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NEW: IPS i5, 245Wh, the ‘Feather-weight’


  • Sorry, this product has been sold out. If you’re looking for an alternative ultra-portable Wheel, please consider the Gotway MTen3 instead. 
  • Introducing the IPS i5, the smallest, lightest, thinnest 14″ Electric Unicycle
  • This small machine has several new innovations that make it stand out as being exceptional in many areas
  • It has an exceptionally quiet operation (no perceptible motor noise), is well-built & has the best designed App available for any Wheel
  • Version being sold here is the bigger/more powerful battery version, 245Wh with the brand new Panasonic 20700 cells
  • Small enough to fit snugly in a back pack
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Technical Specifications

IPS Android App (APK)

What’s New with the Latest Release

Introducing the IPS i5

The IPS Engineering team set out to produce Wheel that felt more ‘natural’ to ride without any hard protruding edges to regions of the leg. This is especially noticeable on a Wheel like the Inmotion V8, where the otherwise slender sides are raised outwards a couple centimetres towards the top rim, resulting in quite an uncomfortable ride experience—that said, nearly all Riders adapt to any Wheel, regardless of it’s flaws over time.

At just 2.4″ wide, the design of the i5 is a complete departure from the typical Electric Unicycle, where the body of the Wheel is usually created around a hub motor. On the i5 the motor was created specifically for the Wheel, & incorporates every weight saving trick in the book.

This ultra thin form-factor has other practical benefits; it can be tucked away into a car seat pocket, carried in large backpack, or a half dozen (if you’re a collector) in a standard gym size locker.

The Amazing Weight of the IPS i5:

Of the 14″ Wheels that have come before, none of them are in remotely the same class in the area of weight reduction as the IPS i5; when compared to the three other popular 14″ Electric Unicycles, this Wheel is 10lb less! This feat was achieved by examining every component in the Wheel, seeking out ways to shed off a couple grams here & there, & by using revolutionary new materials like magnesium, resulting in one of the thinnest/lightest usable Wheel to have been made.


  • Compact & light: there is no other Wheel that comes remotely close to the profile & weight of the IPS i5. It is probably the only Electric Unicycle being produced today which can be reasonably carried in a backpack without too much back strain 
  • Comfort: with the 2.4″ wide shell, the rider has practically no contact with the sides of the Wheel, also making it one of most comfortable to ride
  • New Motor & Battery technology: the motor for the i5 was specifically created from the ground-up for the i5, high-strength magnesium has been chosen over the traditional steel & aluminium plates in the support structure & protect the interior of the motor. To power the Wheel, IPS have also taken another leap in innovation, by being the first to make use of the new Panasonic 20700 cells. The main benefits of these are more power per cell & better lifespan the current 18650 battery cell options.
  • New Materials: the shell/case has been forged from a magnesium alloy which have the enhanced properties of both higher strength & extreme lightness. It is the first Electric Unicycle that fully makes use of this new material. 


  • Limited speed & range: although this is the ‘large capacity’ version of the i5, there are still only 16x 20700 cells, as opposed that 32x cells on the King Song 14D, or 64x cells on the 14S. Consequently, the maximum speed threshold is limited to 14.2mph (through a firmware update), this might be sufficient for cruising around the city, but don’t expect to be keeping pace with cyclists.
    The typical power consumption on an Electric Unicycle is 20Wh/mile, the battery pack’s nominal capacity is 245Wh, which shoul then be usable for about 12 miles on a flat, well-surface road or trail.
    If you are going to require more range/speed, then consider the other two 14″ 14D/14S King Song Wheels.
  • Recommended weight limit to 200lb: as a total package, the i5 was designed for Riders weighing up to 200lb. Heavier users would be better served with a wider tire, a more powerful 800W motor machine.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What are the tire pressure ranges? 
    The typical tire width on other 14″ Electric Unicycles are either 1.95″ or 2.125″, the i5’s is only 1.5″ wide. With this narrower tire it’s important to maintain a higher tire pressure of between 40-65psi, depending the Rider’s weight & preference.
  • How do I know what the battery level is without the App?
    On the power switch is a blue LED light. If the light is solid, it represents the battery is between 100-50%; when the frequency of the LED changes to a slow alternation of on/off, then it is at 50-25%; if you see the LED change to a quick pulse, the battery is below 25% & needs to be charged soon.
  • Will you be offering the smaller 167Wh battery pack variant?
    The smaller battery has only 167Wh capacity, 78Wh less than enhanced version we sell. But battery capacity alone is not the only downside to this smaller pack, the 18650 cells also possess 60% less power than these new Panasonic 20700 (10A vs. 16A), which means a less powerful/safe Wheel.
  • Will spare parts available for purchase? What parts should I expect to need to replace during normal usage? 
    We will be stocking all the spare parts needed for repairing the Wheel, including replacement inner-tubes, tires, control-boards, switches, charging caps, chargers, & much more.
  • Being a smaller & lighter Wheel, are there limitations to the Rider carrying capacity? 
    Yes, although the IPS spec has a max 100kg/220lb limit, in the real world, this Wheel is really suitable for people below 185lb.
  • Although the Wheel has a top speed of 14.2MPH, what is the maximum cruising speed without alarms?
    Out-of-the-box, the Wheel may be limited to 12MPH, but can be increased to 14.2MPH through a firmware update in the App. When the Wheel approaches the maximum speed, there is an audible alarm alerting you to slow down; if it is ignored, you’ll get some pedal tilt-back which prevents the Wheel from being overpowered—this is pretty standard on all Electric Unicycles. From the IPS App, parents can also change this max speed behaviour to 7.5mph.
  • How do you turn on/off the front headlight?
    IPS has created a unique method to power on/off the headlight. Simply tilt the Wheel by >15° on the side & the headlight will automatically power on/off.
  • Is the paint scratch resistant? 
    During manufacturing the shells goes through a multi-stage paint-curing process that gives a very durable & deep matte lustre.
  • What is the pedal ground clearance like?
    The i5s pedals have a contoured leading edge & 5″ of height clearance, giving you plenty of room to make sharp turns without scraping the pedal tip.