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Begode MCM5v2, 800Wh Battery/1500W Motor


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  • Now Shipping the MCM5v2, with 14×2.5″ tire & integrated speaker
  • Considered to be the best performing hill climber of any Electric Unicycle being made today. Extraordinary torque, acceleration & raw power, with the highest cruising speed of any 14″

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Features Comparison

Key Features of the Gotway MCM5
Gotway MCM5 Internals

The Gotway MCM5:
Until recently, Gotway Electric Unicycles presented a dilemma to prospective Buyers; on paper these machines were leaps-and-bounds ahead of the pack for top-end performance, but the benefits were offset by a checkered history of reliability, particularly on the controller.

What has changed since the advent of the MCM5, is the adoption of a brand new controller architecture, with MOSFETs (the solid-state circuitry that drive the motor) that are now capable of supporting micro-second burst loads of up to 1000 Amps & 300+ Amps for up to a few seconds, representing a three fold increase over the previous generation.

Furthermore, the Wheel is equipped with a 1500W sustained motor—which is double that of any other 14″—& a battery capacity of up to 800Wh. The result is a Wheel that not only looks impressive on paper, but in the few months that it has been available, winning widespread acclaim & praise from those seasoned Riders who that have used it. If you’re seeking a high-performance practical machine, that is nimble, with massive amounts of torque for hill climbing, high reliability, along with a cruising speed that you won’t find on another 14″, then the MCM5 stands quite apart.

Comparative Performance

Performance of 14'' Electric Unicycles

This above illustration shows the comparative performance of three popular mid-to-high-end 14″ Wheels, the 14D, 14S, & MCM5. Although the King Song 14S is probably capable of a higher cruising speed, with its 64 cells & high spec controller, the limitation to higher performance in this series is 800W motor & firmware. To achieve maximum performance, all of the components from the battery, wiring (particularly the motor wiring gauge), controller & ultimately the motor, must be designed with a similar set of capabilities. Through several generations of trial & error, Gotway’s MCM5 finally delivers a complete package, which can satiate the power hungry demands of the most ardent adrenaline junkie.

While the high cruising speed may be attractive to many prospective purchasers, to other Buyers it is the incredible sustained torque for climbing hills that presents the greatest benefit. In tests with gradients exceeding 30%, one Reviewer was not able to induce an over-temperature condition, a first among every other Wheel he tested had.

Although the MCM5 has proven to be remarkably reliable, the risks of accident & serious injury increases exponentially to the Wheel’s speed; this Electric Unicycle may have a significantly reduced failure rate, but a unseen pothole or irregularity to the surface of the road will send the Rider airborne, the most frequent cause of  reported accidents today. This risk is amplified by the smaller 14″ diameter wheel, where there is limited shock-absorbent qualities on  the pneumatic tire, that a larger 16-18″ Wheel might otherwise absorb. This is one of the reasons that some manufacturers, like King Song & Inmotion, have shied way from producing a +18.6MPH/30KPH 14″ Electric Unicycle.


  • Sheer Power: there is no other Wheel that comes anywhere near to approaching the performance prowess of the MCM5. The nominal motor power is double that of the KS14 series & is equipped with the same ultra high spec control-board as the latest MSX. Veteran Riders describe this Wheel as possessing incredible unrivaled torque for taking on extreme gradients, that other models would not be able to cope with.    
  • Range: the MCM5’s battery pack capacity of 800Wh, is just a tad short of the KS14S at 840Wh, with a realistic range rating for around 40 miles, using the typical flat, smooth, terrain with a 160lb Rider rating. Another advantage of having a larger 60 cell battery pack, is it’s ability to receive higher charging current, up to 5 Amps, spread out over the three parallel packs.   
  • Reliability: historically Gotway have had a bad rap for component reliability, particular with the MOSFETs (which drive the motor). Since the MCM5’s release back in April, there had yet to be a single reported instance a failure on this model. 
  • Virtually silent: on nearly all other Electric Unicycles, as soon as it is powered on, the motor emits a distinctive audible whine; this can be particularly annoying & off-putting to some people. The Gotway Engineers have tuned their controller motor frequency, where the characteristic noise emission is all but eliminated. 
  • Atmospheric LEDs: there are two LED strips positioned at the top of the Wheel. You can change the color patterns, or mode, by short-tapping the power button to one of six themes.  
  • Comparatively Small & Practical: as a 14″, the MCM5 is quite compact, making it convenient to stow in tight spaces, such as underneath a seat. Another benefit of a smaller diameter size, is the ability to make sharp turns, maneuver in congested areas more readily than the larger Wheels.


  • Shell looks/feels plasticy: this is a compliant which is raised across nearly all the Gotway Wheels—the external appearance belies the high quality of the inner-workings of the machinery. Another less than perfect design aspect, is the somewhat flimsy retractable trolley handle.
  • High speed 23-35MPH operation on a 14″ presents greater risk: traditional wisdom for Electric Unicycle design has held that a smaller diameter Wheel is less tolerant to road irregularities & is therefore more dangerous at higher speeds.
  • Weight: at 37.25 lb, the MCM5 cannot be considered a ‘light’ machine, just 1lb short of the KS16S.  
  • Expensive parts: replacement spare parts are on average 25% higher than those found on a King Song.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Is the MCM5 available in different battery sizes?
    When initially released back in April, Gotway provided the MCM5 in a number of smaller battery configurations up to a 650Wh capacity, with the Panasonic 2.9Ah PF cells. Later in July, the model was offered to higher energy density GA 3.5Ah cells, for a total of 800Wh. Using the standard 20Wh/mile calculation, this represents about a 7.5 mile, or 25% improvement. Our experience has been that Customers usually prefer the highest battery configurations available, so we will probably only be stocking the 800Wh option.
  • How water resistant is the MCM5, can I use it in the rain? 
    The Wheel housing is completely enclosed, the top panel is relatively impervious to rain, any water that enters into the retractable handle chamber, will harmlessly drain through. For the electronics, there is an epoxy film coating applied over the control-board, this provides an additional measure to weather protection.
    Despite these design features, as is generally the case for electrical equipment, that it is not a good idea to attempt to use in the rain, prolonged exposure to moisture, & to avoid puddles.
  • What type of rapid-charger can I use with the MCM5?
    The Gotway 84.2v 5A rapid charger is compatible with the MCM5 up to the maximum 5A setting.
  • How difficult is to perform maintenance work, such as changing the inner-tube on the MCM5?
    It’s more of an ordeal than on other Gotway Wheels, where both side panels need to be removed, screws unfastened from the pedal support posts & the heat-shrink wrapping around the motor connectors pealed away, in addition to separating the two shell halves.  A typical inner-tube change job will likely take between 1 to 2 hours.
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