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  • The Inmotion L8F is the perfect get-on-and-go Scooter for the inner-city commuter or for someone who needs a practical, no-fuss lightweight Scooter with reasonable range & speed 

  • 313wh battery is estimated to carry a 150lb person up to 19 miles on one charge

  • Main attractions of this Scooter are its versatility with the trolley Wheel kit, light-weight &  sheer beauty 

  • This is the 2nd generation L8F, with a number improvements to make it more reliable & dependable than the original

Out of stock


Technical Specifications

Inmotion L8F Manual

How Does It Compare?

eWheels Entry Level Electric Scooter Feature & Performance Comparison Technical Specifications Buyer's Guide

What Makes the L8F Unique

Key Features Overview

Front Headlight & Illuminated Programmable LED Strip
On the front of the handle-bar is a forward-facing, brilliant 200+ Lumen headlight, improving visibility for riding in low light conditions. What makes the L8F really standout, is the programmable front LED strip, with 9 default themes to choose from your smartphone.

Ultra-wide 1.96″ Air Tire & Themed Tail-lighting
One of the key improvements to the Gen II L8F design, is the rear tire upgrade from the slender 1.5″ wide tire to a chunky 1.96″ one. Downtime for frequent pit-stops to inflate, or replace the inner-tube, should be very rare.
The L8F’s lighting theme that you set through the App is also applied to rear LEDs on either side of the tire. 

Push-off & Go Functionality, Intuitive Controls, Minimalist Dash, Ergonomic Handle Grips

There is no On-Off switch on the L8F, by simply pushing off with one foot, the Dashboard screen will spring into life & the throttle control will respond to the touch. After 30 seconds of inactivity, the system will go into standby mode automatically. To complement the Scooter’s lighting scheme, at either end of the handle grips are the illuminated LEDs.  

Regenerative & Friction Braking 

The primary brake on the L8F is a regenerative system, activated by the left control lever. As a backup to this, the Scooter has a metal friction shoe attached under the fender. When you use your heel to apply pressure to the fender, it creates a friction/resistance force to the rear tire, helping the Scooter to come to a stop. It takes a bit of practice to find the right balance between these two modes of braking, practice is advisible.

LG Battery Cells, High Quality Motor & Propulsion System

Often Electric Scooters from smaller companies are fitted with no-name battery cells, these have a significantly higher statistically higher failure rate than those from a larger battery supplier like LG. Other components such as the motor, bearings, axle are tried & tested for max durability.

Designed for Practicality

While there may be more powerful eScooters with larger battery packs, a key design objective of the Inmotion L8F was to be extremely portable & practical for most people. At just above 25lb, picking it up to go up a flight of stair is not over burdensome, & the unique [patent-pending] folding handle-bar latch, also serves as a handle for wheeling it around with the trolley kit (included). 

Personalize Your L8F Through the App

The new Inmotion Bluetooth App gives you greater insights about the telemetry of your Scooter’s performance: exact battery & voltage information, trip odometer, current & average speeds. You can also change a number of parameters: KPH/MPH setting, turn on/off the headlights, & choose from one of nine default lighting schemes, or even Customize your own!

A Closer Look at the L8F:

Improvements in the Gen II L8F:

Improvements to be Found in the Latest Gen II Type of the L8F

When the L8F was first introduced in 2017, it had some teething troubles with the rear tire & intermittent power problems. The Inmotion Engineers went back to the drawing-board, redesigning the rear Wheel (and frame) to support a more robust 1.96″ wide tire. As can be seen from the side-by-side comparison photos above, this beefier tire has greatly improved not only the durability, but has also given the Scooter a more solid feel to it while riding. 

Another issue that has been addressed in this update, is that the wiring connectors have an improved epoxy coating to prevent the Scooter’s movements causing intermittent contacts at the connector junctions.
Finally this newest L8F has a new electronics controller that provides more power to the motor, this gives the Rider the sense of a sprightlier, livelier ride than before. 

Frequently Asked Questions:

  • I’m 240lb, does this rule out the Scooter me?
    The max weight in the comparison table is the recommended Rider weight. Based on Customer feedback, this model is not the best hill-climber, particularly when carrying a heavy rider, but it ought to just about cope with a 240lb rider about a hill-less town.
  • What are the Pros/Cons of using Electrical vs. heel brakes?
    While modern battery technology are capable of producing a large amounts of power, they are sensitive to the rate of charge-energy that is put back into them. To illustrate, the specification of the cells that are used in this model Scooter are 10A output but only 1.5A charge rate. When you use the electrical brake, the Scooter’s motor acts as a generator, which can cause large spikes of output, this can have a detrimental effect to the lifespan of the battery pack. The mechanical heel brake on the other hand, is better for the long term life of the battery, but is less precise & lacks the same degree of stopping force.
  • Is rapid-charging supported?
    If there is enough demand, we may offer a 5A charger, tripling the rate of charge over the factory supplied 1.5A/36v solid ‘brick’ charger. The rate of the charge is dependent on the number of cells & their configuration in the battery pack. This battery consists of 10s3p, that is 10 cells in series & 3 parallels. As a general rule, a 18650 battery cell should be not be charged regularly at a faster rate than 1.75A; as there are 3 parallels in this pack, it is capable of receiving a charge of up to 5A (1.66A each) without any long-term detriment.
  • What type of warranty is offered with the L8F?
    One of the many advantages of buying a scooter from eWheels, is that we have a dedicated servicing center in Arizona to deal with warranty related issues, this covers parts & labour but not the shipping costs, which may be between $30-$105 (within the US), depending on the distance from our repair centre. It does not cover consumables such as the tire or innertube. Exclusions to the warranty are where there is evidence of water damage, abuse, or commercial use. 
  • Will you be listing spare parts for the L8F?
    Yes, these will be posted onto the parts section of the website in a couple weeks.
  • Can I take the Scooter on a plane?
    Unfortunately not. The maximum permitted battery size on a commercial airline is 160Wh, & it needs to be removable, neither condition of which is met with this Scooter.

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