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NEW: Inmotion L9 675Wh/500W Motor, 25MPH


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  • Special High Speed Edition, up to 24.8MPH max speed vs 18.6MPH in the standard L9. 

  • The Inmotion L9 is the perfect get-on-and-go Scooter for the inner-city commuter or for someone who needs a practical, no-fuss lightweight Scooter with reasonable range & speed 

  • 675Wh battery is estimated to carry a 150lb person up to 50miles per charge

  • Bluetooth App/connectivity, easy to read LCD display, automatic turning signaling, stem lock, bright headlight, 10″ tubeless tires, rear disc brakes, dual-input charging

Out of stock


Technical Specifications

Inmotion 9 User Manual

What Makes the L9 Unique

Key L9 Features Overview

Inmotion L9 Scooter, Specs Overview
Inmotion L9 Scooter, Dashboard & Folding
Inmotion L9 Scooter, Brakes Turning Signals
Inmotion L9 Scooter, Turning Signals & Deck
Inmotion L9 Scooter, Motor & Battery Pack
Inmotion L9 Scooter, Dual Input Charging & Suspension

Scooter Dimensions

Electric Scooter Size Dimensions & Weight Comparison Chart. Inmotion L9, E-Twow GT, Phaeton, Turobwheel, Vsett 8, 9, 9+, 10+