NEW: Gotway Nikola. 2000W Motor, 3″ Wide Tire


  • 84v Nikola variants now in stock: 84V/1600Wh, 84V/2100Wh
  • 100V Nikola ETA 13th October
  • Nikola 84V/2100Wh & 100V/1845Wh are the new all black look
  • Note: both the 84v & 100V Nikola will be shipping with the new uprated controllers containing the TO-247 MOSFETS
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Introducing the Gotway Nikola

King Song 16X vs Gotway Nikola, Setting the New Standards

On the King Song 16X product page, it describes the comparative differences between the 16X & the Nikola. Here is a breakdown of the various Pros & Cons to this latest in the long line of Gotway Electric Unicycles.


  • Top Power & Range Specs: between the heavy-weights in the Electric Unicycle world, Gotway & King Song, there has been a convergence towards similar power rating of 2000W ‘sustained’ output & 1600Wh battery pack, with 120x 18650 cells. This performance ought to be sufficient for nearly any normal riding situation for Riders up to 330lb. Gotway have established their reputation on producing high-powered Electric Unicycles, & now have the most experience of any manufacturer in the +1500W class of Wheel.  
  • New Design: taking inspiration from the most successful designs such as the Inmotion V8, the Nikola tries to improve upon this with the high-density (more LED elements) ring, that goes around the whole perimeter of the wheel, giving a more striking futuristic effect, particularly when riding in the dark. 
  • 3″ Wide x 16″ tire: the traditional tire on 14″-16″ Wheels was the 2.125″ & 2.5″ in the 18″ format. When Ninebot first introduced their Z series, with its unique 4.1″ wide tire it produced a rift between those who loved the unique stability & improved ability to ride on unpaved surfaces, such a dirt, compacted sand, & gravel where another tire would dig into the surface, but was not the most maneuverable for turning, as well as being paradoxically less stable on irregular hard surfaces such a cobble paved streets. It is thought that a 3″ wide tire will provide the best of both worlds, greater stability, without sacrificing too much turning control.    
  • New Features: the Nikola is the first Gotway Unicycle to integrate Bluetooth Music Speakers, with 2x 25W speakers. According to one earlier reviewer of the machine ‘these are the loudest speakers of any Electric Unicycle!’ Another unique feature to the nikola is an integrated voltmeter positioned above the main power-switch. This gives you a much better sense of the state-of-charge than the meter bars, or the inconvenience of having to pull out a phone to check the battery reading.
    Another new feature on the Nikola that you won’t find on the MSX, is an under-handle, push-to-disengage button. This is useful when picking the Wheel to go over a curb or climb some steps.  


  • Folding Handle: at 53.8lb, the Nikola is at the heavier end of the Wheel spectrum. The ergonomics of carrying the machine from the slotted handle will be difficult to undertake with one hand, & lifting from the foldable handle is not recommended, on account of the weight & stress on the folding joint.
  • Bulk & Weight: although ‘only’ a 16″ Wheel, it is physical taller than the MSX & weighs an additional 2lb. 
  • Panel fragility: on other Electric Unicycles with semi-transparent panels, it has been demonstrated that the side panels can be susceptible to fracturing, if impacted. On the Nikola, which weighs 24lb more, this could be a point of weakness on this design. 
Gotway Nikola Variants

The Nikola is offered in three different flavours: a 84V/1600Wh, 84V/2100Wh & a 100V/1845Wh. Each of these has different capabilities for different budgets, range & performance requirements. At the ‘economy’ end of the spectrum is the 84V 1600Wh Nikola, priced at a $1990. If you need extended range, the 2100Wh is best served in this role, while the 100V has the highest top speed potential.

One of the common questions that gets asked, is what is weight differences between these variants. The 1600Wh capacity Wheel has 120 cells battery (13.2lb battery/53.8lb Wheel), 2100Wh has 180 cells (19.8lb battery/60.4lb Wheel), while the 100V/1845Wh has 144 cells (15.9lb battery/56.4lb Wheel). As can be seen, even between the largest & smallest sizes, the difference is only about 10% of the weight of the Wheel.

Features of Gotway Nikola

Frequently Asked Questions

  • I’m having a hard time deciding between the Nikola & 16X what factors should I consider to determine which Wheel is best for my needs?
    Both model are in an advanced stage of development, but this does not mean that the final versions are not subject to change. Based on current information, the two models are very similar in raw performance, range, climbing power—in dimensions & weight the 16X has a slight advantage. The important facts that are in Gotway’s favour is their greater experience with high-powered machines (during operation the Gotway motors run quieter than on the King Song).
  • Are these Wheels fitted with the newer/upgraded controller?
    Yes, all three version of the Nikola have the upgraded controllers containing the HY5012W MOSFETs, rated for up to 1000A peak power & 300A sustained output. These offer a substantial boost over the first generation Nikola from April.
  • Can I purchase the 1600Wh, then add an additional battery pack to bring the capacity up to 2100Wh?
    No, internal structural changes made to the 2100Wh shell to accommodate the 3rd battery pack.
  • Is the 84V/2100Wh Nikola all black as well?
    Yes, it’s the same look as the 100V Nikola, while the 1600Wh has the white trim panels.
  • What are some of the anticipated parts that one may be need further down the road? 
    Based on our experience with selling other Gotway models & similar designs, one can predict that the outer-panels may get scuffed up over time. The new folding handle is somewhat of a wild-card, also the LED strips can degrade with exposure to moisture. With our first order, we will be sourcing a supply of spares parts to deal with potential problems for our Customers.
  • How water resistant is the Nikola, can I use it in the rain? 
    Gotway has a video of a Nikola wading through the waves. In practice, regardless of which Wheel you use, exposure to highly corrosive sea-water will inevitably cause havoc to the internals of the Wheel & its premature demise. The general recommendation for all Electric Unicycles is that you try to avoid medium-heavy rain & stay away from standing bodies of water.
Pictures of the Gotway Nikola

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Weight 65 lbs
Dimensions 26 × 12 × 22 in
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84V 1600Wh, 84V 2100Wh, 100V 1845Wh