NEW: E-TWOW GT 700W/504Wh 25MPH


Both the 2019 & 2020 in stock, shipping now

  • High performance ~25MPH scooter

  • The GT is the most powerful E-Twow eScooter, weighs only 26.5lb 

  • The Samsung 504Wh battery pack provides up to 23 miles of range

  • Unique in it’s class, no other eScooter provides the same power, range & capability in such a small light package 

  • Built to the highest standards, near zero maintenance operation

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Technical Specifications

E-Twow GT Manual

Video used with permission by Ben Fox Productions

E-Twow GT 2020

ETwow E-Twow 2020 with Rear Drum Brake & Kickstand

What’s New in the E-Twow GT 2020

The GT ‘2020’ is now fitted with a mechanical rear drum brake & kickstand; beyond that, the original 2019 GT is identical in every respect. Unlike other Scooter designs, the 2019 GT can still self-stand in the partially folded position (as seen on the photo on the left).
One of the downsides to the rear drum-brake, is that the brake cable runs down the vertical stem, which detracts from the clean-line aesthetics from the original 2019 version.

E-Twow GT Comparison & Pros & Cons


  • Best High Performance Light Scooter: the GT is packaged with a 700W motor & 504Wh battery, tipping the scale at just under 26.5lb, there is nothing else like the GT currently available. 
  • Construction Quality: E-Twow has a superb track record in not compromising with product quality. Every detail has been constantly updated & refined; the GT is the result of many generations of incremental improvements, it is the pinnacle of current technology.     
  • Maintenance Free Operation: this is a near zero maintenance scooter, you will not have to worry about getting flat tires, or periodically tuning/adjusting the brakes. 
  • Ergonomic Thumb Controls: in contrast to most other scooters, the accelerator & brake action are made with the thumb action; this is a more natural action than an extended finger with a traditional Dashboard interface.    
  • Suspension: quoted by one reviewer as ‘the best suspension’ he’s ever tested. The recessed rear spring & hinged motor joint do an excellent job of smoothing out the ride. 
  • Back-up Foot Brake: to complement the front motor’s electronic regenerative braking, there’s a backup foot brake to help bring the scooter to an emergency short stop. 


  • Price: compared to the Swift, which has a similar feature set, the GT is $214 more expensive. If the extra weight is not a concern, then the Swift is better value for money.    
  • Primary Reliance on Electronic Braking: also comparing to the Swift, which not only has the regenerative motor brake, but also a front & rear physical brakes, the braking capabilities on the GT not of the highest spec. 

E-Twow GT vs Ninebot Max & Turowheel Swift, Dart v2

Compared to the Ninebot Max

Another popular scooter to compare the GT to is the Ninebot Max. In just about every comparable metric, the Max comes up short, lower speed, no suspension, handlebars do not fold in & weighing in at 16 more! While it does offer some unique bells & whistles, such the Ninebot App, as a functional scooter, it is not nearly as capable as the other alternatives.

About E-TWOW

E-TWOW_GT Scooter Front Deck

In the nascent world of eScooters, there are only two recognized Companies that have a been around longer than 6 years with a proven track record: Minimotors & E-Twow. While the Minimotors range scooters are recognized for their high performance capabilities, E-Twow’s main focus has been producing scooters in the sub-26lb class of ultra portables. When considering which scooter to buy, the choices have been either performance with the a  >39lb weight or lightweight with anemic performance, but not both. Now the E-Twow GT is the first eScooter break this trade-off barrier, offering the best of both worlds high performance, excellent range, still substantially less weight than other other scooter with similar capabilities as a 40lb scooter.     

The presence of E-Twow scooters in the US is still quite new, in Europe the brand is much more established & commands a sizable share of the eScooter market. One of the key differentiators of the brand is E-Twow’s absolute attention to detail in every facet to the design & execution. This approach to achieving the highest quality standards is borne out in the defect statistics across other regions, where the reported unexpected (e.g. tire changes & other consumables) servicing rate stats are <3%/year, well below the industry standard.    

E-Twow GT Montage