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Begode RS 19″, 1,496Wh Battery/2,600W Motor


  • RS High-Speed/C30, In Stock
  • NEW: now shipped with the higher-power Molicel P42A battery packs
  • Fitted with CST-186 knobby tire & spiked pedal upgrade as standard equipment
  • New hollow 2,600W motor, new look, larger pedals, lighting scheme
  • 1,496Wh battery with up to 55 miles of range, 35/40MPH top speed.
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cruising speed cruising speed 35-40 MPH
weight weight 59.5 lbs
charge time charge time 6-8 hours
max load max load 325 lbs
max load battery capacity 1,800WH
max load Max-Range 60 miles

Gotway RS 19″, An Evolution in the Wheel

Gotway RS 19

RS Background:
Gotway first introduced their  18″ Wheel back in 2015. This line of Gotways has proven to be among the most popular choice amongst Wheel enthusiasts; it is both capable of high-speed operation on smooth surfaces, while also handling exceptional well off-road. There’s an intrinsic trade-off between an enormous Monster sized tire for silky smooth cruising & that of maneuverability, making sharp turns, negotiating obstacles, etc., this sized Wheel seems to fit the optimum size for most Riders.

With the RS, Gotway continues the tradition they have established for continual product innovation & development; unlike their counterparts, these models continue to improve

Some of the improvements on the RS include:

  • Larger Pedals: these have the same appears as the earlier MSX pedals, with the red rubber center contact strips, but are now .75″ longer, measuring 9.5″x5″, compared to 8.75×4.5″ on the MSX/MSP.
  • Cool Effect Lighting: gone are the rainbow color LED strips, replaced with a continuous LED color band that gives the RS a  new sleek look
  • Under-handle Lift Button: the MSP retrofitted side lift button has been replaced with the standard under-handle lift switch
  • Dual-input Charge Ports: now equipped with 2x 5-pin input ports for using two chargers at once, up to 8A (max recommended) of charging current—the charge ports are also better protected from the elements with a new flap design.
  • Brighter Headlights: each headlight element has an output rating of 3000Lm, 6000Lm combined; a comparable luminosity intensity to the new V11.
  • Mud-guard Included: the RS will include the Gotway mud-guard as standard equipment.

An All New Hollow Motor Design

Gotway RS 19

One of the main problems of a traditional axle motor was the limitation for a large enough wire gauge to fit through the motor axle—if the bore was too small, the wires would be insufficient to support the ever increasing power output levels of these motors; on the other hand, to large a bore would introduce structural weakness to the axle. A hollow motor permits nearly any sized gauge wiring to be used, as it is no longer dependent upon the axle diameter.

Another benefit is that this design eliminates a common tendency for the Gotway brackets to become slack over time.

Gotway Unicycles Speed to Power Relationship, v2.1

How does one choose between the High-Torque & High-Speed motor types? The RS 19″ High-Speed has a 5-7″ MPH higher top-end speed over the High-Torque variant. The primary benefit of the high-torque type that this motor provides significantly greater hill-climbing power, supporting heavier riders & increased safety margin—provided one stays within the speed operating window. 

IMPORTANT: It should also be noted that this max speed value is NOT the recommended riding speed. There have been cases of Riders experiencing cut-out below the ‘max speed’ threshold. The programmed max speed is simply the value at which the triple-tone alert is activated from within the Gotway firmware. The capabilities of the Wheel will vary on a number of factors, such as the weight of the Rider, aggressiveness of acceleration, ambient temperature, & terrain incline. Please make sure you’re properly protected before setting off.  

Extreme Electric Unicycle, Dimensions Weight Comparison, v1.3. Begode Hero, EX.N, King Song S20, Veteran Sherman, Begode Commander, Veteran Abrams, Monster Pro MonsterPro
Gotway RS 19

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is the primary difference between the High Torque & High Speed motors?
    The HT motor has thicker motor windings, for greater power/torque; it was designed in mind for those needing a Wheel to handle off-roading & tackling those steep inclines. The high-speed variant was created Customers who were a bit disappointed at the reduced speed potential from the earlier MSX 2000W motor type. The general accepted operating max speed limit is 35MPH with the RS/MSP High Torque vs 40MPH with the High Speed variant—battery level, weight, terrain are all factors that can have an effect on the max speed. For choosing which of these Wheels is the right one for you, if <35MPH is sufficient for your needs, then the general consensus is that high-torque type provides a superior ride experience. However, if you’re more of an adrenaline junkie, then the High Speed type has a higher top-end upper limit potential.
  • Is the motor power output ratings 2,600W for both the High Torque & High Speed types?
    In the prior MSP, the High-Speed motor had a rating of 2,000W; now with the RS, according to GW, this too has the same nominal power output as the High-Torque motor @ 2,600W.
  • Is it worth upgrading from an MSX/MSP to RS?
    Not really, the RS 19″ is evolutionary upgrade on the MSP; it has same core specifications as the MSP. The primary upgr