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Inmotion L6 Electric Kick Scooter

$775 $675

  • Inmotion L6 is one of the coolest Electric Kick-scooters being made today
  • Built to an exacting high-quality standard
  • This intelligent transporter has cruise-control & integrated LCD panel with speed/battery/distance information right in front of you. You can also control some functions via the Smartphone App
  • Massive 384Wh battery pack providing up to 25 miles range
  • eWheels offers the lowest price & the best service for this amazing Scooter in North America
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Inmotion’s L6 Electric Kick Scooter takes a ‘no-compromises’ approach to product design; not only does it have some of the best technical specifications but is unquestionably the best looking Scooter out today.

How Does the L6 Stack up to the Competition: Lively, EcoReco M5 & the Glion Dolly?

In just about every area the L6/Lively commands a significant technical superiority over it’s rivals. It has a bigger battery, more powerful motor, larger tires, better suspension (with spring & pneumatic (air) tires), higher voltage for more of a kick, bigger/nicer information display layout, Bluetooth App, the list of advantages is quite comprehensive!

Top Customer Questions About the Inmotion L6:

  1. How easy is it to use the L6?
  2. Is the scooter water resistant?
  3. What is the maximum support weight?
  4. What is the realistic cruising speed & range?
  5. How does the ‘Cruise-control’ work?
  6. How long does it take to charge?
  7. Can a LED headlight & bell be fitted?
  8. Is there a US warranty? How does this work?
  9. Why is the eWheels price is so low?
  10. If I buy today, how long will it take to reach me ?

1) How easy is it to use the L6?
The short answer is ‘incredibly easy’. In our testing, most new riders, without any previous experience, are able to just jump-on and ride away.

2) Is the Scooter Water Resistant?
It’s designed to be used in light/medium rain, but not deep puddles or unusually severe weather.

3) What is the maximum supported weight?
The early version of the L6 had a weight limit of 200lbs, but the version that we sell has improved structural support for up to 240lbs load.

4) What is the realistic cruising speed & range?
Maximum speed is set to 15.5mph. Range is largely dependent on the Rider’s weight & the terrain. For example, if a 175lbs individual is riding on a smooth paved surface, then the L6 should be able to achieve about 25-30 miles.

5) How does ‘Cruise-control’ work? 
With most other scooters you  have to constantly pulse the power button to achieve an unsteady average cruising speed. On the L6, once you attain a desired speed, simply press a button & the scooter will maintain that speed effortlessly.

6) How long does it take to charge?
Charging time is directly related to how long you use it. As a general rule, the time to charge is about twice as long as ride time. For example, if you ride the L6 for 1 hour, then it will take up to two hours to top-up the battery. If you do manage to use 100% of the battery, then it’s about 4-5 hours from empty.

7) Can a LED headlight & bell be fitted?
Yes, these are two highly recommended accessories to install on the scooter. Some states may require both of these to use in bicycle lanes, or on pavements. They can be inexpensively acquired from just about any online retailer or bicycle shop—we will also be offering these parts through our website in the near future.

8) Is there a US Warranty? How does this work?
eWheels provides a one-year warranty for both the scooter & it’s battery-pack for normal usage conditions. We also stock a supply of spare parts that can be acquired for normal consumables like the tires & suspension springs.

9) Why is the eWheels price so low?
We are the exclusive US distributor of Inmotion Electric Unicycles within the US. By purchasing large volumes of scooters, we are therefore able to offer to you, our Customers, the most competitive prices.

10) How long will it take to reach me?
Shipping by Fedex Ground from our California Fulfillment center takes between 1-5 business days, depending on the distance from the warehouse. If you live in Southern California, it may be with you the day after ordering.


V Style Streamlining

L6 uses the premium ADC12 aluminum alloy, forging a super smooth surface of out-of-this-world futuristic appearance.

Inmotion L6 Front

Easy Folding

Designed to be folded away & locked in the closed position within a matter of seconds. Folded down it can be stowed away simply & conveniently.

Two-steps Folding

Front & Rear Suspension

Like any high-performance car, the L6 is fitted with both front/rear shock absorbers & springs, damping road vibrations & making it the most comfortable scooter to ride.

Multiple Suspension

Multiple Ride Modes

Another unique feature to this intelligent thoroughbred, is that you can change the riding modes through a couple clicks of the App.
New to awesome power of Personalized Electric Transport? Then start out with the ‘soft’ or comfort mode for gentle acceleration & maximum range.

Are you an adrenaline junkie in need of the next rush? Then try out the ‘Passion mode’ which whisk you away with record acceleration & power.

Soft Mode & Passion Mode

Plentiful and Safe Battery Pack

Massive 384Wh battery pack, housed in it’s one protective casing. This can provide a massive 30 miles cruising on one charge!

Stable and Secure Battery Pack

Rich APP Features

Convenient for monitoring and setting up the Scooter’s handling. First Scooter to harness the power of your mobile phone for your commute.

Rich APP Features


A Side-by-Side Look at the Lively & L6

Besides the color schemes, there’s a few other differences between the L6 & Lively.

Both eScooters have the same striking form & ergonomic controls, with the cool illuminated ‘Inmotion’ logo emblazoned on the front.

The Lively is fitted with a bell to alert people in front of you of your presence

At the back, the Lively is equipped with a brake light, which is illuminated when you pull the brake cable, while the L6 just has a reflector

The front fender on the Lively extends a bit further than the L6. Where there is a clip-on holder on the L6, is replaced with a fixed front headlight on the Lively.

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