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Dualtron II EX 1200Wh/2x 800W (1600W) Motors


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Please consider the Speedway V alternative 

  • Up to 40MPH max speed 

  • The Dualtron 2 EX is the ‘entry’ level high-performance dual-motor Electric Scooter, suitable for most hilly terrains, where a single motor scooter does not possess the necessary power. 

  • Front & rear suspension, dual disc-brakes, coordinated regenerative/mechanical braking, lengthened deck, cruise-control, optional seat, the Dualtron EX is ready to go out-of-the-box with minimal assembly

  • The 1,202Wh battery can provide up to 50 miles distance at moderate cruising speed.

  • eWheels are proud to be the first US Distributor of Dualtron & Speedway products within North America.


Out of stock


Technical Specifications

Dualtron II Manual & User’s Guide

What Makes the Dualtron 2 Stand Out

Comparing the Dualtron 2 to the Mini4 & the Speedway IV:

Around the world, Dualtron commands the highest reputation of Electric Scooters, in part, because they’ve been making these since 1999: 

  • Superior Grade Battery Pack: the Li-poly packs in the SW IV & Mini4 provide tremendous value-for-money for range & power, but they can be let down by poor reliability & a higher degradation curve over time. In contrast, the LG Li-ion cells on the Dualtrons have absolute consistency across the millions of cells that come off the production line. For you, this means that there will be worry & concern about the capability of your expensive investment, not only during the warranty period, but through the several years of your scooter’s expected useful life.
  • Powerful Motor: this is really the main selling point of the Dualtrons, the dual 800W motors can climb nearly any gradient you’re ever likely to encounter. The SW IV has terrific straight line speed, but can feel comparatively sluggish setting off, also in climbing performance. Because the two motors on the Dualtron are working in concert, there is less strain, with accompanying overheating on the DII line.
  • Larger 10″ Wheels: the Dualtron II SW IV have 10″ x 2.5″ air tires fitted to both front & back, this compares with the 8″x 2.0″ tires on the Mini4, where the rear tire is solid rubber & the front has air. 
  • Longer Deck, Higher Handlebars: because of the Dualtron’s power & speed, these scooters are purpose built for adults. As such, our EX scooter has the longer 23″ standing deck & higher handlebars that better serve the needs of our North American Customers.  
  • Front/Rear Disc Brakes: one of the main weaknesses of the Mini4 is it’s single rear-drum brake, that requires periodic adjusting to give you a  decent stopping distance; it can be supplemented by the regenerative brake as well, but has the fundamental limitation of relying on the traction of the single rear Wheel. On the SW IV & DII, braking is in a completely different class altogether; even if there were no regenerative system, the front/rear discs have 3-4x the stopping power of the drum brake. The calibers are also a great deal more accessible on the Dualtron than the Mini4, facilitating relative easy brake pad changes.
  • Better Suspension: suspension on the Dualtron & the SW IV are of a comparable quality. Dualtron II has the torsion-bar & rubber-block absorption with up to 3″ of travel; suspension on the SW IV has front springs & adjustable dual air shock-absorbers mounted on the back; there is no front suspension on the Mini4. 
  • Improved Folding Mechanism: folding/unfolding the latch mechanism on the Mini4 requires a specific sequence of, 1) applying the brake lever to relieve weight on the latch, 2) pushing down with your heel on the lever, 3) then pulling back to close the handle, it can be a challenge initially… The handle collapsing mechanism on the Dualtron can be done with one hand, it’s practically fool-proof.   
  • Easier Maintenance: changing a tire is designed to be simpler; by unfastening a couple screws on the Wheels, the tire assembly can easily slide out.    

How Does It Compare?

Electric Scooters High Performance Dualtron Speedway Model Comparison & Specification Buying Guide

Features of the DualTron EX

Dualtron II 2 EX EX+ LTD Minimotors Product Sheet 1
Dualtron II 2 EX EX+ LTD Minimotors Product Sheet 2
Overview of the Features on the Dualtron II
Organizational chart between Speedway, Minimotors & Dualtron

Background of Minimotors, Dualtron & Speedway:

Electric kick-scooters have existed in one form or another for well over a decade. Until relatively recently, electric scooters were powered by extremely heavy lead-acid batteries, limiting their range, power & usefulness. Advances in battery energy density, electronics & motor design are creating a quiet revolution, which we’re starting to witness take a dramatic impact in those cities that are rolling out Scooter sharing programs. While electric scooters are beginning to gain traction in the US, in other countries, like Korea, the sight of people using Electric Scooters to get about quickly & efficiently is commonplace.

Dualtron/Speedway—a division of Minimotors—have been making advanced state-of-the-art scooter designs since 1999. In the performance class, there is no serious equivalent contender in this space; Dualtron are the globally recognized as being the unrivaled market leader, with a reputation for quality & blistering performance across all their Electric kick-scooter range.

Minimotors, the parent Company, designs the scooters from their Korean offices. They are also concerned with all aspects of the R&D & most of the parts production—nearly everything is produced in-house, including controller, dashboard, frame, molding, handlebars, even the motors. Speedway & Dualtron Scooters are differentiated by the performance class of scooter they make, & the battery packs that are used. In a high-performance Scooter, these larger >750Wh batteries constitute more than half of the input costs of the finished product; to keep the costs down on the Speedways, these use the cheaper Lithium polymer packs, that have a higher probability of failure & degradation over time. On the Dualtron line, premium grade LG Li-ion cells are used for greater reliability & predictable performance. 

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