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  • Preorders eligible for free rapid-charger & fingerprint scanner, $250 value. Contact us at 305-432-2788 or [email protected] for details.

  • The Dualtron 3 is the new start-of-the-art folding Electric Scooter. With many new upgrades, including ABS/hybrid brakes, tubeless tires, improved suspension, optional fingerprint scanner, optional seat, the DT 3 is ready to go out-of-the-box with minimal assembly required

  • The 1,658Wh battery can provide up to 50+ miles distance at moderate cruising speed

  • 3,600W peak & 1,600W Sustained Power for a max cruising speed exceeding 40+ MPH

  • eWheels are proud to be the first US Distributor of Dualtron & Speedway products within North America.

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Technical Specifications

Dualtron 3 User Manual

15 New Features in the Dualtron 3

What's New in the Dualtron 3

The Dualtron 3 is the 3rd Generation of the Dualtron Scooter. The main improvements over the previous Dualtron 2EX & LTD are a larger battery pack, adjustable suspension, tubeless tires, foldable handlebar, & better braking capabilities. In raw performance, it’s equivalent to the Dualtron 2 EX, with a +40MPH max cruising speed but with the additional 456Wh capacity, provide an additional 10-15 miles of range at moderate cruising speed. .

The other upgrades that were introduced on the Thunder, are also available on the Dualtron 3, such as the LED mood light (with remote control), optional fingerprint locking system, new ‘Eye’ Dashboard, improved/safer battery pack with cell separation.  The cumulative effect of all the 2018 improvements, is a superbly designed machine, being one of the best eScooters currently being made today.

Dualtron 3 Capabilities

Thundering Performance

Dualtron Thunder Motor Power Performance

There is no other eScooter brand that has established the formidable reputation that Dualtron has for producing high performance two wheeled folding Scooters. From the very first 1.5 model to this latest Dualtron 3, each successive generation has built upon & improved the Scooter’s core performance. On the DT3, it has the same 800W sustained (1600W peak) motors of the Dualtron 3, but with a newly tuned controller that provides better off the mark acceleration.

Visually Striking

Dualtron 3 Performance

The Dualtron 3 is already a visually striking machine, with the mood lighting enabled, the wow factor is cranked up to level 11. On the handlebar column, the illuminated Dualtron logo colors can be set with a touch of a button, with the included remote control.
There are also two pairs, a total of four, embedded front deck light & a further two pairs of rear braking/awareness lights.
Note: if riding at night, it is advisable to fit an additional handlebar mounted light to throw a beam further than the effective 20-30 foot beam from lower level deck floodlights.

Torsion Suspension

Dualtron 3 Torsion Suspension

With the Dualtron 3 there are three different positions the torsion bar can be slotted into, that provide varying levels of tension & ground clearance to the bottom of the deck. These are used in conjunction with the inter-changeable suspension cartridges for over a dozen different levels of firmness, these are usually set for by both preference & for the weight of the Rider.

Interchangeable Cartridge Modules

Dualtron Ultra Dashboard Screen Features
Dualtron Ultra Dashboard Screen Features

While on the previous generation, there was just a single option available, with the introduction of this 3rd Generation, Dualtron now offer five different compounds range from soft (for lighter Riders) to hard,

Improved water-resistance & battery safety

Dualtron Thunder Weather Protection, Safety & Battery Pack

Within the internal battery bay compartment there’s a been some safety upgrades. One of these is the main power switch, which isolates the battery from the controller & dashboard, reducing the risks during transportation. For water-protection, the wiring harness entering the internal chamber has been fitted with a new seal. Finally, the battery pack has been completely redesigned within individual battery cell holders so that the cells are no longer in direct contact with one another & encased in a steel protective structure.

Collapsible Handlebar & Locking Latch

Dualtron Thunder Handlebar Folding & Latch

With the Dualtron 3, the handlebars can now fold down against the stem for a smaller footprint during transporting or storage. There is also an upper latch, which can be used to support small bags. On the opposing deck side, there is a bracket that the latch locks into to secure it into position.

Fingerprint Scanner

Dualtron Fingerprint Scanner Option

Security on previous Dualtron models was lacking. Competing manufacturers had fitted their equipment with keys, remote-control fobs, access codes. With the Dualtron 3 & Thunder this deficiency has been addressed with a futurist fingerprint scanner that powers up the scooter with a single-touch. To physical secure the scooter, you’ll still need to use some other form of protection such a cable or U lock.

Frame Improvements

Dualtron Thunder Frame Structure

With the additional weight of the Thunder, some of the structural elements on the Thunder that are prone to wear-and-tear have been beefed up with stronger joints & screws, reducing the interval between servicing & lower the cost of ownership. Please refer to the online manual for an estimated component lifespan schedule for these.

How Does It Compare?

Electric Scooters High Performance Dualtron Speedway Model Comparison & Specification Buying Guide Dualtron Thunder, Dualtron Ultra, Dualtron 3, Dualtron EX, IV, III, Mini4
Organizational chart between Speedway, Minimotors & Dualtron

Background of Minimotors, Dualtron & Speedway:

Electric kick-scooters have existed in one form or another for well over a two decades. Until relatively recently, electric scooters were powered by extremely heavy lead-acid batteries, limiting their range, power & usefulness. Advances in battery energy density, electronics & motor design are creating a quiet revolution, which we’re starting to witness take a dramatic impact in those cities that are rolling out Scooter sharing programs. While electric scooters are beginning to gain traction in the US, in other countries, like Korea, the sight of people using Electric Scooters to get about quickly & efficiently is now a commonplace sight.

Dualtron/Speedway—a division of Minimotors—have been making advanced state-of-the-art scooter designs since 1999. In the performance class, there is no serious equivalent contender in this space; Dualtron are the globally recognized as being the unrivaled market leader, with a reputation for quality & blistering performance across all their Electric kick-scooter range.

Minimotors, the parent Company, designs the scooters from their Korean offices. They are also concerned with all aspects of the R&D & most of the parts production—nearly everything is produced in-house, including controller, dashboard, frame, molding, handlebars, even the motors. Speedway & Dualtron Scooters are differentiated by the performance class of scooter they make, & the types of battery packs that are used. In a high-performance Scooter, these larger >750Wh batteries constitute more than half of the input costs of the finished product; to keep the Speedway scooter costs down, these use the cheaper Lithium polymer packs, that have a higher probability of failure & degradation over time. On the Dualtron line, premium grade LG Li-ion cells are selected for greater reliability & predictable performance. 

Control Features Functionality

Dualtron Thunder Setting/Configuration Menu

Setting up the Dualtron 3 is similar to the previous Dualtron/Speedway Scooters; now with the new ‘EYE’ Dashboard, the layout for toggling through the various ‘P’ setting is simpler to perform that on the previous two button design. The menu settings are the same as on the previous DT 2 & Ultra, with the additional Pd option, is which enables/disables the new ABS Electronic braking feature.
Note: if the ABS brakes are enabled, the brake sensitive settings are ignored. 

Comparative Advantages & Disadvantages


  • On of the Best Folding Scooters?: there are not many eScooters being made today with the range of features & performance of the Dualtron 3. It evolves on the raw performance of the EX but with the addition of ABS brakes, multiple levels of suspension, atmospheric LED lighting, fingerprint scanner, & many more upgrades as outlined above.
  • Reduced Maintenance: with the new tubeless tires, stronger frame, better suspension, the DT3 is less susceptible to break-downs, giving you more enjoyment out of your investment. 
  • Improved safety: With the new ABS electronic braking system, the DT3 can reduce the distance needed to come to a stop by 50%. There are other new safety features, such as the individual battery separation, & fingerprint locking system to reduce the likelihood of theft. 


  • At 80lb, the Dualtron 3 is Heavy: if you’ve used a typical ~30lb typical Lime or Bird eScooter, the Dualtron 3 is nearly 3 times the weight & only 1.4 lb less than the beefier Ultra. For many people, lifting it up a flight of stairs, or even a couple steps, is going to require a monumental effort, but what it lacks in portability, is more than offset with its capability.   
  • Cost: the Dualtron 2 EX has the same basic performance package but is $700 cheaper. If you don’t think you’ll use the new features the DT3 has to offer, you may want to consider the slightly less expensive EX, or one of the other Dualtron scooters instead.  
  • Fingerprint Scanner is Not a Complete Security System: if planning on leaving the scooter outside for some shopping, then you’ll need to physical secure the scooter with a physical lock to deter someone from carrying it off.   

A Closer Look at the Dualtron 3

Dualtron Thunder Montage

Folded & Unfolded Dimensions

Dualtron & Speedway eScooter Electric Scooter Folded/Unfolded Dimensions

Frequently Asked Questions:

  • What are the advantages/disadvantages between the Dualtron 2 EX & 3?
    We continue to offer the Dualtron 2 EX, because it offers comparable performance to the DT3 for $700 less. If you’re constrained by budget, then the EX may be the way to go—there’s also a significant weight advantage to the EX, which is 18lb lighter than the DT3. However, the DT3 has a 456Wh larger battery pack, equivalent to around 15-20 miles addition range; in addition to all the new enhancements of the in the 3. 
  • Are these Scooters legal to use on the Road?
    These are classified by the DOT as ‘not for road use’. With the expansion of Electric Scooters across the US, some states are permitting registration & insurance. Please check with your local state laws before if you intended to use them on public roads.
  • Is the DT3 water-resistant, can I use it in the rain?
    The Manufacturer’s recommendation is that you try to avoid excessively wet conditions, puddles & standing water. During assembly, the factory has sealed up the entry points to the battery compartment, etc; however, if it is very wet, water may find its way into the sensitive interior, resulting in water related damage. 
  • How many charge/discharge cycles can one expect from the battery pack? 
    This depends on a variety of factors: the weight of the Rider, high usage of regenerative braking, frequent hill use, how hard it’s driven, weather conditions (freezing temperatures are not ideal for Li-ion batteries), & most importantly the end-point charging voltage. If you use the 5A fast-charger & set the termination point to 80%, this single action alone can extend the lifespan of the battery by up to 4-5 times! The other benefit of partial charging, is that it lowers the risk of degrading your battery pack through the use of regenerative braking on a full charge.
  • Will you be offering spare parts? What spares will I expect to need over time?
    Yes, part of being a ‘full service’ Company is that we offer the largest selection of spare parts for all our products. You will be able to find a list of available parts through our online store
  • Is there a seat available for Dualtron line? 
    Yes, the seat bolts into the back of the deck platform & can be purchased separately for $140 including free shipping.
  • What type of warranty is there on the Dualtron?
    We offer a one year warranty for the parts & labour. It does not include shipping costs, which may be between $100-$190 (within the US), depending on the distance from our repair center in Tucson, AZ. While other dealers of Electric Scooters typically only offer a 3-6 warranty for the battery pack, we stand by all our products with a full one year warranty. Exclusions to the warranty are wear-and-tear & improper use, please refer to our warranty page for the full terms & conditions.

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