic android. Begode, a Chinese manufacturer of high-performance commuter electric unicycles and scooters, created the MTEN4 for anyone looking to save time and money. While the MTEN4 is Begode’s most affordable and least powerful model, it’s no slouch compared to any electric scooter or e-bike.

Compared to other machines in its price range, this small wheel has a powerful motor capable of reaching up to 25mph and a real-world range of up to 24 miles on a single charge. It also has premium components like 5k lumen lights, spiked pedals, and a large-capacity battery that allows it to travel farther than e-bikes and electric scooters. The MTEN4 is a no-frills budget model popular among new and experienced electric unicycle riders due to its fun, stylish design, excellent performance, and portability.

  • Great as a daily driver at lower speeds
  • Robust and compact EUC for absolute beginners or advanced riders looking to benefit from its price and power-to-cost ratio.
  • It’s one of the newest and cheapest EUCs, starting at $850.
  • Next iteration beginner last-mile wheel, the successor to the community-favorite MTEN3, more power and range
  • The MTEN4 is the lightest and most compact model, weighing only 28 pounds, making it easy to transport by train, subway, or bus.
  • Great for trick riding owing to tire size and weight
  • Because of its small size, the wheel is easy to store at home or the office.
  • Sci-fi action films inspired the whimsical design.
Begode MTEN4 Electric Unicycle - rear view


1KW High Torque Motor

Don’t be fooled by the size and portability of this wheel; its high torque motor can propel riders up to 25 mph on a single charge. When was the last time you had to lock up your e-bike or e-scooter before entering a store? With the MTEN4, you won’t have that problem; turn it off and carry it. At the same price as most 500W-1KW bikes and e-scooters, the size of this wheel means she won’t have to worry about theft or storage.

At its core, the 1KW drivetrain is all the power most of us need to commute, which is why most e-bikes and bike lanes have a 25 MPH power limit. If power price and affordability are important considerations, the MTEN4 is the top pick for budget commuter electric vehicles.

  • Cruising Speeds: 15-20 mph around town
  • Top speed: 25 mph (depending on rider weight)
  • Controller: Top-mounted 84V
  • Graidents: Low to steep gradients
  • Acceleration: Zippy off-the-line acceleration, agile and easy to carve
Begode EX30 Veteran Sherman S Extreme Bull Commander Pro
Power: 4000W 3000W 3500W
Speed: 55+ mph 50 mph 55+ mph
Max Range: 100+ miles 100+ miles 100+ miles
Battery: 134V 3600WH 100V 3600WH 134V 3600WH
Weight: 101 lbs 96 lbs 94 lbs
Price: $3,999 $4,150 $3,999