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NEW: BRONCO XTREME 2,520Wh Battery/2x 4100W (peak) Motors


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  • Heavy-weight eScooter capable of >70MPH

  • Designed in Singapore, made China by a highly-skilled workforce

  • 2,520Wh battery pack, consisting 200x of the highest quality Panasonic 18650 GA cells, in a 20s10p configuration, for up to 80 miles of range, at moderate cruising speeds. 

  • Among the titans of top performing Electric scooters made today

  • BONUS: Order now & receive the upgraded 84V/5A rapid-charger free


Technical Specifications

Bronco XTreme Manual

Overview of the BRONCO XTREME

Bronco XTreme vs Weped GTR vs Turbowheel Phaeton

Bronco, a Singapore Company, [the scooters are made in China], is a relatively newcomer onto the performance eScooter scene, but has arguably produced one of the all time greats with the Bronco Xtreme. Although superficially it may resemble a Dualtron, there’s a number of unique traits that help set it apart from the herd.    

  • Materials: Bronco takes great pride in their use of superior material, such as 6061-T6 grade aviation aluminium alloy for the frame. 
  • 2,520Wh/35Ah Battery Pack: packaged with Panasonic GA cells in a 20s10p configuration, tested for 100A sustained load.
  • Motors: twin 4,200W motors yielding a top max speed of around ~72MPH, 0-50MPH at an astonishing 7.3 seconds acceleration!  
  • Controllers: Gemini sine wave 2-in-1 controller for super smooth accleration, up to 200A peak output, 100A [rated] sustained.   
  • Suspension: equipped with the DNM 205mm AOY-36RC air shock on the rear &125mm 2000lb [adjustable] front coil suspension.
  • Ultra-wide 11×4″ CS Tires: premium high performance tube tires. 
  • Hydraulic Brakes: fitted with the Nutt hydraulic brake set, with special pad cooling fins.
  • Steering Damper: included as standard equipment.
  • Charger: 5A/84V GX16-4 with LCD readout [Wh input, time, current, voltage], adjustable variable current, partial charge settings.
  • Widest standing deck of any scooter: 12.2″ of standing width, providing plenty of deck space for the largest of feet.

Photo Gallery

Bronco XTreme 72V eScooter, Front Oblique Left
Bronco XTreme 72V eScooter, Rear Oblique Left