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King Song 18XL 1554Wh Battery/2200W Motor


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  • New Motor: equipped with the latest ZX 2200W motor providing more torque & quieter operation
  • Bonus: free set of wrist-guards
  • Fitted with the improved 10″/25cm length pedals
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Key Features of the King Song 18XL
King Song 18XL 1554 Enlarged Battery Pack

Notable Improvements: 1) The Battery
The most notable upgrade of the KS18XL is the 1554Wh battery pack, over the 1036Wh in the 18L, without materially altering the body. Cramming in 120 battery cells within the internal body structure is quite an achievement. Not only does this higher cell count provide 50% more range over the 18L, but the six parallel packs (20s6p) operate in tandem to provide more power at lower charge states, permitting maximum 30MPH sustained cruising speed all the way down to  25% level of charge. The type of battery cells that used, are the Samsung 35E, with a 3.5Ah rated capacity & a 10A sustained output; combined these can yield up to 4,320W of sustained power. It is highly unlikely that the battery will be a bottleneck to the 18XL’s performance.

2) Improved trolley mechanism:
It took several iterations for the Engineers to produce a retractable telescopic handle that would endure the rigors of every day usage. On the first round of 18Ls, the locking pin & latch joints were too thin for the added weight of the 18L—the same retracting telescopic rails were used from the earlier 16S, instead of scaling up to support the additional load. On the newer 18Ls & the 18Xls, it is now completely redesigned, that should last for many years. Of all the various handle solutions that are out there, it is generally agreed that the central position design on the King Song Electric Unicycles is best-of-breed for usability. Instead of the flimsy plastic handle of the 16S, the 18L/XL is made off a durable but lightweight magnesium alloy material, has a very nice sturdy feel to it.

Gotway MSX Background
KS18XL New & Improved Pedals

3) Largest, most comfortable pedals:
Every since the earliest Solowheels were unveiled back in 2011, all Electric Unicycles have suffered from pedals that were insufficient to provide full coverage for a average Western Rider’s foot, this resulted in the front third of the foot overhanging off the front of the pedal, causing discomfort, foot-cramping, & a sense of precariousness, particularly for new Riders. The main reason this deficiency was not addressed earlier, was that the centers of development/production in China did not consider it a priority to enlargen the pedal surface area. With the release of the KS18XL, eWheels sponsored the development of a new pedal design that would be better suited to meet the needs of our Customers base. The length of the pedal has been extended from 7.9″/20cm to 10″/25cm. Early feedback from evaluators is that this has made a dramatic improvement to ride comfort.

King Song Comparative Wheel Widths

The width of a Wheel is typically not at the top of a list of priorities in choosing between an Electric Unicycle. However, it is important, along with the shape of the body shell, because there’s a relationship between width & comfort. On a fatter Wheel, like the MSX, the inwards slopping pedal angle & wide body exert pressure to the upper knee area, which leads to some discomfort—it is true that for nearly any Wheel, no matter poorly designed it is for erongomics, the Rider will soon adapt to it, where it becomes their reference point.

18″ Wheels, Battle of the Titans

Battle of the 18


  • Best Top End Wheel?: the closest competitor to the 18XL, the Gotway MSX, has a higher potential top-end speed (because King Song’s firmware does not permit the Rider from disabling the tilt-back safety) & has a slight edge with the unusual 19″ x 3″ tire, in every other metric, the 18XL comes out ahead—comfort, practicality for pushing around by the handle, styling, build quality, features, & parts pricing/availability.   
  • Performance Package: until the 18XL, equivalent Gotway Electric Unicycles had continued to hold dominance in the areas of battery capacity, motor power & cruising speed; the 18XL has finally achieved performance parity with its Gotway counterpart.
  • Tried & Proven Product: the 18XL builds on the product maturity developed from the 18L, incorporating several improvement such as the more sturdy retractable trolley handle, a better mud-guard, while also introducing some significant, but low risk upgrades, mostly significant among these is the 1554Wh battery pack & the larger 10″ pedals.
  • Extra King Song Features: for design choice, King Song have kept a consistent theme/look across their products, from the 14D, & now in this latest iteration of the 18XL, there is a general ‘package’ that a buyer can expect, with a center retractable handle, some decent Bluetooth speakers—in the 18L/XL, it has a dedicated.
  • Comparatively High Quality Production: from products that were available only a year ago, the strides that have been made in build/materials quality have been remarkable. In each product release, King Song have continually learned from earlier predecessors & improved.
  • Easy Maintenance: for routine operations like changing out the innertube, it’s easier to perform than on a Gotway. The pedals do not need to come off & there are no heat-shrink connector insulation on the motor wires between the controller & motor.
  • Lower Cost Parts: If your new Wheel gets scratched up & you want to replace the body panel, instead of replacing the entire shell, as you do with the Gotways, a set of replacement outer panels can be bought for $95.   


  • King Song App is Pretty Bad: normally with App development, one would expect successive releases to be improved, with bug fixes & enhancements made; this has not the case for the King Song App, the published ‘Official’ App has some issues. Fortunately there are alternative App options, we have assisted in supporting the development efforts of the Darknessbot & EUCWorld/WheelLog to reduce the dependency on the King Song native App. 
  • 125 Miles to Unlock 30MPH: for experienced Riders, the requirement to accumulate 125 miles/200km to unlock the full 30MPH potential of the Wheel may seem a bit pointless & unnecessary. The logic behind restricting the speed to 25MPH for the first 125 miles, is to try reduce the risk severity of an inexperienced Rider going through a quite typical ‘invincibility’ stage of their career. On a statistical basis, the probability of having an accident is much greater during the first 125 miles; by limiting the maximum speed, it will lessen the impact of a potential accident. 

Frequently Asked Questions

  • With the larger battery, does the firmware allow for higher sustained operation at the lower battery level?
    Yes, where the 18L starts to throttle down below 50% charge, the 18XL’s 120 cell battery pack is able to provides more power,  does not start to reduce maximum cruising speed until it has fallen below 25% charge.
  • What is the weight penalty of the larger battery pack in the 18XL? 
    Not significant, about 10%, 4.5lb more than the 18L at 53lb.
  • Is the controller different on the 18XL from the 18L?  
    No, they are the same. The 18XL serial number is distinguished from the 18L with the KS18L4D**** prefix, which allows the higher max cruising speed operation to a 25% battery level. On the packaging label it shows ’18L 1554Wh’.
  • What is the maximum recommended rate of charge?
    Although the 18L/XL has two input charge ports, for safety reasons, it’s not recommend to charge the 18XL at a higher rate than 5A. If you already own a Gotway rapid-charger, we offer a special adapter connect that converts the GX16 4-pin connect to the rectangular Lenovo style connector. More information about our line of 84.2v rapid-charger can be found here:
  • How water resistant is the 18XL, can I use it in the rain? 
    The general recommendation for all Electric Unicycles is that it ought to stand up for riding in the wet or light rain, but to try avoid using in a heavy downpour, prolonged exposure to moisture, avoid puddles & bodies of standing water. Store you inside, prolonged exposure to moisture will result in decreased life expectancy of the machine.
  • What type of warranty is included with the purchase?
    We offer a one year warranty for the parts & labour. It does not include the shipping costs, which may be between $30-$105 (within the US), depending on the distance from our Arizona repair center.
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