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NEW: Gotway Monster V3, 22”, 100V/1845Wh & 84V/2400Wh


  • Sorry, sold out, please consider the new Veteran Sherman as a replacement as an alternative 
  • Absolutely massive 22″ tire— earning the title of the ‘Monster’
  • Considered to be one of the best Cruisers, with the smoothest ride
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What New in the Monster V3

Gotway Monster V3 What's New

What’s New in the V3  Monster:

This most recent iteration of the Monster is mainly structural & exterior aesthetic, although there are some new features as well. Gotway has a new faux carbon fiber black shell, with reinforced ribs for stronger structural strength, along with some other features:

  • Nikola Pedals: fitted with the latest version of the Nikola pedals & grip-tape surface—the original Nikola pedals had a rubber surface that could be slippery in wet conditions.
  • Under-handle Lift Switch: convenient feature when lifting the Wheel up to pick up a curb or climb stairs, this suppresses the motor from spinning up.
  • Brighter Headlight: more powerful ~1000 lumen headlight for riding in low light conditions.
  • Thicker Gauge Charging Input Wires: claims to support up to 20A of charging. While the wiring may support this rate of charge, it is generally not recommended to use more than 8-10A of charging current, owing to the risk that if one of the battery packs develops a problem, the remaining pack will taking too much current.
  • Bluetooth Speakers: integrated dual-5W speakers, provides the ability to stream music from your phone.
  • Illuminated Monster Logo: an illuminated Monster logo is visible when powered on.

Monster V1 & V2 Comparison

Gotway Monster Version Specification Comparison

What’s New in the V2 Monster

In keeping with the long Gotway tradition of stealthy making improvements to their Wheels without letting anyone know, since the first release back in 2017, the Monster has undergone many substantial under-the-hood change to improve the reliability & safety of this largest of all single-Wheel Electric Unicycles.  

  • MOSFET Upgrades: the Monster was originally fitted with the two banks of IRFP MOSFETs, physically identical to the other Wheels in the line, ACM V3s+ & MSuper V3s+. Unlike other manufacturers, which try to protect the electronics by ‘current limiting’ the maximum peak power in Firmware, the Engineering approach Gotway have taken is to try over-spec their hardware. In earlier variants, the reliability of the controllers had room from improvement & since then the Wheels have improved by using the high-duty HY types. On models like the latest MSX, this has resulted in having some of the best reliability of any brand.   
  • Upgraded Motor: 2000W motor unit is the same as is used HB MSX motor, with extensions for the 22″ tire. It has a sustained power output rating of 2000W, comparable to the most powerful Wheels produced today.   
  • 100V/84V Variants: Gotway were the first to introduce the 84v Wheel, which is now almost universal among the current manufacturers; & now with the Monster 100V type. You loose some of the range of the enormous 2400Wh pack in the 84v type, but the 1845Wh should still get you over 70+ miles cruising at an average speed of 20MPH. The main benefit of 100V type is that it has a potential 8+MPH higher top speed—we don’t recommend exceeding 35MPH.

Monster Controller Improvements v2

Gotway Monster Controller Evolution

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Are these Monsters upgraded V2s, or factory assembled V3s?
    The current supply are V3s from the factory.
  • Besides the changes highlight above, are there any other ‘under-the-hood’ upgrades in the Monster V3?
    No, it’s the same 2000W motor, controller & battery pack as found on the earlier V2.
  • Why is the 100V rapid-charger only available up to 4A? Will I receive both the standard charger & rapid-chargers with my order? 
    The maximum output of our rapid-charger is 450W, at 4A x 100V this is pushing the capabilities of the hardware. With both the 84V & 100V orders, you will receive both the factory 3A charger & our 4A charger with the partial charge capabilities for extending the lifespan of the battery pack.
  • Is it possible there will be a higher capacity version of the 100V Monster in the future?
    Although requested, Gotway have advised that in the 24S6P format, they are not able to pack more battery cells within the interior shell space. For battery protection & safety, the Gotway Engineers do not think it’s a good idea to daisy chain additional packs without a BMS, as some other 3rd parties have done.
  • I’ve heard one of the downsides to this machine is that the shell can be fragile, is this true?
    Yes, compared to other models, the Monster’s body is not as robust as a King Song or MSX. However, we have started to stock complete Monster shells that are mostly fully assembled, requiring simply to transfer the motor, controller, & batteries from a damaged Wheel. The cost of a complete body shell is $380 including shipping.
  • What about the ‘water-proofing’ on the Monster?
    It is less well protected from the water than on other Wheels. There are no seals between the body panels & trim pieces. With that in mind, based on the number of Monsters in the wild, the relative risk of damage from rain/water has been low, but you should be careful not to use the Monster in medium-heavy rain.
  • How easy is it to Ride the Wheel in the seated position?
    Similar to learning how to use the Wheel standing up, there’s a transitional phase to become comfortable riding in the seated position. Once acquired, there’s quite a large number of owners who find it just as easy use as when standing. As a ‘seated’ ultra-long distance cruiser Electric Unicycle, there is no comparable equal to the Monster.

New Monster V3 Shells

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