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NEW: E-TWOW GT SE 504Wh Battery/700W Motor, 25MPH


2019 & SE in Stock, Shipping Now

  • In Stock 2019 & SE types 

  • High performance ~25MPH scooter

  • The GT is the most powerful E-Twow eScooter, weighs <29lb 

  • The Samsung 504Wh battery pack provides up to 23 miles of range

  • Unique in its class, no other eScooter provides the same power, range & capability in such a small light package 

  • Built to the highest standards, near zero maintenance operation


Technical Specifications

E-Twow GT Manual

Video used with permission by Ben Fox Productions

Three Versions of the E-Twow GT

E-Twow 2019, 2020, SE Model Comparison

Evolution of the E-Twow GT

In just over a year, the GT has undergone the three model changes: the original 2019, 2020 & now the Smart Edition, or SE, with integrated Bluetooth/App support.   

The GT 2020 was fitted with a mechanical rear drum brake & kickstand (all E-Twow scooters can rest upright in the partially folded position); beyond that, the original 2019 GT was identical in all key specifications. 

Now with the SE, the GT boosts App support, for connecting to your Android/IOS phone for viewing speed, trip & battery information, as well as the ability to configure the speed limits, enable the headlight, change the start behaviour, & software lock the scooter. 

E-Twow GT SE Smart Edition with Bluetooth Support

Features of the E-Twow GT

Key Features of the GT

  • Best High Performance Light Scooter: the GT is packaged with a 700W motor & 504Wh battery, tipping the scale at just under 26.5lb, there is nothing else like the GT currently available. 
  • Construction Quality: E-Twow has a superb track record in not compromising with product quality. Every detail has been constantly updated & refined; the GT is the result of many generations of incremental improvements, it is the pinnacle of current technology.     
  • Maintenance Free Operation: this is a near zero maintenance scooter, you will not have to worry about getting flat tires, or periodically tuning/adjusting the brakes. 
  • Ergonomic Thumb Controls: in contrast to most other scooters, the accelerator & brake action are made with the thumb action; this is a more natural action than an extended finger with a traditional Dashboard interface.    
  • Suspension: quoted by one reviewer as ‘the best suspension’ he’s ever tested. The recessed rear spring & hinged motor joint do an excellent job of smoothing out the ride. 
  • Back-up Foot Brake: to complement the front motor’s electronic regenerative braking, there’s a backup foot brake to help bring the scooter to an emergency short stop. 

E-Twow GT vs Ninebot Max & Turowheel Swift, Dart v2